Photographs by Robert Grambling 1947-1967

Submitted by Greg Grambling

Can you identify these students in the band picture below?                                                                                                      

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Do I see Loretta Allen, Sandra Pullig, Barbara Bryan, ____, Rogers Auld, ______,______

WS BEGINNER 50 - Don Cook, Dolores Webb and Ranny Mason

Identified by Earlene Mendenhall Lyle

 Photo just under "Buses" photo - ID as follows: L to R:  Sue Moos (1960),  
                  Roger Pool (1959), Mary Elizabeth Richardson (1960)

  I think that is Thad & Miller Andress' younger sister, Joan, in the far left corner.

Nan Hunter Castle

Okay, this must have been 1955.  I see Clark Anderson who played the tuba, and I also see Joan Andress who was the one girl who played trombone.  There were 9 boys, and I have no idea which one is playing in this picture.

 Earlene Mendenhall Lyle

Back Row: L-R ? Wayne Barron inside bus by Tommy Lewis, Charles "Bo" Drake, Everette Doerge
Front Row:  ? Steve Kirkikis,  Jimmy Dale Souter, and Donald Lindsey.

Some of the boys Identified by Joy Garriss Connell and Nan Hunter Castle

Patricia Farrow   -     Class of 1958     -     sister of Tommy Farrow

Identified by Ann Mays Harlan

Mickey Love, Wayne Barron and Steve Kirkikis

Identified by Herman Ratcliff and Nan Hunter

Six: This picture was probably taken during the 1950/51 school year.

Majorettes: L-R: Jeane Owen, Bess Hunter and Keitha Clement:
Band Members: L-R: Wayne Barron, Steve Kirkikis and Kathleen Hortman

I think it's James Lynn Ford, David Robinson and David Nadrchal.
Identified by Earlene Mendenhall Lyle and Ann Mays Harlan

This is another all district shot with Barbara Logan 65 in the middle. The others are from elsewhere.

The other girl resembles Anita Jones but I don't think it's her.

Identified by Greg Grambling

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Oboe- Linda Lee Mims Martin - Class of 1955

Linda Lee Mims Martin, Class of 1955

Identified by Greg Grambling

French Horn - Rob Martin

Bassoon - Earlene Mendenhall Lyle

Greg, thank YOU for sharing the many pictures your dad took during his lifetime.  I'm so flattered to know that I was one of your "loves".  Your dad was one of mine.  I thought he was so ruggedly handsome in that white director's suit.  I played clarinet until Kathleen Hortman graduated in 1953, and then I played bassoon in concert season.  Until this morning, I had never seen the picture your dad took of me playing bassoon.  I have several pictures your dad took of me, some in my majorette uniform and some in an evening gown. 

 Wayne Barron watching Steve Kirkikis play his horn?


Standing, L to R:  Joy Faye Garriss, Belle Zachry, Diana Jeffers, Betty Peevy, Marsha Boyd, Marilyn Haley, Dixie Dugan.  

 Kneeling, L to R:  Robbie Lynn Crumpton, Ronald Miller. 

Identified by Joy Garriss Connell and Ann Mays Harlan

My best shot, L to R beginning with back row:
1.  Linda Lee Mims, Barbara Russell, Mary Smith, Dolores Webb
2.  Max Rudd, Judy Smith, Sandra Richardson, Patricia Farrow, Bobbie Langheld
3.  Ann Machen, Wiley Cameron, Belle Zachry
4.  Carla Faye Green, Sandra Pullig, Barbara Bryan, Mary Etta Wainwright 
5.  James Lynn Ford, Jackie Batton

Earlene Mendenhall Lyle

That may be Ed Brown on the left; Dan Wigley is the one in the center.
? and Billy Baldwin is on the right.

Earlene Lyle


Calling Roll - Mary Etta Wainwright and Fred Berry

Identified by Dean Cunningham, Ann Mays Harlan and Earlene Mendenhall Lyle

Tommy Lewis and W. C. Floyd (Class of 1953) That looks like Billy Don Adams on the left.

Bobbie Moore, W.C. Floyd and the boy on the right in the white t-shirt may be Bobby Howell

Margaret Jones and Jackie Batton on the piano

Identified by Ann Mays Harlan


Standing - Where was the band marching? If you recognize anyone e-mail MindenMemories@AOL.COM and reference standing

Backband - notice the old cars in this picture. This is probably one of the streets to the Northwest of the gym. The band room was in the gym then so that's probably where they did street practice. Perhaps a reader able to tell us. If so please e-mail us at MindenMemories@aol.com  Be sure to identify the picture as Backband.


