Sandra Owen, 1958 and Bill Terrill, 1956

ChristmasFormal1-54-1 - Ann Mays and Turner Almond

CF54-2 - Ginger Rushing and Lynwood Smeltzer

CF54-3 Catsy Harper and Doyle walker

Sherry, I don't remember the party -- that was a long time ago!!  I have not seen this picture before

but I'm fairly certain this is me with Catsy as I think we were going steady about this time?  You should ask Catsy when you see her.

Cheers, Doyle (aka B.D.)  

CF4 - 4 Joyce Humphries and Charlie Henigan

CF54-5 - Betty Sue Lewis and Bill Cook

CF54-6 Billy Baldwin and Kathryn Gardner

CF54 - 18 Betty Kathryn Gardner

CF54-7 Judy spitzfaden and Mack Pevy

CF54-8 _Lamarre and Alton Hortman

Identified by  Ellen Baker Beck & Ann Mays Harlan

CF54-9 Sandy Owen and Bill Terrill

Identified by Ann Mays Harlan.

CF54-10 Linda Mims and Rob Martin

cf54-11 Jeannie Lindsey (There may be another photo somewhere with her date.)

He may have been Jack Voohries.

CF54-12 Judy Barren and Bobby Warren

CF54-13 Kay Cunningham and Jimmy White

CF54-14-Mary Winford and Bobby Wray Herren

CF54- 15Kay Foster and Jim Winford Per LeVerne Kidd

Lamarre & Kay Foster were the children of Dr. Foster at the
Webster Parish Health Clinic.  The clinic was across the street from
the tabernacle.  Mrs. Katherine Spitzfaden was Dr. Foster's nurse.
Lamarre and Kay attended St. Vincent's school in Shreveport, not
MHS.  Lamarre was Class of 1959 and Kay was Class of 1957.
Because the Foster's lived in Minden, Kay and Lamarre's friends
were MHS students and they were included in all our social events.
For this Christmas formal, Turner and I double-dated with Kay
Foster and Jim Winford.  There should be a picture of them coming
up to be identified.  Kay and Lamarre lived at 103 Bay Creek Road,
just two doors down from my current home.  I still keep in touch with
Kay.  She and Lamarre live together in Lynn Haven, Fla.  Mrs.
Foster died in the Fall of 2004.  Dr. Foster died many years ago.

Ann Mays Harlan


CF54-16 Margaret Powell and Billy Don Adams

CF54-17 Is this Gail Palmer and Meredith Mathews?

CF54-19 Jeanette Woodard and Robert Miller

CF54-20 Marilyn Haley and Mickey Love

Hi...This is Marilyn Haley, a lovely, lovely person.  I think her family came to

Minden as she entered high other words, I don't believe she lived in Minden all her school days. 

 She married a fella named Byrd and lived in Bossier or Shreveport for some time.  The husband passed

away some time ago.  haven't seen her in years.  Maybe she'll come to the reunion.  She was in our wedding.   Jeannine Mobley Love

CF54-21 Sandra Pullig and James Liner?

cf54-22 Linda Cox and Scottie Evans

CF54 - 23- Yvonne Simmons and  Butch Dupuy

 Identified by: Turner Almond

Cf54-24 Sandra Richardson and Eddie McCoy

Band Parties - I am not sure if they were formals or not...

bp55-8 Neil Baker, (56)  Dan Wigley (55)  and Ed Brown (55)

bp6 Jim Johnson and Mrs. Hazel Pullig

Bud knew who it was even before he saw the picture!  It is Jim Johnson (class of '57).  Mother loved to chaperone our band parties. 

She loved to dance and would seldom sit one out!
She'd work at the Blossom Shop all day and yet be full of energy to join in the fun!   
Our home was always alive with music.  She would say:  "Bring your friends over here when the party is over if you're not ready to quit dancing!" 

She would more than likely get out of bed and come in to visit.  Wish I had a nickel for every time that little 45 record player turned! :-)

Sandra Pullig Smith

BP55-5  - Kay Cunningham, Class of 58 and James Walter  "Jimmy:White, Jr. (1955)

Identified by Ann Mays Harlan

I am the one in the photo with Kathryn. They say that there is a story behind every

photograph and this one has a long one that stretches over about four or five years.

Believe it or not, the story is about neither he nor she but a time in space. The most 

frequently traveled roads are dead ends.

Billy Baldwin

bp55 - Kathryn Gardner and Billy Baldwin

bp55-3 Betty Claire Rhea and Ronald Miller