MHS Band Directors

                                   Beauty Contests                         Beauty ContestII  

                                   Beauty Contest III                     Miss Minden 1967                      

                                    Band 1                                        Basketball/Baseball                    

                                    Band II                                        Campus Activities  

                                    Band III                                   Campus Activities II       

                                     Cheerleaders                             City Clubs  

                                      Children                                   Church and Camps                                    

                                    Church and Camps                         A Drama

                                    For Our Entertainment                   Faculty

                                     Fair                                             Concert Programs               

                                     Kids of the Sixties                            MHS Proms

                                     Football, and Races                        GA's 

                                     GA's II                                            Games We Played

                                     Grade School Pictures           Grade School Pictures II               

                                     Bob Grambling Bio.                      

                                     Connie Grambling                          Greg Grambling    

                                     Homecoming II-1954                                                         

                                     Boy Majorettes                              MHS Majorettes  

                                     1957/8 Majorettes                        Pinups

                                      Minden Residents                         Parades

                                     1955/6 Homecomings                   Prom - 1956    

                                     Prom Nights  57-59                        Proms  58-59         

                                     Parties, Dances & Fun Night          Birthday  Party

                                             Sixties Parties             Birthday and Misc. Party  

                                     BandParty 58                               Christmas Party                              

                                    Portraits                                         Portraits I                                        

                                    Portraits II                                     Robert Grambling 47-67             

                                     Showers/Teas                                     Teachers

                                     Sixties - Fifties                                  Slay Party                       

                                     Sports                                             Students of the Fifties   

                                       Style Show                                      Teachers II

                                      Teen Time                                        Track                                                          

                                          Vo-Tech                                           Pat Watson and the Pit