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The first name of the two players in the picture


Sonny Hargrove and O. H. Haynes, Class of 61

Identified by: Ann Frazier Mohler, Barbara

Mendenhall McLemore , Class of 1961

Waynette Sharon, Class of 1964

and Claire Turner Fussell, Class of 1966

(Note: Fred Haynes later became

MHS Quarterback.)

Hodnett 55 is Malcolm Hodnett

Barbara Mendenhall McLemore

Hodnett55 - If you can identify the football player


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Jr. Football 56.2 The two boys are Hayward "Sonny" Hargove (MHS'60)and O.H. Haynes, III

(Little O.H., MHS '61)).  Malcolm Hodnett (MHS '60) was the other player.  I'm not sure who the others are. 

 The first on the left in the group picture looks somewhat like Rodney McMichael (MHS '60). 1960-61 grads

 would probably be able to name them. Claire Turner Fussell

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  Just found the picture of the group of football
players and I do know all of them but one.
Front row---Rodney McMichael, Johnny Johnson, not sure of the third one,
Bobby Ashley standing
Back row-- Wilford Taylor, Freddy Combs, and Sherburne Sentell
All are of class of 1960
Mary Elizabeth Richardson


Four good football players

Football55/56 , L-R, Doug Dkinner, Johnny Lee,

Rogers Reeves and Bill Gardner

Coach Pat Nation, Coach George Doherty, Coach Joe Oliphant, Coach Kirtley Miles

Coach George Doherty

1953 Football

Hi Sherry, On the football photo, Phillip Ford is #30. #44 is Bill Slay, Not certain on others, #34 could be Ed Kennon, the two #20 somethings around Coach Miles could be Jerry Huckaby, Dan Crawford, or Richard Long, #33 could be Ronald Bryan, and #5l looks like Jonathan Aarons. There is really no way to go by numbers on the jerseys as they were hand me downs and passed around.

Jerry Frasier

I just knew Joe Ratcliff would recognize some of these players.... I even went to the '54 Grig and that was no help.......either... the uniform numbers don't match and some even had on different types uniforms... these guys must have just grabbed up any old thing for this Grig pic. I give up.......llk

Joe Ratcliff things 29 is Tommy Culpepper and 44 is Joe..But I don't think he's right... Besides that no.29 looks like a 28 to me.....

Jenny W. Kennon wrote:
The one talking to Mr. Miles on the right looks like Charles Cranford and it looks like Jimmy White next to Philip Ford. . jk

Phillip Ford #30 on the left and Mr. Miles in the center... #44 looks a little like Bill Gardner...maybe Johnny Lee, did he play football ?
If you could find a football team picture with names then you could match up the number.... I can't believe this is 1953 or was this (53 #) just a picture number?,, Phillip was a big fellow but I don't think he would be that large back then remember he's was in the class of '57.. Identified by LeVerne Langheld Kidd


I don't recognize any of the Junior Varsity players,but I know it is Kirkley J.Miles coaching. In my '53 Grig, these are the players listed for Junior Varsity Football:

Billy Fuller, Richard Grigsby, Jimmy Marcus, Joe Roberts, Doyle Walker, Douglas Skinner, Clifford Taylor, Roy Baggett, Edward Kennon, Johnny Tinnell, Richard Kelly, Billy Kalpakis , Richard Long, Larry Miles, Danny Crawford, James Liner, Benny Irby, Phillip Ford, Ien Mowry, Bobby Hudson, Ronald Bryan, Richard Yates, Bill Slay, & Charles Whitfield.
Perhaps, knowing this, you can identify them..
Nan Hunter

Jr Football 53 Can you name the players?

Jr Football 53 Can you name the players?

Road Races

Football 53 ; Who was #19?

2Football 53 Overall view of a 1953 football game

The 1953 Grig football pictures of the individual players...Jersey # 19 is Jackie Wright according to Nan Hunter Castle.

Nan Hunter

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