Photo's by Bob Grambling  TEST PAGE

Submitted by Greg Grambling


mhsfront53 - Minden

Homecoming 1966 Margaret Baird Class of ________is on the left and I think

 Peggy Adams Class of _______is on the right.

Submitted by Sue Ann Richardson Kinsey

 This was the homecoming 1955 float in 1965; 

In the back is Ronald Bryan, Trudy Brooks; Is that Wanda Rhoden beside Trudy?

 Jo Ann Baggett wearing the glasses near

the front row. I think that is Bennie Ryan seated next to her. Is that Annetta Baker next to Bennie?

Who are the others?

I think I'm seeing Betty Lou Norwood in the middle; Yvonne Brown on the outside right, front??? 

Identified by Sandra Pullig Smith, Class of 1955

If you recognize the others e-mail us and tell us who they are.

The truck appears to be from Howard Lumber & Supply Company.

Homecoming 65 -1 Nancy McIntyre , Class of ____and Susan Garcia, Class of 1967

 If you know the name of the driver e-mail us and tell us who he is.

The driver looks like Phillip McInnis MHS, Class of 1966.

The more I look, if the driver isn't Phillip, it's Winston Walker.  Winston's cousin owned a T-Bird back in the '60's.

Claire Turner Fussell, Class of 1965

Homecoming 65-2 Suzanne Haygood (MHS 1966) and Brenda Brewer (MHS 1967)

Identified by Claire Turner Fussell, Class of 1965

Homecoming 65-3 Carlyn Pratt, Class of 1967 and Diane Ethridge, Class of 1966 

If you recognize the girl driving the car e-mail us

and tell us who she is.

Identified by Claire Turner Fussell, Class of 1965

Diane Ethridge  graduated with me in 1966

One of the keys to happiness is a bad memory.
-- Rita Mae Brown
Karen Chapman, Class of 1966


Homecoming 65-4 Judy Simpson,Class of _____ Janice Smith, Class of ________&

 Glenda Wilson, Class of ________.

If you recognize the driver e-mail us and tell us who he is.

Homecoming 1964-1 Anita Jones, Class of ________ and Dinah David, Class of _____

(If you recognize the driver - email us and tell

us who he is.)

Homecoming 1964-2 Lou Baird, Class of ______ and Mary Banks Craton, Class of ______ - If you recognize the

driver e-mail us and tell us who he is.

I'm too old to know any of these folks except by name when I hear it.  However, here...
Homecoming 1964-2 Lou Baird and Mary Banks Crayton - the name is Mary Banks Craton, no 'Y'.  She was named for her dad, Banks Craton.  We leased the little white house on Park Highway from them when we lived in Minden around 1963.  Bob had gone to West Pakistan on a job, and Banks Craton taught Allen how to ride his first bike during that time. 

Earlene Mendenhall Lyle, Class of 1956

Homecoming 64-6 Princesses Cindy Williams, Class of _________ and Louise Kemp, Class of _________

Submitted by Waynette Farrington Sharon, Class of 1964

Anybody recognize the driver?

Homecoming 64-3

From the left end moving to the right, it looks like Bill Drake, Jim
Stanfield, and possibly Ramona Wiggly(?),_______Harp,?

Submitted by Nan Hunter Castle, Class of 1953  

Looks like a Howard Lumber Company Truck

If anyone can identify the other lady...e-mail and tell us who she is.

Homecoming 1962 - 63

I believe the Homecoming '63 picture is actually Homecoming '62.

Kay Mudgett (class of '62) is on the left and Emily Van Horn (class of '63) is on the right.

Charlotte Sutton, '63


The picture identified as "Homecoming 1963" is not really ' 63, it is Homecoming -1962.  It involves the Class of ' 63, as most of the girls were seniors that year. The girl on the right is definitely Emily Van Horn. Not sure about the other girl. It might be Diane Britt, or Lynda Minter. Looks more like Lynda Minter actually. I went straight to my Grig for the Homecoming pictures.
Waynette Farrington Sharon, Class of 1964


Horn 57.4 If you can identify this student e-mail

Rushing-Ratcliff 57-3      Ginger Rushing and Joe Ratcliff

Rain 57.2 Standing, L to R:  James “Bubba” Biles (1959), Hathia Searles (1958), Sandra Crockett (1960)

Kneeling with the tiny sailboat:  Turner Almond (1957)

