By: Bob Grambling

Submitted by: Greg Grambling


Faculty 23. Miss Ina Smith - The black board reads...

Please do not adjust the blinds - She taught typing,

shorthand and book-keeping.

Faculty 22 Photo by Dee Grambling - Band Director

Faculty 21 - Mrs. LeRue Lyons - English Teacher

Faculty 20 - Mrs. Mary Kirkley & Mrs. Eloise Watkins

Home Economic Teachers (Mrs. Kirkley taught cooking

and Mrs. Watkins taught sewing).


    Faculty 19 -  Coach Joe Oliphant, Dr. Tom Richardsonand W. W. Williams

   Coach Oliphant taught Drivers Training.

Dear Earlene,
I just found the picture on Minden Memories that was just posted.  It is
me and I guess I was about 14.  Mr. Grambling must have taken it and the
reason that I was not smiling was because I was wearing braces.  I do
not remember the dress or the reason why I had on a wrist coursage or
where this was taken.
The other picture that needs identified is the Civitan picture where my
daddy and Mr. Oliphant are with a group of men and Daddy is sitting down
and has been identified  along with Mr. Oliphant.  This was a district
Civitan meeting, probably held in Alexandria. La. I went with Daddy to
some of these meetings and Mother and I would go and mess around while
Daddy was in the meetings and then we would have a banquet and dance. 
The man in the middle with all the hair is Mr. Gene Swann and could he
dance.  I do not remember the other men, but they are not from Minden.
Hope this helps.
Mary Elizabeth Richardson

Faculty 18 - Coach Joe Oliphant (He also taught drivers training)

Faculty 17 - Doc and Cook 

I don't know who Doc is, but this is the back doors of the school. 

One door went into the choir room and the other into the band room. 

This is Bob Grambling on the left and Earle Cook on the right.

                     Identified by Earlene Mendenhall Lyle


Faculty 16 - Mrs. Mary Kirkley at the head of the table, Mrs. LeRue Lyons looking at

Mrs. Eloise Watkins with her back to the camera. Behind Mrs. Lyons is Miss

Sadie Reynolds facing the camera at the back table. What a great shot!

Submitted by Greg Grambling

Faculty 15 - Earle Cook - Music Director

Faculty 14 - Robert "Bob" Grambling - Band Director

Faculty 13 - Alice Sumner - What did she teach?

Faculty 12 -  Miss. Maude Bullock- 7th grade 

Jr. High School Principal

Faculty 11 - W. W. Williams  Sr. born Sep. 1917 died

16 Sep. 2000

Capt. U S Army WWII

High School Principal and Supt. of Schools.

Faculty 10 - J. L. Cathcart ,  born  8 May 

1895 died 17 Mar. 1969

husband of Mutella B.

Former principal of Minden High School

Faculty 9 - Kirtley J. Miles, educator; coach, 

father of Jack and Larry Miles and husband

of Eris Monzingo

Faculty 8 - Mr. and Mrs. Wayne W. Williams

Our Principal of Minden High School and

Supt. of Schools, Mrs. Williams

worked in the office.

Faculty 7 - Coach George Doherty

He was taught Algebra and Geometry teacher

Faculty 6 - Coach Pat Nation

He also taught Biology & Civics

Faculty 5 -From left to right: Coach George Doherty,

Coach Pat Nation, and Mr. W. W. Williams

Faculty 4 - Mr. and Mrs. Earl Cooke 

Mr. Cook taught choir and glee club.

Faculty 3 - L-R  Back to camera: Mrs. W.W. Williams, Mrs. Doherty, Coach D., Mr. W.W. Williams,
Mrs. W.R. Malone, unknown lady.

the standing lady is Mrs. Doherty. 

L-R  Back to camera: Mrs. W.W. Williams, Mrs. Doherty, Coach D., Mr. W.W. Williams,
Mrs. W.R. Malone, unknown lady, I feel sure this is Miss Alice Mae Tarpley, English teacher '57.  


Faculty 2 - This is Arthur Lancaster. 

 He went on to Northwestern State College

and in 1956, taught science and Phys Ed at MHS. 

Faculty 1 - Our Beloved Wayne W. Williams

Principal of Minden High School and Supt. of

Webster Parish Schools