Submitted by Maurice Whitlow, Class of 1948

Super Reunion 2012-FRONT ROW - Janes Davis Carter, Jeannine Sales Miller, Jimmy Ruth Murphy Burkhalter, Doris Lyons Wilson, Betty Lou Ouzts Youngblood, Peggy Peck Rumbaugh, Helen Kirkikis Cimarosti
BACK ROW -   Charlotte Wardlaw, Loye Jones, Luther Moore, Billy Drake, Bobby Thompson, Edwin  S. (Buddy) Toadvin

Super 2011Bob Carter (Jane Davis Carter's husband), Jeaninne Sales Miller,Vance Heaberlin (Alice Life Heaberlin's husband), Jane Davis Carter

Super Reunion 2010

Seated - Bob Carter (husband of Jane Davis Carter), Jeannine Sales Miller, Jane Davis Carter, Peggy Wise Jones (wife of Loye Jones)
standing - Vance Heaberlin (seated at bar.  He is Alice Life Heaberlin's husband), Luther Moore, Helel  Kirkikis Cimarosti, Peggy Peck Rumbaugh



Super Reunion 2009 - seated - L-R, Peggy Wise Jones, Loye Jones, Bessie Maness Drake (Billy's wife) Billy Drake (partially shown)
 standing -  Martha Thompson (Bobby's wife), Luther Moore, Alice Life Heaberlin (Alice actually graduated in 1950, but her mother held her back in the 6th grade.  She had to go 12 years and was 2 years behind us, but always claimed us as classmates.) Bobby Thompson.
Super Reunion 2008 - This is the first of several pictures of '48 class at Jeannine Miller Sales home.  This is Doris Lyons Wilson (blue blouse),

Patsy Whitlow (tan jacket), and Betty Lou Ouzts Youngblood (red jacket).


Super Reunion 007 ,This is Bessie Maness Drake (1954) and her Husband, Billy.  You can see a portion of Loye Jones at the left.


Super Reunion 1336, L-R, Carrolyn Major, wife of Gary (1958), Maurice Whitlow (1948) and wife, Patsy Whitlow

Super Reunion 1337,L-R, Bo Drake (1954) Waynette Farrington Sharon

 & (1964) Anita Drake Elkins O'Rear(1942)

Super Reunion 1338, Mary and Roy Baggett class of 1955

Super Reunion 1339  - Looking at Neil Baker's Scrapbook

This is Peggy Woods White in the red sweater, seated , with Neil Baker leaning over her.  The man seated to the left (cannot see his face) is Jimmy White, Peggy's husband.  Peggy and Jimmy are in the Class of 1958.  Neil, of course, is in the Class of 1956.

Dee McCrary with her back to the camera in the orange outfit, wife of Douglas McCrary, class of 1958.

 Who the lady is in the grey pant suit?______

Identified by: Earlene Mendenhall Lyle, Class of 1956

Super Reunion 1340, Patsy & Maurice Whitlow (1948), Carrolyn Major

Gary Major (1958) and Dan Robinson, both class of 1958.

Identified by Ann Mays Harlan, Class of 1958


Super Reunion 1341, Seated in the left corner is Bo Drake (1954) next to the empty chairs

Standing... Anita Drake Elkins O'rear in the red blouse, (1942)                       

Standing is Doug McCrary in the black shirt, (1958)

 Earlene Mendenhall Lyle in the white blouse, (1956)

Standing in the white shirt is Bob Lyle class of 1953 

Back of Patsy Elkins Starling in the blue jean jacket (1954)

Sherry Gresham Gritzbaugh (1955) in the black pant suit

Super Reunion 1342 , Bo Drake, Anita Drake O'Rear, Doug McCrary

Earlene Mendenhall Lyle in the white blouse and Patsy Elkins Starling

Super Reunion 1343, Benton Irby (1957) and Mary Baggett, Wife of Roy Glenn, Class of 1955

Super Reunion 1344, Bob Lyle  (1953) and Doug McCrary (1958)

Super Reunion 1345, Dan Robinson (1958, Rob Martin & Linda Martin (Both from the

Class of 1955), Earlene Mendenhall Lyle (1956) talking to Marylee Robinson, wife of Dan

Robinson (Class of 58)

Super Reunion 1346, L-R, Patsy Elkins Starling (54) and Benton Irby (57)

Super Reunion 1347  Dee Dee McCrary, wife of Douglas. class of 1958

Identified by Earlene Mendenhall Lyle, class of 1956, Ann Harlan, Class of 58

and Linda Mims Martin, Class of 1955.

Super Reunion 1348, Charles Cranford, Class of 1958

Super Reunion 1349, L-R, Charles Cranford (58) W. W. "Butch" Williams, Jr. (65)

and Doug McCrary (58).

Super Reunion 1350, Barbara Colley (1965)

Super Reunion 1351, Ikey Kirkikis (1952)

Super Reunion 1352, Jimmy White (57) and Peggy Woods White (58)