Identified by Ann Mays Harlan

57.7 Rose Rabb, Class of 1957

Bones 57-2 L-R, Here they are again L to R:  Carl Kenneth "Buddy" Martin (1959), Ronald Haynes (1959)

Ellen Baker (1958), Charlotte Turnage (1958), Marguerite Kelly (1959)8) Science Class

Identified by Ann Mays Harlan, Class of 1958

Bones 57-1, L-R, Carl Kenneth "Buddy" Martin, Ronald Haynes (1959), Ellen Baker (1958),

Charlotte Turnage (1958) and Marguerite Kelly (1958)/9 Science Class

Identified by Ann Mays Harlan, Class of 1958

Campus Activities 23 Kids

The 4th picture down on "Campus Activities and Honors" has an unidentified person in the picture. The girl on the left in the front, is Jann Aldredge-Clanton. She is pictured with David Hinton, Terry Johnston and Suzanne  Blanchard.
Waynette Farrington Sharon and Eve Baskerville, both from the Class of 1964

Campus Activities 22 - George Winford and Annette Van Peene

On Campus Activities #22, the activity is Amateur (Ham) Radio.  The students are at the radio station, and all the cards on the wall are QSL cards.  These have the call sign of the station who the Minden station has contacted. Pat Watson ,W5SUNY class of 1955, may have helped set this station up.
Jim Turner, class of 1956

Campus Activities 21

Standing, L to R:  Jack Moreland (Salutatorian), Edwin Leachman (Valedictorian), Jackie Batton

Seated, L to R:  Faye Kidd, David James III, Jeannine Mobley, James Moorehead, Karis

 Robinson, Mary Nelson, Barbara Russell

Top 11:  Jack Moreland, Ed Leachman, Jackie Batton, Faye Kidd, David James, Jeannine Mobley, James Moorehead, Karis Robinson, Mary Nelson, Barbara Russell.  I was #11 and should have been in this group.  Would have been if I had half-tried in Bess Baskerville's Science class.  I made a C in that class just from goofing off and cutting up!

Identified by, Ann Mays Harlan, Karis RobinsonAlderman,  Jeannine Mobley Love Jackie Batton Reeves and  Earlene Mendenhall Lyle

Campus Activities 20 -Top Ten, Class of 1956 L-R, Edwin Leachman, Jack Mooreland, Jackie Batton, James Moorehead,

Karis Robinson,  Jeannine Mobley,  Mary Nelson, David James III, Barbara Russell and Faye Kidd

Campus Activities 19 - Library - If you recognize any of the students e-mail

L-R Betty June Bryant, Patsy Brown ,  Shirley Dale Frasier, Freddie Burton, is it Jimmy Stillwell reading 

the book,   wearing glasses is Billy Fuller and Peggy Ashmore wearing the scarf.

wearing the scarf.


Identified by Jerry Frasier, LeVerne Langheld Kidd, Linda Holt Moorehead and Ann Mays Harlan

Campus Activities 18 -Home and Family Living Punch Line ___, ___, Cassie Taylor, Shirley Maness and

Patsy Gilbert/ If you can identify the others in the punch line e-mail MindenMemories@AOL.COM

Campus Activities 17 - Home Ec. Punch Line - Melba Weaver - 2nd from the end

Is that Norma Warren Gutherie behind the flowers?

Campus Activities 16 - The crowd is cheering for the hometown team.  Can you hear  the Tide Roll?

The  City of Minden has always supported the Minden Crimson Tide

Lunch room56 - If you recognize anyone e-mail MindenMemories@AOL.COM

 Cooking Class56,  James Madden, Mary Kirkley, and Billy Joe Strickland. James and Billy Joe

 Students started taking Home & Family living during the 1954/55 school

 year after the new high school was built.

GrigTidit 56- Top L- R : David James  - Jack Moreland
               Vanita Lee  -  Jackie Batten
               Edward Kennon - Cleve Taylor
               Faye Kidd - Elizabeth Farrow
               Neil Baker - Larry Roger Stanley
               Melba Weaver - Kathy Walden

              Jeannie Mobley and Karis Robinson

               Earlene Mendenhall - Barbara Russell - Marlene Fields

Identified by LeVerne Kidd. Barbara McLemore and Earlene Lyle











 Path 54 - Minden High School gym; The track field was on the left, football field on the right; as you look; this was the campus below the terrace.  There was a bridge that the photographer might have been standing on that covered a branch that we walked over to get from the school to the gym.  Someone had put goldfish in the branch.   They grew to be big as the catfish. The water was very clear. We enjoyed watching them swim.  We took gym lessons every other day and had study hall the off days when we were going to Minden High School. The building on the left end is the indoor swimming pool. 

