Pictures by Bob Grambling

Submitted by Greg Grambling



Band 2-37 L-R, Jackie Batton, Barbara Russell, Lenora and  Jim Winford in the background

Band 2- 36 Three Flutes, James Lynn Ford, Kay Cunningham and Marlene Fields

Band 2- 35 (Dixieland 54)  - L-R, Bob Grambling, Ronald Miller, ( class of 55) Carla Faye Green, (class of 55))

Mickey Love, (class of 54)  Don Hinton (Classs of 57) and Linda Lee Mims (Class of 55) on the piano.

  identified by Leverne Kidd

Band 2- 34 That picture was made when we were all in the 4th grade, in 1955. Top row: left to right: David F. Hinton (deceased) Bill Evans, Bill Staser, Richard Campbell. Second row: (l to r) Ray Mobley, Jann Aldredge Clanton, Reagan Baird, Nona Watts( Sale), Waynette Farrington (Sharon), Sylvia Holomon, Tommy Watson. Bottom row behind piano, girl with last name of Morris, Connie Grambling, Stan Belton,Marsh Phillips (Carmichael), Gladdy Lou Zachery, Mary Margaret Evans (Fattel),(in striped blouse)  Susan Dietrich, Kathy Lunsford.(in white blouse) Seated at the piano: Janet Martin, Cheryl Miller (Benit). All of us were/are in the class of "64

Identified by Waynette Farrington

Band 2- 33 Tommy Lewis, Drummer for MHS

Band 2- 32 Barefoot majorette's are Carla Faye Green and Sandra Pullig

Band-2-31 Notice the Minden gym in the background.

Band 2-30-A rare photograph of both pep squad's performing. Notice the neighborhood in the background.

On the other side the Minden Pep Squadis wearing the same uniforms we wore in 1955.

Band 2-29 Greg Grambling riding on Jim Johnson's shoulders. Can anyone identify the others?

Second boy on the left is David Mouser, boy #4 is Richard Berry.

The girl to the right of Richard looks like Wanda Miller, but she wasn't in the band.

Band 2-28 Roy Don Hinton 1955 Entry American Music Conference Photographic Contest

Band 2-27 Minden Band managers, Bobby Youngblood and Mac Pevy in 1952

Band 2-27 Donald Lindsey, Ruston, Class of 1951

Band 2-26 DRUMS - Connie Grambling ( Class of 1964)  Greg Grambling (Class of 1968)

 Bobby Youngblood (Class of 1955) and

Boy with the drum sticks is David Natrachal (class of'56)

Identified by LeVerne Langheld Kidd

Band 2-25 Eve Baskerville & Waynette Farrington Sharon

Band -2-24 Charlie Connell with his trombone

 Band - 2-23 L to R:  Alton Hortman (1959), Elizabeth Stringer (1960),

 (1960), Denise Green, Wiley Cameron (1957)

Band 2 - 22 R. O. Machen

Band 2-22 Susan Blanchard

Band 2-21 Front Row: L-R, (Trumpets) Dale Rogers, Steve Kirkikis, Wayne Barron, Ray Simmons,

Charles Toland (Baritone) Glover Sanders.

Second Row- Standing L-R, (Bell Lyres) Dorothy Jean Hunter, Bess Hunter (Drums)

Charles Miller and Nan Hunter.

Band 2-20 Kay Cunningham and Billie Jean Prescott

Band 2-19 W. C. Floyd in the Western shirt, Nan Hunter on the drums and Charles Miller

in the suit coat. 