........Goodwill Street near Marshall Street (See below)

I believe the picture where the kids are marching, is the house that Marilyn Rudd and Sue
Tatom lived in on Goodwill Street. It was next door to Jimmy Dale Souter's
house. Would they have been coming from the fair grounds, maybe?  The house
has long been torn down. This site is wonderful.      Joyce Dulany Anderson

If so, the last person I remember living in this house would have been Helen Gordon and her & her family. Class of 1954.


I don't know what year but Mickey Love was in the band.

Greg Grambling

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    PRACTICE - Left to right, Jimmy Dale Souter?, in the front, on row two, I think I see Becky Jones, ?, Rogers Auld, Rob Martin

and Kathleen Hortman. On Row 3, I think I see Rogers Auld and Rob Martin in the white tee shirts. Is that Marlene Fields in the

flowered skirt behind them?  Becky Jones in the white stripped dress on the left end? Joan Andress was the only girl we could think of

who played a trombone. Is that her? Behind Rob Martin, in the Hawaiian shirt I think I see Billy Don Adams and Ed Brown to the right

of him.  Joy

WARM PARADE - If you can identify anyone in this picture please e-mail MindenMemories@AOL.COM & mention WARM Parade, Band1.

2)  The picture labeled "Warm Parade"  -  The person at the bottom right foreground of the picture is Gary Major. 

 I see Donnie Hinton in the background playing  flute.  I also see Belle Zachry and Linda Monzingo in the background.

Mary Etta has identified her deceased brother, Donald Wainwright, who is in the middle of the picture playing a snare drum.

 Everyone pictured  is in the classes of 1958, 1959, and 1960.  Donald was in the Class of 1959. 

    Ann Mays Harlan

Band Students Marching - If you know who we are e-mail MindenMemories@AOL.Com

Saxaphone player has his back turned. It isn't William Watson because he is too small. The big guy is Fred Mattingly, Class of 1965. The one facing the camera on the right is Steve Hulse, Class of 1968.  The trombone player with his back to the camera may be Regan Stinnett, Class of 1968.
Identified by Greg Grambling

Band Awards 1952

W. C. Floyd, Mickey Love, Steve Kirkikis, James Lynn Ford and Ronald Miller

Earlene Mendenhall, Betty Sue Lewis, Linda Lee Mims, Kathleen Hortman and Carla Faye Green

Bandjackets -front row: Loretta Allen, Barbara Bryan, Mary Etta Wainwright and Mary Ellen Bailey

Second row: Becky Jones, Ann Machen, Linda Mims, Carla Faye Green and Sandra Pullig

Top row: Rogers Auld, Dan Wigley, Ed Brown,James Lynn Ford, Billy Baldwin, Ronald Miller, Rob Martin and

Bobby Ray Youngblood.

Identified by Joy Garriss Connell

Banner 52 - Billy Don Adams, Jimmy Dale Souter, Tommy Lewis

Right side of banner: , Glover Sanders, Bobby Warren and Jimmie Barnette

 Identified by Linda Lee Mims Martin

Concert - Robert Grambling standing in the front


This must have been in 1953 since I see Tommy Lewis and W. C. Floyd at the right back.  They both graduated that year.  I also think I see Wiley Cameron and George Winford, and they probably were in the 8th grade in 1953.  I also see Joy Faye Garriss, Billy Don Adams,Billy Baldwin, Rogers Auld,

Delores Webb, Ann Machen, Kay Barnette, and David Nadrchal.

Notice the first three in the very front row. Marilyn Rudd is the girl wearing the cowboy boots beside Mary Ellen Bailey and Ronald Miller.

The girl wearing the cowboy boots is definitely Marilyn Rudd. I have a
picture of her wearing the very same boots.  I've teased her since then that
she was country when country wasn't cool. Joyce

Earlene Mendenhall Lyle and Joyce Dulany Anderson


From the right, W. C. Floyd, Neil Baker and David Nadrchal are the drummers.  There is another drum, but I don't know who it belongs to and only remember Delores Webb as being the other drummer.  Behind the bass drum would be Tommy Lewis, and that's Nan Hunter behind the drum.  Then, Mickey Love, maybe Rogers Auld, Billy Don Adams, Jimmy Barnette, and Max Rudd.
 Identified by Earlene Mendenhall Lyle

Watson Armstrong was the only student from Minden. (The other boys were from another school in district 2.)

If you can identify which year this band was e-mail MindenMemories@AOL.Com


Page 48 in the 1958 Grig:  Standing: Audrey Aarons, Kay Cunningham, Billie
Jean Prescott, Sandra Crockett, Mary Smith, Pat Roberts, Sandra Richardson,
Zachry, Ezra Carter, Elizabeth Stringer, Denise Green.
Seated: Jimmy Russell, David Evans, Roy Mobley, Robert Thompson, Ray Davis,
Jerry Huckaby.