Poster 54- Paul Robinson one the left ,Charles Berry?,  Mary Jo Skinner, and Marcelee Robinson.
That a SMOKIE THE BEAR poster, says at the bottom, PREVENT WOODS FIRE !

Fortune 54. If you know who this is e-mail us. at MindenMemoriesaol@com

Fortune 54 Eve Baskerville thought this might be Betty Claire  Rhea, Class of 1956 but Earlene Mendenhall

Lyle said no this was Linda Lee Mims , Class of 1955 and Sammy David, Class of 1954. 

Mc55 L-R, Linda Cox, ?, Louise Miller, standing is Tide Tallk Editor

(Alma Ray Langley),  and Sue Milner

Lunch 54- Barbara Preston and Mrs. Williams are taking up the money (Lunches were free - milk was seven cents and bread was three cents)On the left - Connie Horn is at the back of the line, I see Ann Machen in the stripped blouse, Is that Bessie Maness handing Barbara preston ten cents? On the right Donald Gene Bradley is at the back of the line. Keitha Hough is the student in front of him. I do not recognize anyone else.  If you see anyone you know e-mail us and tell us who they are.

55.6- krouse awards - Janie Krouse

55.5Certificate of Merit - Krouse award2 - Janie Krouse

Group 55.2 Betty Lou Norwood, Mary Jo Skinner and Annetta Baker

Doyle Walker, Jimmy Marcus ,Clifford Taylor, Ronald Bryan, Bill Slay,

Meredith Niholson James McCabe, Drew Simmons, Roy Baggett, Robert Miller,

Wiley Osborne, Bobby Hudson, Jerry Frasier and Doug Burt

jrhifav55.1 Galen Pratt and Kuma Alford, Class of 1959

(Sometimes the senior boys would initiate a freshmen boy by throwing  him in the pit). There was only one way out,   There was a pole in the pit that led to a window in the cafeteria. The problem was the seniors would sometimes grease the pole to make it harder for the poor freshman boy to escape. Sometimes the boy would be trapped in the pit for hours before one of the teachers or Charlie Moore, the janitor would find him.

 GYM MARCHING  24  - How many of you remember those one piece gym shorts with the elastic in the legs? We were so thrilled when the school bought the red shorts and white blouses for us to wear. If you recognize anyone...e-mail us and tell us who they are. (MindenMemories@AOL.COM)

filers 55.1 Alma Ray Langley  - Tide Talk Editor and

Linda Lee Mims - Grig Editor 

Group 55.9 L-R, Jeannine Mobley, Ed Kennon,  Barbara Russell, Sue Milner,

Karis Robinson, Jeanette Woodard, Patsy Winkle,

David James, Sandra Carson, and Charlie Moore on the back row?

group55.53 group activities  - This is a picture of a Future Homemakers club meeting.

Trudy Brooks ; L-R, ?, Jeanette Woodard, Kathy Walden, Betty Sue Brooks, Bobbie Langheld, ???

dominoes - L-R, , Cecelia Underwood, Loretta Allen (Both from the class of 1955

and Trudy Brooks with her back to the camera.

Campus activities 14

Dan Wigley and Carla Faye Green, Class of 1955

Campus activies 13

Charles Lewis and Sandra Pullig, Class of 1955

The bridge by the branch between the high school and the gym

Campus activities 12

Charles Lewis and Sandra Pullig having fun in

 the Branch behind the high school and gym

Campus activities 11 - 1955 - If you recognize anyone -

e-mail us and tell us who they are.

Campus activities 10 - Citizens of the Month - Karis Robinson,

Ed Duncan, James Rhea Love

 and Jeannine Mobley

Campus activities 9

Miss Kuma Shealy and Patsy Heflin

Campus activities 8 This is David Evans and

 Melinda Wilson, Class of 1959, when they were in

8th grade taken around 1955

cathcart55 - John L Cathcart, former MHS Principal


Broom55 - Mr. Sam Angel.... this picture was in the '55 Grig.