Band 2-18  - 1964: L-R Brenda Hayes, Carol Yardley, Jim Simmons, Margaret Baird and Scott Williams

Band 2-17 Looks like a very early Band picture of  me and the others in the Drum Section... before high school even. I started Band in the 4th Grade.  Although at that time I played an Alto Saxophone which I loathed.  I broke a reed just about every day.  Molly Blake would really give me a tongue lashing over it. l became to dislike it so much that I finally ended up skipping Band (this was an after school activity.) and sitting on the hill behind the Gym and doing my homework until I heard the Band music stop, then I would go home just like I had been to Band Class.  I don't think it took Mama long to figure this out as she was very active in the Band Parent's Club and had a sixth sense about any tom foolery. Jim Sparkman said Mama had eyes in the back of her head and knew EVERYTHING. It was not too long after this skipping episode that I started to play Drums, which I dearly loved, and this change ended my Band skipping days forever.  Band Class during school hours didn't kick in until a person got to high school and that took place when everyone else went to Study Hall. I never had Study Hall...I was either at Band or Choir during that hour...The people in the picture are Charlie Miller, Nan Hunter (Castle), & Bobby Warren on the snare drums and Andrew Ritchie playing the Bass Drum. Frank Lynn Cox is playing the trombone.  It  is in the Band rehearsal room on the second floor of the Gymnasium. It is likely Dwight Blake was the Director at that time.
Nan Hunter Castle



 This was a big deal and quite an honor in high school. Band students from all over the state were selected. Mr. Grambling selected\

 the above students to represent Minden in the All State Orchestra. Nan played tympani during concert season and snare drum

during marching season. Wayne played trumpet and Glover played Baritone.

Band was fun. Some band members remember  Wayne for his movie start looks.  Deacon Sanders is best remembered for preaching

his famous sermons on the band bus. Nan would charm everyone with her beautiful bubbly personality. Others recall how she could

belt out St. Louis Woman with your diamond ring...

 hate to see that evening sun go down
I hate to see that evening sun go down
'Cause the woman I'm loving, she has left this town
If I'm feeling tomorrow just like I feel today
If I'm feeling tomorrow just like I feel today
I'm gonna pack my bags and make a getaway
St. Louis woman without your diamond ring
If you didn't have good looks, you wouldn't mean a thing
If it was not for powder and your super hair
Without the man who loves you, you wouldn't get nowhere ?nowhere
I got the St. Louis blues, blue as I can be
I got the St. Louis blues, blue as I can be
You know I love you, but you don't care for me
I got the St. Louis blues, blue as I can be
I got the St. Louis blues, blue as I can be
You know I love you, but you don't care for me
I got the St. Louis blues, blue as I can be

Do any of you remember those band trips?

Oh Yes, I certainly do remember... They were wonderful...creative Genius at work...Mild Mannered Baritone Player by day, transformed into Super Deacon on the Band Bus. The sermons were based on the wickedness found in Nursery Rhymes and Deacon Sanders' delivery was incredibly colorful. (Perhaps like me, he listened to ministers out of Del Rio, Texas late at night.) He waved his arms in the air, pounded his fists on the backs of bus seats, strolled up and down the aisle in a frenzy of pious convictions with his voice rising to a trembling crescendo when he brought home these Hell fire and Brimstone moral messages. I can see him in the aisle of the Band Bus even now, his eyes flashing while saving us all from our sinful ways. Mother Goose was his Good Book. Glover Sanders made many a dull bus ride come alive with fun. We really had some good times back then.

Bess Regards, Nan

Band 2-15 L-R, Roger Auld, Randall Marrs, Tommy Lewis, David Nadrachal, Top of W.C. Floyd's head and ____Robinson.

Identified by Nan Hunter Castle

Band 2-14   is Ronald Miller, exhibitionist must be in 1953,

Mary Ellen is leading the band, and

I see Jane Grubbs, Sue Tatom, and Carla Faye Green. 

Sandra Pullig must be behind Mary Ellen and out of view. 

Identified by Earlene Mendenhall Lyle

Band 2 - 13 Parade 5 - If you know who the majorettes are in this picture and what year this was,

please e-mail MindenMemories@AOL.COM

Band 2-12 Mutt and Jeff

Dan Wigley is Mutt and Billie Jean Prescott

Identified by Earlene Mendenhall Lyle

If you can identify Jeff  e-mail me at MindenMemories@AOL.COM

Band 2-11 HOT PARADE

This has got to be 1956; Jackie and I were seniors. 

