Submitted by Greg Grambling, Class of 1968

Grambling, Campus Activities II

Skit 4. Milly Aarons again. Who is on the piano?

Skit 3. Who is playing the piano for Milly Aarons in this skit? If you know e-mail and tell us.

Skit 2.

This appears to be the same person who was playing the piano for Millie Aarons.                                                                                                                                                                                                   

  Looks a little like Delores Webb, but I don't remember her ever playing the piano.

Submitted by Earlene Mendenhall Lyle, Class of 1956

LeVerne Langheld Kidd thinks it might have been Karis Robinson Alderman pretending to be Liberache.

Skit 1 -  Earlene Mendenhall Lyle and Sandra Pullig Smith think this is probably Betty Sue Lewis 


Bareground 55.2  Lunch period at MHS during the 1954-55 school year.  The girls wore pretty dresses and full skirts and Bobbie Brook's blouses from Portia Winford's Dress Shop. They sometimes  wore flowers or silk scarves around their necks that matched their skirts with black and white saddle oxfords. Most of the girls shopped at Brown and Goodwill for their costume jewelry. They sold real pretty bracelets and necklaces.


Bareground 55.1  - This picture was probably taken during the 1954/55 school year after the new building was finished.

Elections 4:  Seated: Judy Barron and Yvonne Simmons (both 1957)

                    Standing, L to R: Leonard Miller, Sammy Odom, Gerald Melton (all 1959)

Elections 3:  Standing, L to R:  Edd Moreland (1958), George Winford (1957), Martha Belton (1960)

                    Seated: Charlotte Turnage (1958)

Election 2 -This pictures is of Denise Green, class of 1960 on the left

and Martha Belton, class of 1960, holding the campaign sign...I remember

this picture, but it's been a long time since I saw it...

Martha Belton, class of 1960

Elections 1:  L to R:  James Allen Norris (1959), Jim Winford (1957), Kay Cunningham (1958),

                       ?     , Gary Major (1958), looks like the back of Tommy Farrow (1957), Joe Moreland (1958)

 MHS Campus 1957 -   I believe Pat Nation is talking with Sam Harper in the MHS campus 1957 picture.  I can't see his face, but the man is built like Sam Harper, and he was a coach at MHS.  I lived up the street from Sam and Margaret Harper on Lakeshore Drive (down the hill from East Side [Richardson] School.  They had a daughter Sherry and a son Al.  They later moved to Cotton Valley, where Sam was principal for several years, probably until his retirement.

Identified by Claire Turner Fussell, Class of 1965

 Do I see Coach Pat Naton in this photo? If you recognize any of the students email and tell who who they are.

 I can only help with a couple of these.  I'm fairly certain the boy
on the left on the front row is Robert Lee, class of 1961, and the girl on
the second row, second from the left I believe to be Carolyn Felts, Class of

Ann Frazier Mohler, class of 1961


Here is my attempt with Campus Activities (4-H) as1-4H57-1 & 2:

Front Row: Sally Acklen ’62

Next:  Betty Joe Lee ‘62, Carolyn Felts ‘62, _________, ____________, Clyde Krouse (leaning forward) ’64?,  Don Krouse (cowboy shirt) ’63 or ‘64, who had a twin named Dale (or it could be vice versa).  Betty Weldon ‘62 is behind Clyde Krouse.

Betty Joe Lee’s brother is standing behind her (almost) – Robert Earl Lee ‘61.

 On the 3rd row on the right in the plaid shirt is David Hinton, and behind him is Janie Sue Krouse (I think) on the back row, seated.


Ellen Baskerville, Class of 1962


Pictures on campus activity 1-4h57-1 front row Sally Acklen, 

second row Betty Joe Lee?

with glasses third row last girl on right Betty Weldon and Robert Lee standing far left.

