HCD27- Mrs. Eloise Sanders Watkins, Home Economics teacher, was in charge of Homecoming.

                                       Here, she is watching the activities to be sure that the young ladies will know exactly what to

                                        do.  She taught us to strive for perfection & to try to be the best  in everything we did.  Mrs.

                                       Watkins told us not to get married unless we could better ourselves.  Words cannot express

                                        how much we all respected and admired this lady who was always groomed to perfection. 


                                      HCD26 -1956Homecoming practice- W W. Williams is standing by the little girl

                                       J. E. Pitcher shaking hands with Marcelee Robinson? Standing next to her is

                                      Football Queen, Rose Rabb. Behind Rose is, Turner Almond's maid, Yvonne Simmons.  If you

                                      recognize anyone e-mail  MindenMemories@AOL.COM & tell us who they are. Be sure to

                                       reference the picture numbers.


                                           HCD27 - Another view of Homecoming Practice

                                           Fall 1956, school year 1956-57 

                                           L to R:  Principal W. W. Williams, J. E. Pitcher, crown bearer is Jimmie Upton
                                           Queen Rose Rabb, Sweetheart Marcelee Robinson,  Maid, Yvonne Simmons flower girl is Karen Sue Batton

                                           Per the 1957 Grig. - Identified by Ann Mays Harlan


                                        HCD25 - 1955 Homecoming Practice, if you can identify anyone e-mail

                                        MindenMemories@AOL.COM and tell us who they are. Always reference

                                        the picture numbers such as HCD25, etc.


                                                     HCD 1 -Captain of the football team - Douglas Skinner 

                                                                     Football Sweetheart - Mary Jo Skinner


                                                     HCD2 -   Homecoming Queen -Betty Claire Rhea in the center

                                                      Princess  - Millie Aarons   

                                                     Sweetheart  - Mary Jo Skinner

HCD3 - 1955 Homcecoming Court 
Right side of the picture,
Top Row, Donald Jenkins, Ed Duncan and Bill Terrill,
2nd row standing - Richard Kelly, Mack Pevy, Danny Cranford, Edward Kennon, Doug Skinner, Johnny Lee, Benton Irby, Betty Claire Rhea, Rogers Reeves, Jimmy Fitzgerald, Tommy Frye, Larry Miles, Chichi Hastings, Ed Leachman, Margie Kirkley, David Nadrchal, Carolyn Hall and Bill Gardner.
3rd row from the bottom -  Jeanette Woodard, Linda Cox, Kathy Walden standing
Seated on the third row - Barbara Russell, Margaret Powell, Mary Jo Skinner, and past Betty Claire Rhea is.... Jackie Batton and Deanne Reeves
Seated on the second row - Sandra Richardson, Millie Aarons and Melba Weaver
Seated on the front row...Ginger Rushing, Camille Ivy, Sandra Owen and Earlene Mendenhall

