Grade School Pictures

Negatives by Bob Grambling

Submitted by Greg Grambling



14 Grade School - One of the girls in the photo is Belle Zachry.

Do you know which one?  - Class of 1959 - 2nd grade picture

Belle is the little girl in the very front center

Submitted by her sister, Jeanette Z. Phillips

Something does not seem quite right about this picture.  It looks more like Richardson School (East Side when we were there) than the old high school.   Our class started East Side in the 3rd grade.  The 2nd grade we were still in the old high school.  Maybe I'm wrong.  The girl sitting beside Belle looks like my cousin, Betty Simolke Hinze.  (She is little sister to Douglas Simolke)  I'm going to see if she will look at the picture and maybe give it more identity.
Keep up all the good work--you make a lot of us feel good with all the old memories!!!  Love, Beverly


13Beck 56 - Front (Kneeling):
?, James Madden, Tommy Frye, Ramon Goodwill, Perry Lowe, Raymond Anderson, ?, Byron Monzingo, ?, ?, Charles Beck, Ed Duncan, David Nadrchal
Middle Row (Standing):
Earlene Mendenhall, Dot Jones, Dorothy Nell Hammontree, ?, Vera Woods, Gayle Palmer, Mildred (or Hildred?) Aarons, ?, Sally Sentell, Dorothy Bowles, Sandra Hartsfield, Faye Kidd, ?, Dorothy Nell Pevy
Back Row (Standing):
?, ?, Patsy Thornton, teacher, ?, Shirley Frazier, Martha Faye Nesbitt, Martha Anderson, ?, Barbara Craighead, ?, Sandra Carson, ?

Principal was W. W. Williams & is standing in the very back.

Submitted by Earlene Mendenhall Lyle

I am sure that Ed Duncan never went to Richardson Elementary school.  Looks
like him, but his family lived in Cotton Valley and then Dixie Inn before
moving to Minden across the street from Philip Ford and Galen Pratt.

Love to see these pictures.....a much simpler time.

Maybe it is Ed. His brother, Herbert Duncan, was in Miss Bullock's 7th grade class in 1948/49.

10class 54

Mary Elizabeth here---been looking at those school pictures
that only our parents could love as we were soooooo charming!!!!!  This
is what I have come up with.
10class 54  tall boy on back row, I think is Raymond Mccann.  Boy with
arm in sling is Julius Cassels.  3rd boy from left is Johnny Johnson. 
1st boy 1st row left looks like Mitt Lambert not sure.
5th boy from left looks like Mike Kennon
9 class54---7th person, boy, looks like Joe Oliphant Jr.
8 class54  1st on left back row Lunn Reeves---Last 3 girls on back
row--Doris Colvin, Geraldine Brown, and Betty Lynn Salmon---kneeling
down on right 2nd from right Wilford Taylor, Larry Milford---I think
girl on the end of row on right is Linda Gale Barnes.  I think the
teacher is Mr. Warren.  Will send more from this picture when I get out
the Grig and look at pictures and names.  This is my class, but I cannot
remember names --just faces.  Will send later

Submitted by Mary Elizabeth Richardson

10 class54Front row left to right is Robert Lee,20nd row 3rd boy is Arnold Calhoun
2nd row 2nd girl is Dianne Sexton 3rd girl is Sally Aklen 7th girl is Myra Hoenke and back row 2nd by the teacher is Sue Owen I think
Ronnie Hennigan

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9Class54 Where is the teacher? If you can identify anyone e-mail us


8 Class 54 - Grade School Pictures: Identified by Ann Frazier Mohler

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          Second girl from the right looks like Geraldine Brown - Class of 1960. 

