And Submitted by:  Greg Grambling

                  MISS MINDEN 1956 HAD THREE WINNERS


                          ALL THREE BECAME MISS MIDEN

                                                                     BR600 - L-R, Annetta Baker, Mary Jo Skinner, (1955 Miss Minden,

                                                                                                 Trudy Brooks) and Earlene Mendenhall     


                                                  BC567 - EARLENE MENDENHALL  

                                  BECAME THE OFFICIAL MISS MINDEN 1956

                                  was elected Miss Civitian, Miss MHS and became a

                                 triple title holder when she became the official Miss Minden  in 1956.

                                 The Tide Talk named her most beautiful girl.

                                 She was named Illustrious Alumni 2006

                                 Author of The Minden Cemetery book. She and her sister Barbara wrote

                                 Transcriptions from the Gardens of Memory Cemetery in Minden, Webster Parish

                                  Earlene crowned Marclee Robinson Miss Minden in 1957.  


                                 BC566 Mary Jo Skinner the night she was crowned Miss Minden


                                             BC564 Annetta Baker                                                  

                Annetta Baker would have assumed the tile of Miss Minden two days after Mary Jo was crowned.

               According to the article in the newspaper...Earlene Mendenhall became Miss Minden in  May, 1956. 

                Annetta  was second runner up Miss Minden in 1955 and 4th runner up Miss Minden in 1954.


                               BC565 Earlene Mendenhall


                                                       BC563 L-R, Annetta Baker, Earlene Mendenhall and 1955 Miss Minden

                                               Trudy Brooks presenting trophies to runners up in the contest.

                                                In May 1956 Earlene took over the duties of Miss Minden and crowned

                                                Marcelee Robinson as the new Miss Minden in 1957. It is unknown to the compiler

                                                If anyone went to Miss Holiday-In-Dixie to represent Minden.  They failed

                                                to notify Earlene when it was time to go to the Miss Louisiana Contest in 1956 so

                                                Minden was not represented that year.  She just might have won that contest for Minden.


                                              BC562- Trudy Brooks  presents a trophy to Earlene Mendenhall                           


                                                                    BC561 -The winner was Mary Jo Skinner

                         She traded in her title for a Mrs. two days after she was crowned.

                   Mary Jo was also first runner up in the Miss Minden High School



                            IN 1956 MENDENHALL SISTERS WIN BEAUTY CONTESTS


      M560 Earlene Mendenhall and her younger sister Barbara are both crowned on the same night in 1956.    


                            M550 Earlene Mendenhall and Jasper Goodwill, Mayor of Minden in 1956  


Ann Frazier, second runner up winner  

Ann was a MHS 1961 graduate

                                               M540 Barbara Mendenhall and Jasper Goodwill,

                                                               Mayor of Minden in 1956




                                                         MM 530- Trudy Ann Brooks Minden                                                                   

                                                Trudy was also named most beautiful

                                                        girl in the Tide Talk in 1955   




                     MM528 - Miss Minden 1954, Betty Jean Davis, crowns the new Miss Minden,

                                           Trudy Brooks, 1956 wearing a yellow dress.

                                       On the left is second runner up, Annetta Baker


                                         MM527 L-R, Annetta Baker was second runner up, first runner up was

                                                           Carla Faye Green wearing a blue dress.


                                                                  MM 526 -MISS MINDEN 1955 TOP TEN CONTESTANTS

                 Top Ten, L-R, Barbara Bryan, Kathy Walden, Earlene Mendenhall, Mary Jo Skinner,

                 Betty Claire Rhea, Gracie Davidson. Annetta Baker, Sandra Pullig, Trudy Brooks &

                  Carla Faye Green.


                           mm525 -Trudy Brooks  


                            mm 524 -Carla Faye Green

                        1954 MISS MHS


                                           mm523 - We Present Pat Wilson

                                    Runner up was Millie Aarrons who became Miss Minden after Pat Wilson married Hugh Cranford.  



                                                    mm521- Pat Wilson before the crowing...Does anyone know the name

                                                   of the cute lttle girl? If so, e-mail MindenMemories@AOL.COM


                    1953 -54 Miss Minden Contest



                                               1mm519 - Carla Faye Green, Jeane Owen, Mary Winford, Mildred Boland, Trudy Brooks

                                                Billie Sue Brooks, Rene Pugh, Patsy Allen, Pat Wilson, Sally Powell, Nell Gilbert,

                                               Cora Lou Brown and Gene Pugh.

                                               Identified by Earlene Mendenhall Lyle ,Nan Hunter Castle and Maurice Whitlow


                                                                                                   1mm5191 Patsy Allen


                             MM517 - L-R, I will try to list the ones I think it might be; Nell Gilbert, Cora Lou Brown, Gene Pugh, Rene Pugh, Jane Grubbs,

                             Judianne Braswell, Sarah Ruth Campbell, Marilyn Watkins, Rebecca Campbell, Annetta Baker, Carolyn Sale, Mary Jane Adams,

                             Mary Alice Jones and Rebecca Whisenhunt.

