Continued from GA's I

Photo's by Bob Grambling


GA11 - Judy Gay White GA11 MHS61 being crowned probably by Eva Aldredge wife of pastor Truman Aldredge. 

Identified by Claire Turner Fussell.

GA12 -  Hazel Williams... per Linda Holt Moorehead, Class of 1961

GA13 Is this Eva Aldredge again with

 Jerry Wayne Haynes MHS'70 and Peggy West MHS'69 with Judy Gay White MHS'61 

 Identified by Claire Turner Fussell.

GA14 - Maribeth Madden (MHS'63) and Diane Britt  (MHS'63)  for GA14

GA15 -The girl in the G.A.'s picture #GA578 with Bennie Barnes is Sue Shelton. She would have graduated with the class of '63 but moved away after 7th grade. Sue is also the girl in picture #GA15 under the heading GA's II.
Charlotte Lewis Sutton

GA16 is,  Linda Nix. Not SURE, though, from the side like this.   It is DEFINITELY one of them.

Identified by Linda Holt Moorehead and Waynette Farrington Sharon

GA16 - That is Linda Nix.  She is a twin - her sister was Glenda Nix.  I believe she graduated in 1962.  Her nickname is Suge and she is my best friend - Jan Jones Grigsby's first cousin.   She lives in Decatur, Illinois.  Her twin, Glenda died a couple of years ago. 
Eve Baskerville, Class of 1964

GA17 - Karen Norman (1968, Patsy Slay (1962 and Jerry Wayne Haynes, (1970