Ronnie Hennigan, class of 1961 61

If you can identify anyone else in the photo e-mail


as1- 4h57-2

Front Row: L-R, ______Sally Acklen ’62

Next:  Betty Joe Lee ‘62, Carolyn Felts ‘62, _________, ____________, Clyde Krouse (leaning forward) ’64?,  Don Krouse (cowboy shirt) ’63 or ‘64, who had a twin named Dale (or it could be vice versa).  Betty Weldon ‘62 is behind Clyde Krouse.

Betty Joe Lee’s brother is standing behind her (almost) – Robert Earl Lee ‘61.

 On the 3rd row on the right in the plaid shirt is David Hinton, and behind him is Janie Sue Krouse (I think) on the back row, seated.

Identified by Ellen Baskerville, (62) Ronnie Hennigan ^61) and Ann Frazier Mohler (61)


Identified by Linda Holt MooreheadI agree with that being Carolyn Felts and Robert Lee (1961) but that
is NOT James in the cowboy shirt.  He did have one on similar to that in a picture from about 5th
grade and may have worn the type often but that isn't him.  My James would have been long gone
from there with Carolyn Felts, Robert Lee and Betty Weldon the ages they are here, as well.  :-) 
The girl in the triangle made by the boy in the cowboy shirt and the two boys to his right is
Betty Weldon Garms (her married last name).  She has on a light jacket or blouse and the cowboy
shirt boy's right ear is next to her. 
The girl on the very front looks like the Aiklen (sp?) girl to me.  I usually know her name
but not right now.  Her name was not spelled like our Acklens, I'm pretty sure. 
The girl next to Robert Lee in the 4H57-1 pic looks something like a girl from my class (1961) that
married a Strickland boy from the 1956 class while she was still in high school, Elizabeth Strickland.  
I can't find her at all in the 4h57-2 picture to try to clarify that being her.  Her husband died young
and I think I heard she had died several years ago but I'm not at all certain of that. 
I hope this helps a bit. 
Linda Holt Moorehead, Class of 1961


(Billy Joe Strickland was in the class of 1956)


???The boy at the right end of the second row in the cowboy shirt just HAS to be James Moorehead

who was in the Class of 1956.  I well remember that he wore that type of shirt quite often.

Identified by Earlene Mendenhall Lyle, Class of 1956

Same photo different shot If you can identify the students e-mail

acs -1 Lockers


Identified by LeVerne Langheld Kidd, Class of 1957

asc-2 group 55 L-R, Looks like Betty Lou Norwood, Mary Legenia Green and Jackie White

all from the class of 1955.

Both Betty Lou and Mary Lagenia are deceased now.

asc -3 This photo is on page 36 in the 1955 Grig and is identified as follows:

 ALL STATE CHORUS: Carroll Gay Hardy, Elizabeth Heffelfinger, Patsy Davis, Wayne Lee

Identified by Earlene Mendenhall Lyle, Class of 1956 & Ann Mays Harlan, Class of 1958

Hey!  Wasn't Wayne Lee the "Infamous Blue Devil of Oak Ridge" that we all enjoyed reading about on Listbox?   Fred Moore is a very talented writer. Wish we could have saved those stories. They were wonderful. We never did find out who his partner was, did we? 

asc-4 Break 1954 If you recognize any of these classmates -email and tell us who they are.

asc-5 game  The Crimson Tide & Lumberjacks Pep Squad in 1954. The Crimson tide wore white hats, pleated skirts, red sweaters, saddle oxfords and white socks. 

asc-6 Band Group 55
L-R,   Donald Slack, ? (boy's back), the boys sitting is James Rhea Love '56, Neil Baker '56, and the fella on the extreme right is Roy Mobley, brother of Jeannine Mobley Love.

Identified by Jerry Frasie, (55)  Earlene Mendenhall Lyle,(55)  Sandra Pullig Smith (55)  and Jeannine Mobley Love (56)

asc-7 MHS Parking Lot around 1954/55...Few students drove to school during the fifties. 

asc-8 Box  L-R, Is it Becky Jones, Linda Lee Mims, William Ward and James Lynn Ford all from the

class of 1955?