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Greg, have really enjoyed this pictures. The 6 grade class on CD 1... Ann Frazier is sitting between Sherrill and Blanchard.
Ken Connell

                                       Looking at school pictures tonight, refer to
5 Class 54
The 2nd girl from left, standing next to Ethelene Rials, is "Vickie" Caldwell.  Her real name was Vivian.  She moved to California in 1956.
I love your work on this site.
Mary Ellen Dickerson

5 Class 54 - Grade School pictures:

     2nd row - girl 2nd from left is Mary Monzingo
               girl 4th from left is Linda Talton
     back row - girl on end at left is Ethelene Rials

Identified by Ann Frazier Mohler

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3 class 54
left to right 4th boy is Charles Brister 7th boy is Jimmy McDaniel
2ond row 2ond girl is Mary Graham Monzingo 4th girl is Linda Talton 8th boy is Walter Anderson
3class 154 Teacher is Aca Warren

Submitted by Ronnie Hennigan


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Mrs. Davis 1954 - East Side Elementary School Can anyone help identify the children, If so, e-mail and tell us who they are. Be sure to reference picture #001.

L-R, Back Row ___Rethea Gay, now maybe another reader will help us identify the others. 

My daughter Rethea Gay was in 3rd. grade  1953-54.  Her teacher was P. Davis at what was then called East Side Elementary  now Richardson. Looking at picture 001-she is on the back row second girl from left wearing a white blouse. Since the picture was taken 52 years ago I don't now know any of the kids.  Sorry I can't be of more help.    

Cyndy Gay Clement



Back row, L to R--
I am adding a couple of names to Charlotte's info on Grambling picture #001 West Side School. As I review the pictures from time to time my memory is jarred! I was in #001 and grew up with the kids in the other picture.
Picture #001 


Back row, L to R--
This is in reference to group picture #001 in Grambling pictures. Hope you really wanted to know, 'cause I can help you out. This was West Side Elementary School in the '53-'54 school year. The teacher was Miss Davis.
Back row, L to R--
Patricia Cheney, Jan Schindler, Martha McGuire, Patsy Driver, Christine Davis, Brenda Kirkland, Mildred ____, Beth _____, Barbara Melton, Charlotte Lewis, _____, Lynn ______.
Middle row, L to R--
Robert Slack, _____ Turner, ___________, Clara Mae Hicks, Matilda Cook, Rita Kidd, Kitty _______, Patricia Howell, Margie Roberts, Don Wall, Jerry Monzingo.
Front row, L to R--
Bobby Frazier, Butch Sexton, Butch Sexton, __________, _______, Lane Davidson, J. L. Merritt, James _______, Edward Kendrick, _________, Douglas McCann, ____________.
Charlotte Lewis Sutton and (Margie Roberts, Class of 1963) 
I am adding a couple of names to Charlotte's info on Grambling picture #001 West Side School. As I review the pictures from time to time my memory is jarred! I was in #001 and grew up with the kids in the other picture.

Back L-R, Sandra Harper, Beatrice Gray, Hazel Pitts, ____Brenda Kirkland, ____. ____. ____, ____Patsy Driver, Janier Pat Armstrong, Cherry Nickolson, _____

Middle L-R, ____, ____< Carolyn MIlner, Bessie Busby, ____, Judy Brown, Jan Scheindler, ____, ____, ____, _____

Front, L-R _____,_____, Richard --, Smitty Brown, _____, Douglas---, ______, ____, Ned Beatty, Johnny Hruska, _____Jimmy MIller, Richard Cummings

And here's a shout to Charlotte!

Identified by Margie Roberts, Class of 1963


Charlie Aklan 58 -  - Santa visits the students in the library; Do you recognize any of the students?

Photo 008    Charlie is the short kid in Santa's lap

Greg Grambling

This child on Santa's lap does indeed look like Charley Homer Acklen, James' first cousin. He is the son of Homer Dee and Jackie Acklen. Homer Dee did own a barber shop next door to Edmond's Grocery that was on the Hwy. 80 bypass (I think it was called) behind my house on White Oak Drive.  It was in that little wedge-shaped spot down the hill and a little behind Sanitary Dairy. I don't know how to better explain where.  It was directly in front of Larry Toland's service station.  Charley does live in Minden or that area and I'm in contact with his sisters, Debra and Janice (Acklen Patterson), but we rarely see or hear from Charley. Last I knew, Charley was a horse trainer and I would assume all is the same.  I have some adorable pictures of him as a child since Mrs. Moorehead, James' mother and Charley's aunt, kept him much of the time in her home. Charley is also the first cousin of Linda Gayle White as her Aunt Jackie married James' uncle Homer Dee.

