Waynette Farrington Sharon

I had such a wonderful time at the MHS Ultimate Reunion. But I was running low on film in my camera, so I only took 3 photos that are of any interest to the Minden Memories group. I had to go to Springhill on that Friday morning, to check the graves of my loved ones, and once I found that everything was fine, I took off back to Minden to begin the festivities. My good friend, Eve Baskerville couldn't be with us at the reunion because she had to give a talk at a nurse's convention in Monroe, but she stopped by MHS on her way to Monroe and called me on my cell phone. She wanted me to meet her at the bell at MHS and we'd go on our own "private tour" of the school. What fun we had!  We even went over to the old gym "on the hill" (we actually walked up those steps once again) and one of the assistant coaches at MHS gave us a personal tour of the building.  His name was Michael Dick. Eve and I asked him to take our picture on the football field..ONE MO TIME, for old times sake. He was a very nice young man and he of course, obliged.. Eve and I even saw the locker room that once housed the famous indoor swimming pool at MHS. I  even donated my prize majorette boots with the big, hand-made red tassels to the Alumni Room at MHS. When I handed them over to Becky Anderson and Claire Fussell, they couldn't believe that they were still in their original box (from was it....Brumley's Shoe Store? Anyhow it was a shoe store in Minden that had to special order them for us) with the original tissue paper inside.


                                          Eve Baskerville and Waynette Farrington Sharon, two former MHS Majorette's



                                            Eve Baskerville on the old school bell

The weekend was capped off by seeing my aunt, Anita Drake O'Rear and meeting her daughter, Patsy Starling! We had been trying for a year or 2 to track each other down and I was finally successful when I talked to Bo her brother, last year and Bo gave me her address and phone number in Alabama. I had accidentally forgotten to give Aunt Nita my cell phone number before the trip, but she knew that I was coming to the reunion in Minden. Aunt Nita and Patsy happened to be eating lunch on Friday at the old Bayou Inn, (I think it's the Dorcheat Inn now) and they ran into Schelley Brown and Miss Cora Lou Robinson, who were also eating there. Aunt Nita asked Schelley and Cora Lou if they had seen me or knew if I had made it to Minden and Schelley graciously gave Nita my cell phone number. Patsy called me from Dorcheat Inn and asked me if I was in Minden yet. I said, "Yes". She said "Well where are you staying?" I replied, "the Holiday Inn."  She said "Well so are we." She then asked me what room I was in. I said, "Room 209." I asked her what room they were in. she laughed and replied, "Why we're in room 210." Now isn't that a hoot? We couldn't believe it...after all those years, we were right across the hall from each other, in the same hotel. What a sweet reunion we had!! We hadn't seen each other since I was about 3 years old. Of course I don't remember that, but we had a GREAT time visiting and reminiscing about my family in the early years when she was married to my uncle, my dad's "little" brother, Lamar Farrington. Uncle Lamar and Aunt "Nita" were only married for 3 1/2 years, before he died from Hodgkin's disease. But seeing Aunt "Nita" was the icing on the cake for me!  Like I said, what a wonderful reunion!!
Waynette Farrington Sharon
Class of '64