BC1-Diane Greene

BC2 - Diane and Denise Greene ( Miss MHS Darling and runner up for 1959)

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BC3-Marsha Hoefeld- runner up -Miss MHS Darling for 1959




















BC4-Mary Virginia Nehring was crowned Miss Minden in 1959.

BC5=Diane Greene, Sandra Crockett and Denise Green

BC6-Sandra Crockett - Miss Minden, 1960, Miss MHS Darling, 1958

Miss Minden Contest 1957, left to right Jeanette Woodard, class of 1957, was first runner up; Marcelee Robinson, class of 1957,  won the title of Miss Minden. On the right is Wanda Miller, second runner up, class of 1958.

BR58-2 Nancy Cox, Class of 1958

BR58-3 Kay Cunningham, Class of 1958

BR58-4 Nancy Cox again,  Class of 1958

BR58-5 Margaret Ann Jones, Class of 1958

Betty Claire Rhea was crowned Miss Minden in 1958.

Becky McKenzie was crowned Miss Minden in 1961 























Denise Green is Miss Darling for Miss MHS in 1959. 

Sandra Crockett was Miss Minden in 1960

Becky McKenzie was Miss Minden in 1961