Continued from Beauty Contest I

             BEAUTY CONTEST II

                                 Photograph's by Bog Grambling, submitted by Greg Grambling


                                      MM1957-3 Miss Minden, Earlene Mendenhall gives the 1957

                                     Miss Minden trophy to Marcelee Robinson. First runner up

                                     was Jeanette Woodard, second runner up was Wanda Miller.


                                               MM1957-2 - Beauty Review 

                      (1.) Denise Green or it might be her twin, Dianne, Class of 1960
                      (2.) Is it Lyda Roberts Madden, Class of 1957?
                      (3.) Wanda Miller, Class of 1958
                      (4.)  Linda Cox, Class of 57
                      (5.)  Marcelee Robinson, Class of 1957 (6) It could be first runner up Jeanette Woodard class of 57?


            MM1957-1 B/R -  L to R:  Linda White, Judy Rabb, Rose Rabb, Camille Ivy, Joyce Humphries, Kay Cunningham


                                        Darling1-1957  - Linda Cox being crowned by Principal W. W. Williams


                                            TT30-The Tide Talk named Douglas Skinner

                                                   Mr. Crimson Tide in 1956



                  ON THE SAME NIGHT FOR 1956



                                            Beauty Review 56 - Miss Minden High School - Earlene Mendenhall

                                                      Miss Minden Junior High School - Barbara Mendenhall        

                         Runners up. L-R, 2nd runner up, Jeannine Mobley, 1st runner up, Jeanette Woodward

                                                                  and first runner up was Mary Jo Skinner  



                   3 WINNERS


                              Stage1- Trudy Brooks, Miss Minden 1955 crowns Mary Jo Skinner Miss Minden  


                  SERVED AS MISS MINDEN  IN 1956                                        

                  Mary Jo  served two days and gave up the crown to become a Mrs. two days later.

                  First runner up Annetta Baker became Miss Minden and gave up the title in May 1956.

                  Earlene Mendenhall became a triple title holder when she became Miss Minden.  She was the

                  one who crowned Marcelee Robinson Miss Minden 1957. You can view the picture's under

                 Gems of Minden on this website.

                  The six finalist in the contest were Mary Jo Skinner, Annetta Baker, Earlene Mendenhall,

                 Kathy Walden, Betty Claire Rhea and Annette Van Peene.

                 Solo numbers and skits were presented by local individual and groups making up the talent

                 portions for the March of Dimes Follies for 1956 sponsored by the Young Women Service Club. 

                Mary Jo Skinner receivedd the Thyra Damonte Award for outstanding swimmer for the

                Southern Award Association


                                                       Stage 3 - Millie Aarons, Class of 1956


                                          Stage 4, Annetta Baker, first  runner up, Class of 1955


                                                      Stage 5 - Jackie Batton, Class of 1956 


                                                      Stage 6. Shirley Boyer , Class of 1956


                                               Stage 7 - Yvonne Brown, Class of 1955  


                                               Stage 8. Carol Burcham, Class of 1956          


                                    Stage 9- Marlene Fields, Class of 1956


                                    Stage 10- Marilyn Haley, Class of 1956 


                                    Stage 11. - Jackie Jarvis, Class of 1956


                                           Stage 12. Mary Sue Kelly, Class of 1956


                                                Stage 13. Bobbie Jean Langheld,  Class of 1956  


                                                     Stage14 . Betty Sue Lewis, Class of 1956


                                                    Stage 15. Ann Machen, Class of 1954


                                       Stage16.  Second runner up was Earlene Mendenhall  


                                               Stage 17. Jeannine Mobley, Class of 1956 


                                                Stage 18. Mary Nelson, Class of 1956


                                                  Stage 19. Sandra Pullig, Class of 1955  


                                                 Stage 20. Betty Claire Rhea, Class of 1956    


                                                Stage 21.  Karis Robinson, Class of 1956


                                                        Stage 22 Barbara Russell, Class of 1956          


                                                        Stage 23. Mary Jo Skinner, Class of 1956, the winner


                                                                   Stage 24. Judy Smith, Class of 1956


                                                         Stage 25 - Annette Van Peene, Class of 1957


                                                               Stage 26 -Kathy Walden, Class of 1956


                                                           Stage 28 - Jeanette Woodard, Class of 1957



                                               1956 MHS BEAUTY REVIEW

Of all the pictures that have been uploaded to the web...these were the hardest. They were very old, dark and had never been touched up or cropped. We are just thankful that we can view them.  It is difficult to work with old negatives and/or pictures that have never been cropped and worked with when they are scanned.  The pictures were put on the largest setting possible without making them look distorted.  The top picture is a picture that was touched up by Mr. Grambling back in the fifties. The others are proofs/negatives. In my opinion...we are very lucky just to have them even if they are not as good as the finished product.       


                                                         Stage 29 -Mayor Jasper Goodwill crowns Earlene Mendenhall

                                                                                         Miss MHS 1955/56.


        TMM56 -1-Audrey Aarons , Class of 1959    


                                                                                         TMM56-2 Millie Aarons, Class of 1956


                                                                                                MM56-3 Sandra Barnette, Class of 1957 


                                                                                   TMM56.4 Mary Celeste Brown, Class of 1959                                    


                                                                                    TMM56.5 Carol Burcham, Class of 1956                                     


                                                                                 TMM56.6Kay Cunningham , Class of 1958


                                                                      TMM56.7 Margaret Ann Jones, Class of 1957 


                                                                TMM56.10 -  Earlene Mendenhall, Class of 1956, Miss MHS


                                                            TMM56.11 - Jeannine Mobley, Class of 1956, 3rd runner up 


                                                                      TMM56.21 - Jeanette Woodard, 2nd runner up,  1957


                        MINDEN JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL CONTEST 1956


                                          JHS1956 - Miss Minden Jr. High School

                                               Mayor Goodwill crowns Barbara Mendenhall

                                                 Miss Minden Jr. High School 1956


                                                           JHS1 -  Barbara Mendenhall 1956, Class of 1961


                                                    JHS2 - 1st runner up Marsha Hoefield, 1961


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                                        JHS3 - RESERVED FOR A PHOTO OF ANN FRAZIER


                                                        JHS4  - Sandra Boyter, Class of 1960     


                                                            JHS 5 - Sandra Crockett, Class of 1960


                                                                       JHS5  Glenda Fields, Class of 1960


                                                        JHS6 Patsy Kleineger, Class of 1960


                                                      JHS - Mary Graham Monzingo, Class of  1961 


                                                               JHS Patsy,  Sullivan Class of 1961


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