 In  fact, it would be:  Earlene, Margaret Jones, Belle Zachry and Mary Celeste Brown.

Identified by: Earlene Mendenhall Lyle


Band 2-10 Homecoming Parade  - 63 Carlos Morgan is the man in the car.

Note: Guaranty Finance, a gulf station & the Ford dealership in the background.

Wow! Gasoline 28.9 cents a gollon! 

 There are 3 majorettes and the head majorette, Mary Margaret Evans. There were only 3 majorettes because 3 of the "girls" were on the homecoming court that year. Missing are Bette Lou Cunningham, Cindy Williams, and Jann Aldredge.  They were all maids that year and were themselves riding in convertibles. That left 3 of us in the front line, myself, Waynette Farrington, Sylvia Holomon and Eve Baskerville.  You can't see Sylvia because she is hidden behind Mary Margaret. A closer shot of us leading the band  for that very same parade, can be found under "majorettes" on the same website...6 pictures from the bottom. You can clearly see me as right guide majorette, then Sylvia Holomon, and Eve on the left end as left guide majorette in that close-up shot. I guess Mr. Gambling had his camera out -that day.

Band 2-09 This is tricky to work on because there are not true rows. from left...B. E. Cooke & Robert Grambling. One boy standing next to the door. .no idea. .before you get to the front row of the band there are two groups of 3 from left:___?,___?,Martha Fitzgerald
next group of three: ___?,___?Sue Tatom...
front row of band from the left: Tommy Anders, Barbara Frasier,___?, Mary Beth Wall, Montie Bill Sales, Marilyn Greer, Bobbie Womack, Gene Pugh, Alice Jean Cobb, Rene Pugh, Bess Hunter, Kathleen Hortman, ___?, Jeanne Owen.
second row going up. from the left: Bobbie Moore, Charles "Bo" Drake, Everett Doerge, Raymond Goodwill, Jim Barnette, Fred Berry, Steve Kirkikis, Wayne Barron, Dale Rogers, Ray Simmons, Jimmie Dale Souter,  Glover Sanders, Marilyn Rudd,___?, Betty Wall.  There are two people to the right of them, one with a trombone..___?,___?(no idea).
going to next row up, from the left (choir):  Jane Reeves,___?,___?,___?,___? Patsy Palmer, Barbara Heflin, Georgene Winham, Alice Life, Peggy Holland, Jody Harper, Patsy Beauchamp, ___?,Betty Lou Moore,___ Day, ___?,___?,___?, Bobby Warren, W. C. Floyd, ___?,Jane Grubbs.
next row up, from the left: Stella Lowe, Betty Jean Alexander, ___?,Billy Lumpkin, ___?Billy Reynolds, Jerry Dunn, D. W. Bryan, Wayne Reeves, Norman Walker ,___?,James Hanson,___?, Betty Kitchens, Nellie Lunsford,___?, Sue Stewart,___?,___?,___?,Nan Hunter, Glenn Owen, Charles Miller.
next row up (last row) from left: Dorothy Jean Corbin, ___?.___?,___?,___?,___?,Joyce McWhorter,___?,___?, Mary Alice Jones,___?,___?,Gloria Woodard, Jean Batton,  Joan Reeves, Patsy Davis,___?,___?


Submitted by Greg Grambling

see Gloria Woodard, Jean Ford, Jody Harper, and Patsy Beauchamp (I think).  They were in the Class of 1950.  I see a very young-looking Nan Hunter,

 W. C. Floyd, Dale Rogers, and Glover Sanders.  My guess would be that this was made in the Fall of 1949 or Spring of 1950.  Rowland

0031.Front Row: Fourth from the right end is Bess Hunter

Submitted by Rowland Ivey

Ban2-08 - Bo Bo Drake, Steve Kirkikis, Wayne Barron, Bess Hunter, Jeane Owen, Gene Pugh, Patsy Smith, Everette Doerge, and Bobby Warren.

