Pictures by: Bob Grambling

Submitted by: Greg Grambling

E-41 Band Party - Standing: Douglas McCrary, Judy Barron, Ranny Mason

Bottom Row: Charles Beck  and Phillip Ford

Identified by Earlene Mendenhall Lyle

E40-L-R,  Band Party - Peggy Ashmore, Nancy Cox, Patsy Brown, from the class

of 1958 and  Kathy Perritt from the class of 1957.  

Thanks to Ann Mays Harland for the identification

E-39 , James Woodard Johnson, Class of 1957 

and Sandra Richardson, Class of 1958

This is a picture taken at Hunters at a band party.  It's Jim Johnson (who lives in Shreveport now) and I and we won first prize at a Halloween costume party.  It was either in 1956 or 57.  Kay Cunningham and Ray Davis came in late to the party dressed as lumberjacks.  You couldn't even tell who they were--they probably should have won, but didn't get there in time for the contest!  Thanks for sharing! 


E38-  Standing in the back is Wiley Cameron and standing down below on the right side is Joe Moreland...

Joe and Wiley were identified by Earlene  Mendenhall Lyle, Ann Mays Harland and LeVerne  Langheld Kidd.

E 38 Standing next to Wiley Cameron was his very dear friend and mine - Jimmy Smith - son of Ernest and Spike Smith.  He lived out on the old Arcadia Rd. and had lots of horses. 

Jimmy Smith was Identified by Eve Baskerville

If you know the others, e-mail mindenmemories@aol.com

E-37 - Rex 55 - Christmas Parade

E 36 - Play 56-3 L-R, Jackie Batton,

Is that Hilly Aarons on the very end?

If you can identify any of the students e-mail MindenMemories@AOL.COM

 E35-Play56-2  A fight - It's evidently a play, but I don't remember a thing about it. Looks like the boy

 on the right could be Mack Pevy, but I wouldn't swear to it. Earlene.

 The girls are Earlene Mendenhall and Barbara Russell. Who are the boys. If you know e-mail


E34 - Play56-1  -  Can someone identify the barfly, bartender and the man on the left of the bar?

Well, I remember this one -- it was sort of a Frankie and Johnnie play, with Bonnie Burns playing the part of Frankie.  Don Bloxom is the cowboy at the bar, and I believe he was Johnnie and shot Frankie. Ed Duncan, Jimmy Fitzgerald, and Ed Kennon were the cowboys and Ed Kennon was the troublemaker, giving Bonnie the once-over!

E-33 Nancy Cox

E32 Sammy Maxey, Class of 1955

E31-The Kittens - Linda Cox, Nancy Cox and Jeanette Woodard

Linda and Jeanette graduated in 1957; Nancy graduated in 1958

D30-D -RAG - The Great Jack Moreland and Byron Monzingo

E 29   L-R, Byron Monzingo, Mack Pevy, Ronald Pearson, Jimmy Fitzgerald, Danny Cranford, Ed Duncan, Bill Gardner,__________Doug Skinner, Rogers Reeves, and_____________.

Identified by Jenny Woodard Kennon, Class of 1957 and Earlene Mendenhall Lyle, Class of 1956

If you know who the other boys are e-mail MindenMemories@aol.com

E-28 Ed Duncan, the tall one is Jack Moreland, the third from the right end is Cecil Maxey and the one on the very right end may be Byron Monzingo.

Identified by LeVerne Langheld Kidd, Class of 1957 


E 28 - The group of boys in skirts I believe is a group of 1961 and 1962 grads: ______________, _____________, _____________, __________________,  Lorenz Funderburk, Bill Funderburk, Buddy (Charles ) Cox,  Harry McInnis, ______________, and _____________.   

 Identified by Eve Baskerville


E28 This is a picture  of David Evans.  He Married  Gloria West  (Her dad owned West Brothers).

Identified  by Jennie Woodard Kennon, class of 1957, Linda Holt Moorehead, Class of 1961, and Waynette Farrington Sharon, Class of 1964.


Does anyone know the girl playing the piano?


If someone can identify the other three boys in skirts e-mail MindenMemories@aol.com  There are 11 in all.