Identified by LeVerne Langheld Kidd

Award 54 W. W. Williams, Principal and Charles Lewis, President and  Valedictorian of the Class of 1955 per Jerry Frasier

Citizen of the year per Ann Mays Harlan

3JACKETS54 Charles "Squirrel" Harper, Kenneth Beck, & James McCabe

show off their  new football jackets in in 1953/54.


Campus activities 7 - 53jacket - Shirley Boyer, Football sweetheart 1954

Campus activites6 -  Could this be Mr. Cody on the right... ?

Leverne Kidd?

Teachers 53 - Who are they?

Looks like A. J. Warren

I remember the young teacher on the left very well, but I cannot remember his name.  I've searched through my Grigs and do not find a picture of him.  Bob says he must have come after he was out because he doesn't remember ever seeing him.  Maybe he was just there the fall of 1953. ????

Earlene Mendenhall Lyle (Class of 1956)


Greg Grambling (Class of 1968)

I have to agree with Greg. It does look like A. J. Warren in the "Teachers 53" photo. He was my teacher in the 7th grade and that was 58-59, so if that picture was taken about '53, then he would have been 6 years or so younger than when he taught me. And it does look like a "young A. J. Warren". It also looks like it might have been taken before the teachers reported for duty...maybe a week before school began, when the teachers would have come dressed in frumpy clothes to paint their classrooms, hang pictures,etc. Mr. Warren also coached some of the 7th and 8th grade boys in football and basketball, I believe, so he could have taken off his "dress shirt" after school and gone to practice. I know that Mr. Warren would have NEVER taught school looking like that! Perhaps the man sharing the Grig with him might have even been a helper or janitor.


Waynette Farrington Sharon (Class of 1964)

Regarding the teachers 53 picture--the teacher on the right "looks"  a lot  like Fred Cody.  He taught my sixth grade class (52-53) at "East Side School".  Richardson was a new school three years earlier during my third grade year.  I think Harla Turner Nalls sent this sixth grade group picture in and it is already posted.

Beverly Simolke Bryce, Class of 1959

I very vaguely recall the name "Fred Cody." I do remember a Mrs. Cody who taught sixth grade. That was probably his wife. In the 1959-60 year, Mrs. Cody had one set of sixth graders, and the late Mrs. Marjorie Russell had another set. Perhaps there was a third too. This was in the building that has been torn down. And there were sixth graders at Richardson that year perhaps as well.
Billy  Hathorn

There was a Mr. Cody, but the teacher I think you are talking about was Miss Cooley--my sixth grade teacher at East Side.  She was not married.

Doug McCrary


Fred Cody was a sixth grade teacher at Richardson Elementary for several years. I had him in 1951-52. He also became a principal at Sibley later.

Dottie Day Adcock

Belltime 53. Do you recognize anyone? Did we have window screens on the school windows back then?

Bustime53 - I see Charlie Moore in the overalls. How many of you remember him?

campus activities 5 - NOTE: THE FRAMEWORK FOR THE NEW SCHOOL GOING UP BEHIND THE BUSES...The 1910 building was still standing in this picture.

Buses 54, I recognize David Robinson & Mary Etta Wainwright waiting for a bus to take them toward the Dorcheat Road.

 campus activities 4 - Buses 53..(was that Campus Activities?) The person identified as Dee Grambling is actually Marilyn Rudd. She is on the row in front of Connie Grambling. Nan Hunter

In this picture, I see Dee Grambling and Connie Grambling directly behind my sister, Montie Bill Sale, right in front.  Thanks for the memories. I am sending Montie Bill a copy of this picture.
Carolyn Sale McDaniel (Class of 1954)

Buses 53 - Monte Bill Sale; Mickey Love; (Is it Mrs. Grambling or Marilyn Rudd?) and Connie Grambling; Row 2 - Dorothy Jean Hunter, Bobbie Moore, ( Is it Steve Kirkikis in the aisle?) Carla Faye Green, Becky Jones (Row 3) Kathleen Hortman, Billy Don Adams, Loretta Allen, Tommy Lewis, Sandra Pullis, Fred Berry and I think that is W. C. Floyd in the aisle. That looks like Rogers Auld in the back.