Queen was Betty Claire Rhea

Princess was Millie Aarons

Sweetheart was Mary Jo Skinner

Richard Kelly - Jeanette Woodard

Mack Pevy - Linda Cox

Danny Cranford - Kathy Walden

Benton Irby - Margaret Powell

Larry Miles - Melba Weaver

Donald Jenkins - Earlene Mendenhall

Carolyn Hall - Bill Gardner

Rogers Reeves - Jackie Batton

Ed Leachman - ChiChi Hastings

Tommy Frye - Deanne Reeves

Ed Duncan - Camiille Ivy

Jimmy Fitzgerald - Ginger Rushing

David Nadrachel - Margie Kirkley

Bill Terrill - Sandra Owen 

Edward Kennon - Sandra Richardson

Barbara Russell - Douglas Skinner  

                         Identified by LeVerne Langheld Kidd


HCDA 30 Seasons Highlights from the 1956 Grig

HCDA31 Season's Highlight from the 1956 Grig

Submitted by LeVerne Langheld Kidd



           HCD4 - 1956 Homecoming Court - Queen was Rose Rabb

            Sweetheart was Marcelee Robinson

           Pincess- Annette Van Penne and Yvonne Simmons

           Audrey Aarons was the maid of Ken McMichael

           Linda Atkins was the maid of Jerry Lynn Grigsby

           Barbara Baten was the maid of Max Rudd

           Nancy Cox was the maid of Jimmy Johnson

           Cathleen Harper was the maid of Sam Smiddy

           Barbara Langheld was the maid of Mike Phillips

           LeVerne Langheld was the maid of Jerry McCann

           Ginger Rushing was the maid of Joe Ratcliff

            Annette Van Peene was the maid of

           Yvonne Simmons was also the maid of Turner Almond

           Dena White was the maid of Paul Robinson

           Jeanetta Woodard was the maid of V. D. Stonecipher


Back row - 4 girls L - R.    Ellen Baker,  Kathy Perrit,  Judy Natrachal,  Bonnie ? White
L - R - next 5 girls,  Linda Adkins, Jeanette Woodard,  Barbara Lynn Langheld,  Barbara Baten,  way over to the side, is Molly Ford..
L - R - next 4 girls,  Nancy Cox,  Annette Van Peene,  Rose Rabb,  Yvonne Simmons
L - R - next 5 girls,  Dena White,   Katsy Harper,  LeVerne Langheld,   Marcelee Robinson,  Camile Ivy
L - R - next 3 girls, Ginger Rushing,  Audrey Aarons,  Carolyn Hall
Thanks to LeVerne Kidd for the identification.  


                                 1956 Homecoming Court


HCD5-29 pretty girls Girls marching down to the football field - was this practice for a beauty review or homecoming?                                        
Stadium1957 -1. Nancy Cox, 2. Sandra Brewer, 3. Geraldine Brown, 4 Sandra Crockett, 5. Diane Green, 6 Patricia Hale 7. Linda White, 8. Linda Atkins, 9. Camille Ivy, 10. Mary Celeste Brown, 11. Yvonne Simmons, 12.Barbara Baten, 13.____14. Judy Barron, 15. Catsy Harper, 16. Jeanette Woodard, 17. Marcelee Robinson, 18. Barbara Langheld 19. Cecile Searles, 20. Nancy Craine,  21. Kay Cunningham,  22. Becky McKenzie, 23. Patsy Slay, 24. Wanda Miller,  25. ? Lyda Roberts? , 26. Joyce Humphries, 27.______28 _____, and 29Judy Rabb. 
Thanks to LeVerne Langheld Kidd, Linda Moorehead , Ann Mays Harlan and Earlene Mendenhall Lyle for the Identification

If you can identify any of the others..e-mail us at MindenMemories@aol.com


                                                                                                               HCD6 Nancy Cox


                                                                                        HCD7 - Catsy Harper


                                                                       HCD-8    Jackie Batton Leading the 1955 Homecoming Parade


                                                              HCD9 - 1955 Football Sweetheart - Mary Jo Skinner


                                                                   HCD 10-   1955 Football Princess, Mildred Aarons


                                      HCD11 -Maids - Chichi Hastings - Maid of Edwin Leachman

                                                     Sandra Richardson - Maid of Edward Kennon,

                                                     Barbara Russell - Maid of ???


                                       HCD 12- Maids - Deanne Reeves - Maid of Tommy Frye

                                                      Jackie Batton - Maid of Rogers Reeves

                                                                            1955 HOMECOMING DANCE


                                                  HCD 13-  Rogers Reeves and Jackie Batton                                      


        HCD 14 -Mack Pevy and Linda Cox           


        HCD 15-Benton Irby and Margaret Powell


                         HCD16 - Danny Cranford and Kathy Walden


                        HCD17  - Richard Kelly and Jeannette Woodard


                 HCD18 - Jackie Batton


                            HCD19 - Barbara Russell


                                      HCD20 - Kathy Walden


                                    HCD21 - Jeanette Woodard, Fair Princess October 1955