Church and Camps

Photo by Bob Grambling

Submitted by Greg Grambling


CC-1Church Picnics 59 or 60 If you can identify the people in this photo e-mail

and tell us who they are.

Photographed by Bob Grambling

Submitted by Greg Grambling

CC-2 1 Church 54 - This was once The Church of the Nazarene on Pine Street. The preacher was Reverand Aiken. Ralph E Diffenderfer was the Choir Director. Ralph's wife, the former,  Bennie Gresham, played the piano and taught piano lessons at Stewart grade school. 

Identified by Fred Moore

CC-3 Methodist Camp53

cc-4 FMCKids53 - This appears to be children that may have graduated around 1968; If you recognize anyone, e-mail us.

cc-5 Gospelsing53- Second row-Connie Horn is the girl wearing the glasses. Does anyone know what event this was and where this was taking place?

cc-6 1Caney Camps 53

 If you can identify any of these people e-mail us.

cc-52Caney Camps 53 - Does anyone know what this photo is all about?

By the way, look very close at the picture of the Methodist camp with the people sitting on the edge of the patio. One is my Mother and Connie is with is. Mary Cook is next to her. If you look way in the back, on the porch of the dining hall, you'll see Earl Cook leading the singing. Ever FMC had a church picnic at the Methodist camp on a Sunday afternoon and then had Sunday night church after eating, in the outdoor area of the dining hall. Your standard covered dish and church routine. Preacher did his thing from the porch also.

Greg Grambling.

Do I see Greg next to Mary Cook and Margaret Perritt next to Greg?