The reunion was held at the home Of Lois and Otto Krouse and fun was had was all who attended. We had a good crowd. The food and hospitality was wonderful. I will list the Get together planning group in alph. order

Loretta Allen Sharpling, Shirley Frazier Youngblood (Chairman), Huey Lee Hanson,  Otto Krouse, Bennye Ryan Stewart, and  Bobby Youngblood.  

Photo's compliments of J. M. Gritzbaugh

Here are the two men I depend on most.  The man on the left is Jim Gritzbaugh, my husband. We have been married over forty years now. He takes very good care of me. He is the one who takes the pictures of  Minden Memories Get Together to put on the website for us. Roy Glenn is the one who welcomes our guests and gives our invocation at the Minden Memories events. When I was growing up and going to school at MHS I spent a lot of time at Roy Glenn's house but he was never home. His sister Jo Ann was one of my dearest and best friends. We missed having JoAnn and Richard with us today. Both Jo Ann and Richard wish all of you well.

Here is another fine gentleman...Ronald Bryan.  He gave the invocation for the class reunion. Both Ronald and Roy played football for the Minden Crimson Tide. Wish we had been able to share some memories of Days Gone By while we were there. That would have been a real treat. Be sure to read Ronald's biography about the night he made the winning touch down that won the football game.

CLR 1353, L-R, Clyde Allen Austin, Bob Stephens and Charles Landrem.   

CLR 1354, L- R, Fred Moore, Roy Baggett and Mary Baggett 

CLR 1355, L-R Bobby Youngblood and Pierce Nicholson

CLR 1356, L-R Otto and Lois Krouse and Clyde Austin

CLR 1357, L-R, Bobby Moorehead, Janet Hanson, Raymond Pevy

CLR 1358 L-R, Jo Ann Boland Gordon,(Guest) Mildred Boland Moore, Marcelee Robinson Culpepper,(Guest)  Carol

 Gay Hardy, and Clyde Allen Austin.


CLR 1359 L-R, Pierce Nicholson, Charles and Frances Landrem

CLR 1360  L-R,  Bobby Youngblood, Marcelee Robinson Culpepper with cane,

Sue Smith Harper, Mildred Boland Moore pointing and Jo Ann Boland Gordon

CLR 1361 L-R, Janet (Mrs. Judge) Hanson, Marcelee Robinson Culpepper,

Bob Youngblood, Linda Lee Mims Martin (Head of Jo Ann Boland Gordon)

CLR 1362 L-R, Gay Hardy, back of Roy Baggett and Clyde Allen Austin

CLR 1363, L-R, Marcelee Robinson Culpeppere with the cane, Janet (Mrs. Judge) Hanson,

Shirley Frazier Youngblood, JoAnn Boland Gordon, Huey Lee Hanson, Mildred Boland Moore,

_______, _______, Clyde Allen Austin and Rob Martin at the head of the table.

CLR 1364 L-R, Sue Smith Harper, Neil Baker, Marcelee Robinson Culpepper,

Jo Ann Boland Gordon and Mildred Boland Moore

CLR 1365 L-R, Roy Glenn Baggett, Mary Baggett, Bobbie Nash Brevard,

and Fred Moore.  (Note: The memorial poster which was made in memory

of the deceased class members)

CLR 1366, Standing is Bobbie Nash Brevard, class of 1957, sister of Verna Nash Morris who was unable to attend. Seated, L-R, Barbara Bryan Moore, JoAnn Boland Gordon, Mildred Boland Moore, Marcelee Robinson Culpepper, Dugan Stewart, the young lady next to him is either his daughter or granddaughter Robyn. Bennye called her "Rob." She performed some gospel songs in sign language for the group.  Loretta Allen Sharpling is in the black pant suit next to Bennye Ryan Stewart.

CLR 1367, By the grandfather clock I see Linda Lee Mims Martin; Standing In the orange blouse is Bobbie Nash Brevard,class of 57, Seated from L-R is Barbara Bryan Moore in the red and black blouse, Jo Ann Boland Gordon seated nest to her sister Mildred Boland Moore seated next to Marcelee Robinson Culpepper, class of 1957, Dugan Stewart, husband of Bennye Ryan Stewart, Robyn Stewart, Loretta Allen Sharpling seated next to Bennye Ryan Stewart. Looks like Neal Baker behind Jo Ann Boland Gordan on one of the couches. 

CLR 1368 L_R, Rob and Linda Lee Mims Martin, Ruth and Neil Baker

CLR 1369 -L-R,  Raymond Pevy at the head of the table in the stripped shirt, Pierce Nicholson, Dot Walker Nicholson, Ronald Bryan at the head of the table, to his right is Judge Hanson and wife, Janet. In the back of the room is Bobby Youngblood on the left and Thomas Sharpling on the right.

CLR1370 - L-R, Pierce Nicholson, Dot Walker Nicholson, Ronald Bryan,

In the back corner I see Bob Youngblood and Clyde Allen Austin

CLR- 1371 - Rob Martin, Jim Gritzbaugh and Roy Glenn Baggett

CLR - 1372 - Roy Glenn Baggett, Janet Hanson in the red and white blouse, Gay Hardy, Is that Lois Krouse?,Sherry Gresham Gritzbaugh in the black and white blouse, Dot Walker Nicholson, Raymond Pevy,  Bob Stephenson, Bob Youngblood and Bennye Ryan Stewart

Goodnight classmates. We hope you enjoyed the reunion photo's.