E27Robert D.55.2 Robert Dee Thompson (Class of 1960)

E26Piano Player 55 - Norita White, Class of 1955


E25group 55.49 Mr. Earl Cook's Junior Choir - If you can identify any of the student's

e-mail mindenmemories@aol.com

 E24Earlene n the magician 54 - Earlene Mendenhall, Does anyone remember who the

Magician was?

E23- First of all, not a one of those mustaches is real! L-R,

Robert Grambln, Leland Mims, Earl Cooke and Buren Perritt

Identified by Linda Mims Martin

E22Piano Student Kay Boyd

E21Piano Student Dina Pevy

E20 Piano Student  Nancy Miller

E19Can you identify Piano Student #19?

If so, E-Mail MindenMemories@AOL.COM


E18This may be a Quade Photograph

The Disciples of Jazz:  William Watson, David Hinton, Robert Perry, Mike Lawrence,

& Harmon Drew.

Identified by Larry Mays

Trombone is the late David Hinton; Guitar is Robert Perry,

son of Owen Perry; Drummer is Mike Lawrence. Thanks for the memories! Harmon

E17 - Edd Moreland mentioned Teentime.

Here is a photograph of  Dawn Glass and

Nancy Cox on the air. Were it not for Minden

 the show would have been a bust.

 Somebody from Minden seemed to be on

every week.

E16Ken Allen

Ken Allen was a drummer who graduated in 66. He went

on to play professionally in New Orleans in the French Quarter.  

E15Nan Hunter in a 1953 Play

If I had to make I guess it would be Antics of Andrew. Mrs. Daughtery

(English and speech teacher, wife of Coach Daughterty,) produced and

directed all the plays.

Identified by Nan Hunter Castle

E13Dolores Bright in a 1953 play "HERE COMES CHARLIE" 

E12The little kid is Ken Elzen. I can't remember the guy with the guitar.

The best I can remember is that Ken sang with me on a talent

show one time and then sang with me on Channel 12 in Shreveport. 

Nancy Cox, Class of 1957,  was MC on a show called Teen Time and I was on

numerous times.  After this was taken, we decided that Ken

 should be on TV with me.  He stole the show.  I think we sang "Honeycomb."

Submitted by Edd Moreland, Class of 1958

We had first identified the little kid singing as Rodney Elzen, brother to Ken, and

son of Tony Elzen, Class of 1938


E11Bill Cook 1 - After he graduated from Minden

High School  in 1958.

He went to New York and danced on Broadway.

E10Bill Cook 2. Well known as a dancer and

chorographer, dance instructor, he is

also available as a speaker and a writer.

E9Bill Cook 3.  Resident Author Award, Cultural

Crossroads, Minden, La.

E8Clara takes a bow

E7Nancy Turner (67) Now Reeves

E6 Cats55-5 Bill, Squirrel, Benny, Jerry, Neil and Jeralyn

E5Another picture of the Kats before they became the Tunes

E4 - cats55-3 Bill Slay, Charles "Squirrel Harper, Benton Irby, Jerry Frasier and Jeralyn

Ship playing the piano.  (Neil Baker playing the drums)

E3 -1SENIOR Play 53 

I know it is Charles Adams and may be me, although I do not recall a costume change and this is a different dress than what I was wearing in the other photograph...Tom Ashcroft was in this play also...I remember he was supposed to stuff some pearls into a vase on a table while saying something that explained it, but had  a lot of trouble trying to get the pearls into the vase and consequently his actions onstage did  not  "go" with the words. Tommy was distressed about it while it was happening, but  I remember we all laughed with Tommy about it when the play was over. We sure had a lot of fun with the plays.

Nan Hunter Castle

E2 -2Senior Play 53 Picture 

Looks like Charles Adams, Martha Fitzgerald, Rebecca Hearron and Nan to me in a play

which might have been called "Charlie's Aunt" that originated in Mrs. Doherty's Speech class.

Identified by Nan Hunter Castle and Earlene Mendenhall Lyle

E1 -9 Senior play 53;  Dolores Bright

This play was The City Slicker and Our Nell.  Bob Lyle was the city slicker,

and Delores was Nell.