Charley Homer Acklen...    Charley (spelled that way) was James' and Charley's grandfather.
Homer Dee is just that... Homer Dee Acklen... although he used Homer D. Acklen.    I guess it
should be used as Homer D. Acklen on anything to do with Minden. 
They lived on Theus (or something like that) Street, a block off Sibley Road, when I first
knew them in 1958.  I THINK they had lived in those apartments up the hill from there before
that... can't think of the name of them at the moment but you know the ones.  Those big,
white buildings.  (They were the Fairfield Apartments)  
Charley was an adorable little boy and ALL boy.  Being so small made him especially cute.  I
especially liked Janice, a little living DOLL!  She used to come visit us in the summers in
New Orleans.  In fact, I have pictures of her 13th birthday at our house with all her NOLA
friends there.    She even had her first boyfriend in NOLA!   Our neighbor boy!
Linda Holt Moorehead

1961 Westside Elementary - Mrs. Elders Class

Class of 1961 Westside Elementary 5th Grade, Mrs. Elder's Class Front row & Kneeling; Jimmy Dillard, Jerry Thrash, Jerry Everett,**Jimmy Hardy?, Ronnie Hennigan, ***____, Max Armstrong, William McCann, Jimmy Worsham, Norman Talton, David Gloer.

**The boy between Jerry Everett and Ronnue Hennigan is Jimmy Hardy ,but the boy directly in front of me {Ronnie Hennigan] is Tommy Stringer. He was real skinny and bashful.


2nd. Row: Ray, Raymond Holcomb, James Hall, Sue Owens, Louise Minter, Joyce Gray, Nelda McCann and Carolyn Smith.

Back Row: Hazel Williams, Dolly Zeigler, Martha Miller, Betty Hanson, Glenda Peavy, Vernett Pennington, Sharon Reeves, Betty Weldon, ___ Jean Van Peene.


**Is it Tommy Stringer or Jimmy Hardy?

**I believe a correction may be needed in the identification of kids in the photo of ď1961 Westside Elementary - Mrs. Elders Class.Ē Iím pretty sure the kid between Jerry Everett and Ronnie Hennigan is Jimmy Hardy. Jimmy Hardy lived in Minden for maybe two years before his family moved back to Philadelphia, MS. He and I are first cousins.

Bill Scott, Class of 1961

**The boy between Jerry Everett and Ronnie Hennigan is Jimmy Hardy ,but the boy directly in front of me {Ronnie Hennigan] is Tommy Stringer. He was real skinny and bashful.

Ronnie Hennigan, Class of 1961

***I think Ronnie Henniganís confirmation and an old web page of yours (shown below) explains how things got a little confused on the photo of Mrs. Elderís class. But first, let me mention something to explain how I had an old web page from your website. I use Googleís Desktop Search program. That program indexes everything on my computer using similar techniques to what Google uses to index the entire internet. Using the Google Desktop Search program I found the page below after I had emailed you about my belief that the boy by Ronnie was my cousin Jimmy Hardy. In looking at the your old web page I noticed that it had TWO blank spaces. One was for the person between Jerry Everett and Ronnie H. The other was after Ronnie H. but before Max Armstrong. However, the newer page that was on your website had put the identification for Tommy Stringer in the first blank, and the second blank was gone. When the update for Tommy Stringer was made the second blank must have been accidentally removed. Since the second blank had to be for the boy in front of Ronnie H. (who he idís at Tommy Stringer) that means there is no doubt about the boy between Jerry Everett and Ronnie being Jimmy Hardy. Hope this explanation is understandable and helpful to you in ensuring you have folks correctly identified. I know how hard that can be sometimes.

Bill Scott




Submitted by Betty Weldon Garms

1 Class 54 - Grade School pictures:

    1st row - boy 2nd from RIGHT is Norman Talton
    3rd row - girl 4th from LEFT is Betty Hanson
              girl 7th from LEFT is Sharon Reeves
              girl standing next to the teacher is Jeanne Van Peene

Identified by Ann Frazier Mohler

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