Earlene Mendenhall Lyle


Early 1950's.  Probably 1950 or 1951.  Individuals that I recognize are:  Mary Camille Harper, Bo Drake, Everett Doerge, Wayne Barron, Dale Rogers, Bobby Warren, Glover Sanders, Bess Hunter,  and Nan Hunter.  Jimmy Dale Souter is probably on the other French horn beside Glover.  He is hidden by the horn and you can't see him.

Greg Grambling

I see W.C. Floyd on the drums to the right of Bobby Warren? Is that Jeralyn Shipp to the right of Mr. Grambling?

Band2-07 Concert Program - 1947 - 1948 Do you recognize anyone? If so e-mail

MindenMemories@AOL.COM Be sure to

reference Band Photo 0001.

Band 2-06    (1947-1948: Front Row:) Robert Grambling, Charles Toland, W.C. Floyd, Fred Berry, Dale Rogers, Billy Don Adams, Colleen Montgomery, Steve Kirkikis, Billy Gleason, Bobby Warren, Wayne Barron, Tommy Anders, Jeane Owen.

Second Row: Sybil Jane Grubbs, Perry Lynn Sanders, Marilyn Greer, Marilyn Greer, Marilyn Rudd, Dickie Taylor, Andrew Ritchie, Tatom, Monte Sale, Beth Wall, Alice Jean Cobb, Dorothy Jean Hunter.

Third Row: Bobby Bryan, Glover Sanders, Betty Wall, Sally Ware, Glen Owen, Patsy Tinnell, Rene Pugh, Barbara Frazier, Ethel Frances Miller, Nan Hunter, Jimmy Dale Souther,

Top Row:        Beth  Wall,  Bess Hunter   Ray Simmons, Jack Boles, Frank Cox, Charles Miller, Keitha Clement, Gene Pugh

 by Marcia Wren


Band 2-05 David Nadrachal, Steve Kirkikis, Loretta Allen, Sandra Pullig and possibly Jimmy Barnette

Band 2-04   I would guess that this picture is 1949/1950.  I see Charles Toland (as I told you earlier), Ray Simmons. 

 Also, I see young Glover Sanders, Jimmy Dale  Souter,  W. C. Floyd, and Dale Rogers.  Rowland 

Bobby Warren is on the far left. Mr. Grambling is standing by the blackboard.

Nan Hunter is standing against the wall, Monte Bill Sale is standing in front of Nan Hunter.

Identified by Rowland Ivy


Band 2-03 Jeanne Owen in foreground
Front Row: L to R
       empty chair, Betty Wall, (mis- identified as Gene Pugh. 

Gene Pugh played flute not saxophone.) Keitha Clement.

2nd Row: L to R
        Marilyn Rudd, Patsy Tinnell.
3rd Row: L to R
         Frank Lynn Cox, and Marcia Wren

Band 2-03 Belle Zachry with Barbara Russell; Seated left is Dixie Dugan.

Band 2-02   This picture must have been taken around 1951.  
Front Row:  Dorothy Peevy, Betty Sue Lewis, Max Rudd, Raymond Goodwill, Earlene Mendenhall,

Carol Burcham, Barbara Russell.

Second Row: Billy Fuller, ____ , Peggy Cheshire, Marlene Fields  Jackie Batton on end
Third Row:  Neil Baker, David Nadrchal,____,_____, James Rhea Love, Elizabeth Maddry

Identified by Earlene Mendenhall Lyle, Nan Hunter Castle, and LeVerne Langheld Kidd

If you can tell us who the unidentified band students are e-mal

Band 2-01. Ray Simmons & Barbara Frazier