 Campus activities 3

Honors1954 - Honors,Top Row: Billy Kalpakis, Margaret Perritt, Judy Gleason

 Nelwyn Pevy, Nellie Sapp, Billie Ruth Kirkley Bottom Row: Sally Powell,

Douglas Simolke, Minnie Ruth Lowe Cortez David, Graydon Kitchens,

and Harol Lynn Turner  (Picture 001)

Identified by Judy Gleason Claassen, Class of 1954

Campus activities 2 - Gym - 1952-53 (Picture 002)

 We got new gym uniforms that year. Red shorts and white blouses. No more ugly

one piece gym shorts with elastic in the legs.

That is Kay Barnette kneeling down per Harol Turner Thompson,

Class of 1954

Earlene thinks the girl pitching the horseshoe looks like Myrna Monzingo, class of

1954 because of her beautiful auburn hair. Judy thinks the blonde is Sylvia McWhorter,

 class of 1954. 

Identified by Earlene Mendenhall Lyle, Harol Lynn Turner Thompson &

Judy Gleason Claassen, Class of 1954

If you can identify these young ladies playing horseshoes e-mail us.

 peprally 53 - If you recognize anyone - e-mail us (Picture 003)

 I Table Tennis -  the girl hitting the ball is Jo Lynn Mouser? (Class of 1954)

Identified by Judy Gleason Claassen (Class of 1954  Picture 004

(If you recognize the anyone in the pictures e-mail us.)

 Campus activities 1 - L-R, BOYS AND GIRLS STATE-54, picture 005

Charles Lewis Rob Martin, Robert Burns, Carroll Gay Hardy, Sammy Maxey &

 James Lynn Ford.Carla Faye Green, Linda Lee Mims, Jeralyn Shipp, Norita White,

 Becky Jones and ?Beverly TashSammy Maxey won best entertainer at Boys State,

Those pictured in the 1954 Grig were

Mary Ellen Bailey, James Lynn Ford, Becky Jones, Charles Lewis

Donald Holcomb, Linda Lee Mims, Rob Martin, Carla Faye Green,

Jeralyn Shipp, Carroll Gay Hardy, Norita White and Robert Burns

(Beverly Tash was an alternate)


flapper53 -   Linda Lee Mims...class of 1955

flapper 253 - Ronald Miller and Linda Lee Mims, Class of


(They did the charleston)

flapper diver 53; Loretta Allen, class of 1955

NRA53 L-R, Betty Sue Lewis, Loretta Allen, Earlene Mendenhall,

 Earlene Mendenhall,

Ronald Miller, Bill Terrill, Ronald Miller, Linda Lee Mims,

and Bobby Yougblood in the barrell

(Earlene and Bill did a waltz)

Nra AGAIN53 - Bobby Youngblood (Class of 1955)

 READERS53 - L-R, Judy Gleason, Harol Lynn Turner, Margaret Perritt, Mike

Parinello, Llewellen Cook, & Sammy David.

Is that Jeannine Mobley standing next to Harol Lynn, Judianne Braswell,

Edna Lowe, Libby Turner, and Sandra Carson.

Hi Sherry...Yes, that's me (I know "I" is correct, but it sounds weird.  I am wearing a skirt and blouse and a light weight, button-up-front sweater.  I am third from the left in the front row.  James Rhea helped me with this and we do not know the adult on the front left.  We think that's Harol Lynn Turned in the letter jacket , then me, then Judy Braswell, Edna Lowe, Elizabeth Turner in the fuzzy collar and Sandra Carson one of the loveliest people I ever knew.  We think that's Margaret Perritt on the back row, cannot remember the name of the fella next to her, tho we both recognize him...then Llewellyn (never could spell that) Cook and then Sammy David.   What is this group?  I hope this gets to you okay, I began and answer, then got interrupted and now the words "original message" are floating all over my typing.  J. R. just said he think that the person I thought was an adult is Judy Gleason. 

Jeannine Mobley Love Class of 1956

 That "adult" on the front left is I, Judy Gleason, probably the most 
immature girl in school.

  Judy Gleason Claasen Class of 1954

Sandra Carson is standing by Libby Turner...Edna Lowe is standing by Judianne.
It was a radio skit the FTA was doing for National Education Week and the boy between Margaret Perritt and Llewellen Cook is Mike Parinello...I was president that year and we had over 100 members at one time...did our "practice teaching" at the then new elementary schools and I want to think that the radio program (thanks to Sammy David) who worked at the local station was a "first"..Sammy was also a member of FTA...Harol Turner Thompson

Harol Lynn Turner Thompson Class of 1954