1959 Minden High School Band

This picture was probably taken by Stan Quade since my Dad is in the picture and he
wasn't fast enough to set the timer and run to where he is in 10 seconds.

Greg Grambling


                   Page 48-49 of the 1959 Grig.     1958-59 school year.

                   Ann Mays Harlan

I see 1959, 1960, 1961 & 1962 graduates in this picture, so I would imagine that it had to be taken in the fall of '58 or early '59.  Without looking really close, on the front row I see Donnie Hinton, Patsy Kleineggar, Diane Green, Sandra Crocket and Mary E. Richardson ('60), Judy Crocket ('62), on second row I see Denise Green    

60), Ellen Baskerville ('62) and Marsha Hoefield ('61), on third row I see Barbara Haley ('61) and Patsy Slay ('62), and on the back row I see Ezra Carter ('59).
                   Barbara McLemore

MHS Band besides the ones Barbara ID'D-
FRONT-Donnie,?,Sally Inabnett, Connie Grambling, M. E. Richardson, Glenda Fields, Patsy K., Diane Green,
Crocketts, Johnny Inabentt, Jean
ROW TWO-Lorenz Funderburk?, Lars (Norway EX), Brenda Rushing, Larry Slay, Johnny Johnson, Gail Davis
ROW THREE -                                                                                                                                                 

ROW FOUR - Jay Dulany, Louise Minter, Robert Dee Thompson
ROW FIVE- Percy Holomon, Charlie Connell, Douglas Sale, Tommy Turner, Kent Blanchard, Edwin Greer

Greg Grambling

Scott Williams, Sallie Jones, Cindy Williams, Ken Connell, Martha Walker

Identified by Greg Grambling

Reagan Stinnett on trombone and Charles Waters on trumpet in the center of the picture.  That's about all I can identify. Greg Grambling

Back Sorta Row: Mary Elizabeth Richardson, Billy Jean Prescott, Diane Green, Donnie Hinton, Kay Cunningham

Front Sorta Row: R. O. Machen, Diane Jeffers, Belle Zachery, Dixie Duggan, Lottie Langheld, Robbie Crumpton,                                                

 Elizaabeth Stringer

Identified by Greg Grambling

ID on this photo as follows:
Front row, L to R:  Lottie Langheld, Elizabeth Stringer
2nd row, L to R:  Dixie Dugan, Robbie Lynn Crumpton
3rd row, L to R:  Diana Jeffers, Belle Zachary
4th row, L to R:  Robert Thompson, Sue Barnard, Kay Cunningham
5th row, L to R:  Mary Elizabeth Richardson, Billie Jean Prescott, Donnie Hinton

Ann Mays Harlan


Groups are clockwise from top left. MHS Band, Lowe Jr. Hi Band, Pep Squad, The Louisi-Annes 

Greg Grambling


I have some names for you. In Mr. Grambling's  1st CD, 17 pictures from the bottom.....(with the 4 color photos counting as # 10 & # 11 , because they are small)It is a picture of us marching on the streets of Minden. There is the People's Bank & Trust sign in the background on the left. That has to be the 62-63 marching band because that was my junior year.
Waynette Farrington Sharon



 The majorettes that year were: Jean Ouzts, Mary Margaret Evans, Pam Hoefield, Sylvia Holomon , Margaret James and Patsy Slay .The majorette on the far left is the one I'm not sure about, but believe it is Margaret James. Ellen Baskerville was head majorette that year. .(Next to one on the left: Sylvia Holomon, then Pam Hoefield and Patsy Slay on the end.) The last 2 girls on the right, which would be Jann Aldredge Clanton and Eve Baskerville. (who by the way, now goes by her maiden name)

Waynette Farrington Sharon


If you can identify anyone in these pictures please identify MindenMemories@AOL.Com. Please state which picture it is.

Beginner 1

Beginner 2

Front row:  Lenora Bryan, Audrey Aarons, Judy Nadrchal, Jerry Huckaby, Mary Celeste Brown, Linda Rushing, Rodney Mason, ?  .
Second row: George Atkinson, Jerry Blair, Jerry Voorhies, ? , ? , Lottie Langheld, Belle Zachary, Jan Biles
Standing: Alton Hortman, ? , ? , Ezra Carter, Percy Holomon, David Evans

Identified by: Ann Mays Harlan

Jerry Huckaby in the middle of the front row and Belle Zachery, second.

