ARIL 18, 2008

Combined and identified by Bernard McCoy, Bobbie Womack Toland and Jeane Owen Welsh

BE1- Tim Carter's son-in-law and daughter, Gene La Viness and Renee'

BE2 - Rosemary Crawford Brown's husband Jim and Cloyce Locke

Ballance's granddaughter Jessica Caraway

BE3- Loretta Sharpling and Bobbie Womack Toland

BE4- Charles and Jo Ann Evans McDow, and Peggy Staples

BE5 - Norman Walker and Thomas Sharpling

BE6 - Nellie Lunsford and Avon McBride

BE7 - Joe Almond and Doyle Lowe

BE8 - Norma Warren Guthrie and Joe Guthrie

BE9- Peggy Staples and Royce Gresham Jenkins

BE10-Joy Clifton Hibberts, Doyle Lowe and Faye Lowe Miller

BE11 - Joe Hartman and Marion Youngblood Karchefski

BE12 - Mickey Watson McCoy, Mastin and Linda Slack

BE13 - Betty Wall Wise and Patsy Tinnell Cato

BE14 - Sydney and Georgene Windham Rhame

B01- Rosemary Crawford Brown, Bernard McCoy, and Cloyce Locke Ballance

B02- Bobbie Womack Toland

B03- Nellis Lunsford Martin

B04 - Jeane Owen Welsh, Faye Lowe Miller and Royce Gresham Jenkins

B05 - Jim Brown, daughter Dr. Valeri Brown (a veterinarian in Shreveport), and
Rosemary Crawford Brown

B06 - Loretta Sharpling, Joe Almond, and Conrad Lindsey

B07- Charles and Jo Ann Evans McDow and Peggy Staples

B08 - Joy Clifton Hibberts and Janis David Goodwill

J1 - Granddaughter Jessica Caraway, grandmother Cloyce Locke Ballance, and Rosemary Crawford Brown

J2 - Ann Bridges Jensen and Jim Jensen

J3- Avon and Donna Allen McBride

J4 - Norman and Pat Walker

J5 - Willard McClung and Joe Guthrie

J6 - Bernard McCoy, Janis David Goodwill, Jo Ann Evans McDow, Charles McDow and Bobbie Womack Toland

J7 - Joy Clifton Hibberts and Faye Lowe Miller

J8 - Betty Wall Wise and Gayle Wise

J9 - Nellie Lunsford, Peggy Staples, Royce Gresham Jenkins and Rene Pugh Warren

J10 Faye Lowe Miller and Doyle Lowe

J11 Billy Jack and Tip Patterson

J12 Tim Carter's daughter Renee', husband Gene La Viness and J. C. Merritt

J13 Marion Youngblood Karchefski and Patsy Tinnell Cato

J14 - Nell Gilbert Harlan

J15 Sue Stewart Dunn, Louise Pevy Mc Donald and John Mc Donald