                             Identified by Earlene Mendenhall Lyle and Nan Hunter Castle


                       mm-516  - 1st. runner up, Carla Faye Green, 2nd runner up, Cortez David,3rd runner up,

                         Judianne Braswell, 4th runner up, Annetta Baker 


                                                                     BETTY JEAN DAVIS -   MISS MINDEN 1954


                                                           mm515   Cortez David, Betty Jean Davis, and Carla Faye Green

                  Carol Whitfield 

                   Miss MHS, 1953

   Miss Minden 1953

     Holiday - In Dixie's  

   Miss Congeniality 1953  

 mm514 - Finalists for Miss Minden High School were: Carla Faye Green, Cortez David, Sarah Ruth Campbell and Earlene Mendenhall. First runner up in the Miss Minden Minden contest was Sandra Gray. She became Miss Minden after Carol gave up her crowns to marry Derald Kirkland. Second runner up was Keitha Clement. You can see their pictures if you visit  and visit Gems of Minden. You will have to scroll down to the 1953 pictures.



                                                                                                           four1953 -  They needed four crowns

                                                                               Finalists in the Miss Minden High School Contests were

                                                                                            L-R, Carla Faye Green, Sarah Ruth Campbell,

                                                                                  Earlene Mendenhall and the winner was Carol Whitfield

                                                                         Carla Faye became Miss Minden High School in 1955.

                                                                 Earlene became Miss Minden School in 1956. (See Beauty Contest 56)

                                   We do not have pictures of Carol, Sandra and Keitha the night of the Miss Minden contest.

          carla1955 - Miss MHS 1955 CONTEST


                                                                There she is.....Miss Minden High School 1955

                    CARLA FAYE GREEN

Five girls were chosen from each gym class to be in the beauty review each year. The winner became Miss Minden High School. In 1953 Carol Whitfield was the first to win the title. She became a triple crown holder when she won the Miss Minden Contest and went to the Holiday In Dixie and won the title of Miss Congeniality. We regret that we do not have all the pictures of the girls .

The next year Pat Wilson was crowned Miss Minden High School.

The gym classes voted for five girls to represent them in the Beauty Review each year. In 1955 the six seniors were Gracie Davidson, Carla Faye Green, Patsy Heflin, Sandra Pullig, Wanda Rhoden and Sue Smith.  

If anyone has a photo of Sue Smith we would appreciate it if you would scan a copy to Please send us a message first so we will be expecting the attachment. You can also send it to Sherry Gritzbaugh, 4507 Verone St., Bellaire, TX77401.

                                                       mm512 -SANDRA BARNETTE

                                                          mm511-RITA BARRON

                                                       mm510 -JUDY BARRON

                                                      mm509 -KAY CUNNINGHAM

                                                   mm508 -BONNIE SUE BURNS

                                                        mm507 -GRACIE DAVIDSON

                                          mm506 - CARLA FAYE GREEN

                                             mm505 - CAROLYN HALL

                                                  mm504 - CATSY HARPER

                                               mm503 -PATSY HEFLIN

                                            mm502 - JOYCE HUMPHRIES

                                     mm500 -BOBBIE JEAN LANGHELD

                                     mm500 - GRACIE MCCULLOUGH

                                              mm499- SHELBY NUNN

                                               mm498 - SANDRA PULLIG

                                                   mm497  - BETTY CLAIRE RHEA

                                              mm496 - WANDA RHODEN

                                             mm495 - HATHIA SEARLES

                                 mm494 - YVONNE SIMMONS

                                      mm493 - MARY JO SKINNER


                                    NOT PICTURED                                                                           mm492 - SUE SMITH                  

                                      mm491 - JEANETTE WOODARD


                                              Contestants in the 1954 Beauty Pageant  

                                               1054 Pat Wilson

                                             Pageants 1054 First Place Winner was PAT WILSON, CLASS OF 1954

                                                                                  she forfeited to become a Mrs.

                                                                   and the title of Miss Minden High School went to

                                                                               MILLIE AARONS, CLAS OF 1956

                                                   P54 Millie Aarons

                                                      Pagent054 -  First Runner Up Millie Aarons became Miss Minden High School

                                                                         after Pat Wilson became Mrs. Hugh Cranford

                                                     P154 Gracie Davidson

                                                                       Pageant 154 Gracie Davidson

                                                           P254 Earlene Mendenhall

                                                                          Pageant 254 Earlene Mendenhall

                                                           P354 Marilyn Watkins

                                                                                 Pageant 354 - Marilyn Watkins

                                                        P454 Barbara Bryan

                                                                                       Pageant 454 Barbara Bryan

                                                          P554 Carla Faye Green

                                                                                    Pageant 554 Carla Faye Green

                                                        P654 Sally Ann Powell

                                                                                       Pageant 654 Sally Ann Powell

                                                          754 Judianne Braswell

                                                                                                754 Pageant Judianne Braswell

                                                          854 Mary Ellen Bailey

                                                                         Pageant 854 Mary Ellen Bailey

                                                         954 Sandra Pullig

                                                                                      Pageant954 -  Sandra Pullig


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