Greg Grambling


Beginner 3

Back row:  James Davis, Janie Sue McEachern, Jimmie Watts, Gene McDaniel, Judy Nadrchal, Reggie Ward, Belle Zachary, ? , Jeannie Lindsey, John Dulany, Dixie Dugan, Percy Holomon, Jan Biles, Jimmy Smith, Rita Barron, David Evans, Lenora Bryan.
Second row: Lottie Langheld, Barbara Lyons, Mary Celeste Brown, Audrey Aarons, Linda Rushing, ? , George Atkinson, ? , Ronald Haynes, Pat Roberts
Kneeling:  ? , John Wayne Glaze, Sammy Samuel, Rodney Mason, Jerry Blair, Jerry Huckaby, Alton Hortman, ? , Floyd Jones, ? , ? .

Identified by: Ann Mays Harlan

Jerry Huckaby, Zelle Zachery and Lorenz Funderburk are all I can postively identify. I think Belle just went around  looking for looking for a camera to stand in front of. She's the star of the series.

Greg Grambling.


 First Row: Bill Funderburk, Larry Williams, Steve Barnard, Sammy Michael, Fred Boeke, Charles Cox, Keith Melton, Jeff Robinson, Byron Myrick, Billy Ray, and David Phillips.

Second Row: Brenda Allen, Mary Ann Luck, Judy Crockett, Tommy Turner, Ronnie Farrar, R. G. Cogburn Charles Faulkenberry, Don DeLukie, Celia Bryan

Third Row: Ellen Baskerville, Janie Peevy, Kent Blanchard, Billy Zachry, Ronnie Simmons, Patsy Slay, Cheryl Davis, Margaret James and Sally Inabnett

Identified by Ellen Baskerville


Well, Sherry, leave it to Larry to discover this picture in the 1959 Grig, Junior High section.  Here's the complete ID.  Picture #010.JR.PS Classes 63-64  Band of Mixed Classes
First Row: Richard Cummins, Robert Slack, Marsha Phillips, Eve Baskerville, Larry Ogden
Tommy Watson.  Second Row:  Peggy Whaley, Kathy Lunsford, Lynn Hataway, Cheryl
Miller, Bill Staser, Sylvia Holomon, Richard Campbell, Carolyn McCausland, Waynette
Farrington.  Third Row:  Nora Jane Colvin, James Moore, Don DeLukie, Carolyn Felts,
Pam Hoefeld, Ronnie Farrar, Rita Kidd.  Standing:  Benny Gray, Bill Evans, David Hinton,
Perry Kirkland, Larry Hildreth, Danny Daniels, Mary Margaret Evans.

PHOTO: "AROUND THE PIANO"  Bob Grambling CD #1

Front row: Ken Connell, Steve Bryan, Charles Herring, Ken Allen, and David Brewer

Middle Row: Carolyn Sherrill, ?, Suzanne Blanchard, Betty Lou Cunningham, Sally Jones, Lou Baird,

Laura  Robinson.   (????)

Behind Lou--Carol Jernigan, Sandra Warwick, Karen Kilpatrick

 Back Row: Barry Carrier, Lynn Merrill, Ronnie Greer, Gary Faircloth, Barbara Garling, Martha Walker,

Brenda Hammons, Danny O'melia, Fred Mattingly, Lewis Pace, and Tommy Carey

This is the 6th grade photo for future '65 grads

Gary Faircloth

Picture #Band gathered around the piano

The photo of the band students around the piano are all too young for me
to identify except for William Luck, who is seated on the far right just behind
the boy in the checked shirt on the front row. I think all these people probably
graduated after 1964.

Ann Mays Harlan

This appears to be the Beginner Band at Richardson Class of 1965.
Front Row - Ken Connell, David Kelly, Steve Bryan, ?, Allen, ???

Middle Row - Carolyn Sherrill, ? Suzanne Blanchard, Betty Lou Cunningham,
Sally Jones, Lou Baird, ????

Back Row - Barry Carrier, Lynn Merrill, Ronnie Greer, ?, Barbara Garling,
Martha Walker, Brenda Hammon, Tommy Carey

Greg Grambling

If you recognize us, and know the year we played in the band, please e-mail MindenMemories@AOL.Com

Front- Carolyn McCasland, ?,

Back - Richard Cummins, ?, Slack

Greg Grambling

On that picture of the 6 grade band the one with Rita Kidd Peaker, and Billy said IS his baby sister.

The little boy on the left end wearing glasses, Billy recognized at Richard Cummins. Another Dixie Inn kid,

 Billy says he's now deceased. 

LeVerne Langheld Kidd

Front - R. O. Machen, Robert Dee Thompson

Second Row - Martha Belton

Top Row - Donnie Hinton, Charlie Connell

Greg Grambling


Rodney Elzen, ?, Ray Watkins, Sammy Swearingin, Watson Armstrong, Jim Simmons, ?

The other two are Charles Stubbs on trombone and Jimmy French on trumpet, who later played on trumpet, who later played baritone.

Greg Grambling