Submitted by Greg Grambling unless noted.



We are sending two photos taken long ago in the good old

days of Minden High School.In l960, Patricia Smith taught

 in the business  department of MHS while Mrs. Campbell

 was on leave for a year.

These pictures were taken at the Jr-Sr dance in l959-60.  Benny Irby and Patricia Smith were

chaperones.  (How about that mean rhumba!)

To the right of Benny is another former teacher, Laurine Strother Adcock and her escort.
The memories of my year at MHS remain close to my heart;  I am grateful that I was privileged

to teach some very fine students. Later, if we can muster enough courage, we will send an updated

version of that young couple

 in those pictures.  The rhumba will have to go, though!

                                                                  Benny and Pat Irby

Prom 25-28 Dottie Day, Class of 1957 and Rogers Auld Class of 1955

Prom 25-27 Dottie Day and Larry Stanley 1956                    Dottie Day and Michael Phillips 1957

Prom 25.26 Marilyn Haley m Class of 1956  1956 and Mickey Love,  Class of 1954

Good Morning...Yes, this is Marilyn Haley...and Mickey Love. Would you please ask if anyone knows her whereabouts....When the class of 56 had its reunion in 2006, we were unable to locate her. I last knew that she had married a Byrd and that she lived in Bossier.  Then I heard that her husband had passed away. She could be remarried now.  I remembered that she had a younger sister, Barbara, and we contacted her class, but they did not have Barbara's address, either.  I would very much like to correspond with her...or to see her.  She was in our wedding.   

Jeannine Mobley Love

Prom 55.25 Karis Robinson  (1956) and Bobby Hudson (1955)

Prom 55-24 Frankie Norman (57)and Ronald Bryan, Class of 1955

Prom 25-23 Neil Baker Class of 1956 and Margaret Jones Class of 1958

Proms 55-22 Carol Burcham  class of 1957 and Ronald Miller class of 1955

Prom 55-21 Sandra Richardson (1958) and Rogers Reeves (1956)

    PROMS 55-205 Bobby Herren and Mary Winford from the class of 1955

Prom 55-20 Bobby Ray Herren (Doyline, Class of 1954)  and Mary Winford (MHS Class of 1955)

Proms 55.19 Sandra Pullig  (1955) and Scottie Evans (1954)

Prom 55.18 Beverly Tash class of 1955

Prom 55-17 Marlene Fields (1956) and Carroll Gay Hardy (1955)

Prom 55-16 Girls P.E. Teacher and Coach Barbara Powell and

Boys P.E. Teacher & Coach Pat Nation. He also taught Biology.

Proms  55-15__________and James Liner class of 1955

If you can identify his date 3-mail us and tell us who she is at MindenMemories@aol.com

Promsgoneby 55.14

Bet y'all didn't know Ranny ( Randolph Mason) and I shared a relative... his grandmother Annie Mae Higginbotham Mason Langheld.. was married to my Uncle Dewey Langheld.. Parents of Patsy Jean Langheld Martin... Uncle Dewey own the property next to the Stewart property on the Dorcheat Rd...
Aunt Annie Mae's had 3 sons by her late husband, ? Mason... Wallace, Eloy, & L. D. Mason. Eloy was Ranny's Dad
I only remember my Aunt as an older woman... I can by this picture about a year ago... from Patsy's daughter... Just love it... weren't they a handsome couple..
Thought y'all may enjoy seeing this pix.. this was taken somewhere in Arkansas...What a way to spend a cold & damp day

LeVerne Langheld Kidd

Proms 55-135  Randolph "Ranny" class of 1957

And Barbara Russell class of 1956

TheProm15.134 Randolph Mason  and Barbara Russell

Proms15.133 Barbara Russell (1956) and Randy Mason

Prom55.12 Sandra Owen and Bill Terrell 

55.11 Marsha Boyd and Clifton Salmon from the class of 1955

55.10 Kathryn Gardner  and Billy Baldwin (1955)

PromParty55.9  Marilyn Haley, Class of 1956

Proms 55.8 James Allen McCabe (1955) and Shirley Boyer (1956)

Prom 55.7 Jeannine Mobley  (1956) and James Rhea Love. (1956)

Prom 55.6  Edward Brown, Class of 1955 & Patsy Winkle, Class of 1956

Proms 55.5 Linda Mims and Rob Martin, Both from the class of 1955

Prom 55.4 Linda Cox  (1957) and Sammy Maxey (1955)

Prom 55.3 Ed Kennon. (1956) and Nancy Cox.

 Prom55.2 Jack Moreland and Betty Claire Rhea class of 1956



Prom group 39 - Standing - Sammy Maxey and Billy Don Adams from the class of 1955

Seated Linda Cox and Margaret Powell from the class of 1957

PromGroup 38 Marilyn Watkins,  & Gary "Buddy" Smith, )1954)

Sandra Gray and Charlie Miller from the class of 1953.

