Photographed by Bob Grambling

Submitted by Greg Grambling


CC08  - PTA54 - Mr. L. C. Cathcart is seated at the far left - Can anyone name any of the other parents and teachers in the room? This appears to be at one of the elementary schools but I can not figure out which one.

Pta54--The man seated to the far right of the picture is O.H. Haynes, Jr.   Both Little OH and Freddie Lynn would have been students at East Side about then. 

Claire Turner Fussell, Class of 1965

Mr. Cathcart was my pincipal at MHS and was before I went to high school. I graduated with Mr. Williams as Principal in 1953.

Charlie Hennigan, Class of 1953.

PTA54 picture with Mr. Cathcart would have been East Side Elementary (now known as E. S. Richardson).  I was in the first grade the year it opened and Mr. Cathcart was the principal.  I remember that he left and W. W. Williams took his place.  I don't know the years of these occurrences though.
Barbara  Mendenhall McLemore, Class of 1961


CC09 - Women's Lodge 56-1 If you can identify any of the ladies in the picture e-mail MindenMemories@AOL.COM


My attempt at identifying the men in the picture Pancake Dinner--L-R;  __Selby;  Wilbur Funderburk; Dr. Banks?; __Watson;  Eugene Searles; Don Hinton; Marcus Wren,________; H. G. ""Cy" Williams; Willard McClung ?; ________; Fred Berry; Winfred Hicks; Fred ? Greer
Those with ?, I am not sure of or not sure of their first name.


Turner Almond, Class of 1957


L-R, . 6th is Don Hinton
         7th is Marcus Wren
         Short fellow, far right is F. H. "Duke Berry.

Submitted by Herman Ratcliff, Class of 1953

The only one that I recognize for sure is Duke Berry.  He is on the far right in the first row.  That may be Cy Williams third from the right on the front row.  Some of the other faces are familiar, but I can't put a name on them.   Submitted by Rowland Ivy. Class of 1952

I see Don Hinton, Marcus Wren, Cy Williams, and Winford Hicks, and more whose name have left the functioning part of my brain which civic club did the pancake supper?  Submitted by Greg grambling, Class of 1968

If you can identify any of the men in this picture making pancakes e-mail me at MindenMemories@AOL.COM

CC06 - Jimmy Boyd is the man in the wheel barrow. He belonged to the Kiwanis Club (Identified by Marsha Boyd Salman)

The background of this picture was that two civic clubs had a bet, competition of some such thing.
where the loser was the push the winner down main street in a wheelbarrow. They made a major production out of it.

  Submitted by Greg Grambling

Coming from the right side moving left is Tony Elzen and T. T. (Cameron) Bloxom. The man pushing the

wheel barrow and wearing a dark hat with a whit hat band is Donald Veitch. The one on the left holding

a rope could be named John  Griffin, but can't recall his first his.

Identified by Nan Hunter Castle and Herman Ratcliff


That is T. C; Bloxom, Jr., second from the left.

On the right side of this pix, standing next to T. C. Bloxom, the dark hair fellow pulling the rode, is Harold Hataway...

(his lovely wife, Melba, lives here and attends Beech Springs Baptist Ch.

LeVerne Langheld Kidd


   If you can identify any of the other men in this picture  e-mail MindenMemories@AOL.COM and reference #0026

CC05 - Jimmy Boyd is the man in the wheel barrow. 

Submitted by Greg Grambling

CC04 American Legion  Luther Moore (married to Claire Drake, class of 1953) is on the far right with the arm almost in his face.  Eugene Frazier is the 2nd one from the left with his eyes looking to the leader on the far left. 

Identified by Nan Hunter Castle, Class of 1953

I BELIEVE that is Luther Moore, an attorney now and our 1948 class president,  second from the right.  I would GUESS that this is the American Legion or Veterans of Foreign Wars, but I really don't know.
Maurice Whitlow, Class of 1948
The man in the white suit and dark tie reminds me of Eugene
Frazier, but I can't say for sure it's him.  The second man from the right is Luther Moore.
 Earlene Mendenhall Lyle, Class of 1956

CC03 - Corky Marvin left and Eugene Frasier right.

Identified by: Greg Grambling, class of 1968

If you can identify the third  man please e-mail me at MindenMemories@AOL.COM

CC02-Proclamation - Minden High School

Tommy Thompson was the band club president and two down from him is R. O. Machen, Sr. He was also school Supt.

Dee  (Mrs. Robert) Grambling on left of the man holding the document;

 R. O. Machen on right on right of the man holding the document. This was some kind of band award.

 Identified by Greg Grambling , Class of 1968 and Sandra Pullig Smith,  Class of 1955

In your Updates for today at 11:04 am under Minden -- Grambling, City Clubs, there is a picture (7th picture down) identified as "Proclamation, Minden High School".  In the write-up under the picture someone has denoted this was a band award.  I hope this helps you find it. 

The picture showing "Proclamation - Minden High School" and identified as being a band award. The gentleman in the middle and standing behind the others is Noel Byars.  The lady on the front right is Thelma Byars, I think.

Identified by Chuck Liles, Class of 1954

CC01 - City Clubs = L-R, Standing_____, Gene Swan, Joe Oliphant, ___

Seated Dr. Tom Richardson is the 5th from the right end. The other men

are not from Minden. 

 Dr. Tom Richardson 5th from the right end.

Submitted by Sue Richardson Kinsey, Class of 1968

The other picture that needs identified is the Civitan picture where my
daddy and Mr. Oliphant are with a group of men and Daddy is sitting down
and has been identified  along with Mr. Oliphant.  This was a district
Civitan meeting, probably held in Alexandria. La. I went with Daddy to
some of these meetings and Mother and I would go and mess around while
Daddy was in the meetings and then we would have a banquet and dance. 
The man in the middle with all the hair is Mr. Gene Swann and could he
dance.  I do not remember the other men, but they are not from Minden.
Hope this helps.
Mary Elizabeth Richardson