Prom Group 37  Ginger Rusheon,  (1957) Linwood Smeltzer, (1954)

 Sandra Owen and

 Bill Terrell from the class of 1957.

Prom.36 Karis Robinson, Class of 1956

Prom 35 - Dolores Webb, class of 1956


At the prom34 - Larry Mays and Carol Lowe Cascio at the 1963 Prom submitted by Larry Mays

At the prom 33 - Larry Mays and Becky Pope at the 1964 Prom submitted by Larry Mays

PROM GROUP33: May 1, 1958, A Tea honoring the pictured graduates - given by Dr. & Mrs. Tom Richardson.

L-R, Ann Mays, Terry Frasier, Kay Cunningham,George Rhea, Peggy Woods, Doug McCrary, Nancy Cox,

Wayne Parker, Myra Lowe, May Beth Bolin, Billy Jack Talton, & Sandra Richardson. (All from the class of 1958)


Prom 33 - Rob Martin and Linda Lee Mims  both from the class of 1955.     

Prom 32 - Rob Martin & Linda Mims at a Victory party after a football game  (Class of 55)                              

Prom 31 - Jocelyn Jones - she was from Athens, La. per Rita Barron Holley.

Jocelyn Jones from Athens, La. and Wayne Barron, Class of 1953.

Identified by Herman Ratcliff and Dean Cunningham

Prom 30 Bobby Warren is dancing with Cynthia Adams class of '56.

Bobby Warren class of 1954

Prom 29:    Jeane Owen and Willard McClung from the class of 1951

Prom 28 Archie Colline from Ringgold, La. and Nan Hunter class of 1953

 Prom 27 Donna Allen and  Avon McBride both graduated in 1953

Prom 26 Betty Claire Rhea and the great Jackie Moreland, both from the class of 1956

Prom 25Shirley Boyer  (56) and Fred Berry (53)

Prom 24 Judianne Braswell and Charles "Bo" Drake
On the right hand side is Leon "Red" Cupples and Cortes David all from the class of 1954.

Prom 23 Judianne Braswell and Charles Drake both from the class of 1954

Prom - 22 Connie Irby  and Dorothy Jean Hunter (1953)

Prom 21 -Marilyn Rudd and Herman Ratcliff

 JR/Sr dance 1953. Both from the class of 1953

Prom 20 - Monte Bill Sale  (53) and Everett Doerge (54)

Prom 19 - W. C. Floyd  (53) and Margaret Powell (57)

 Prom 18 - Sally Sentell  and James Lynn "Jim" Ford, Class of 1955

 Prom 17 - Marsha Boyd and Clifton Salmon (Both from the class of 1955)

Prom 16  ____________and Walter Leigh Class of 1954

Do you recognize his date? If so e-mail us @ MindenMemories@AOL.COM

 Prom 15 - Billy Baldwin (55)  class of 1958

and Betty Kathryn Gardner class of 1958

Does anyone recognize the couple in the background?

If so e-mail MindenMemories@AOL.COM and tell us who they are.

 Prom 14 - Keitha Hough class and David Robinson both from the class of 1954

Prom 13 - Carolyn Boyer and Mickey Love ) Both from the class of 1954


Prom 12 - Jo Lynn Mouser and Everett Doerge (Both from the class of 1954)

Prom 11 - Mary Etta Wainwright (55) and Richard Long (57)

If you recognize the couple in the background e-mail


Prom 10 - Judy Barren (Class of 58) and Bobby Warren (Class of 54)

Prom 9 - Mary Ellen Bailey and Ronald Miller (Both from the class of 1955)

Prom 8 - Bobby Howell  (1954) and Sandra Pullig (1955)

Prom 7 - Harol Lynn Turner and Bill Martin both from the class of 1954)

Prom 6 - Ann Machen  (54) and _________

If anyone knows who her date was e-mail @ MindenMemories@AOL.COM

Prom 5 - Margaret Powell  (57) and Billy Don Adams (55)

Prom 4 - Beverly Tash and Ronald Miller both from the class of 1955

Prom 3 - Shirley Boyer  (1956) and James McCabe (1955)

 Prom 2 - Kathleen Hortman53 and her prom date in 1953

Prom 1 - Dancers53  - That looks like Virginia Hammons,class of 1952 ...


1954-55 Jr. Sr. Prom
These pictures were badly faded and yellowed, but perhaps you can tell who they are. Nevertheless, as promised, Bobby Herren and Mary Winford - with Billy Kidd (asleep?) behind them.  


From let to right, Scottie Evans, Judy Gleason, Bobby Wray Herren and Mary Winford

The other picture shows the two of them with my date, Scottie Evans, and me. We double-dated to the Junior-Senior Prom of 54. You have my permission to omit the one with yours truly, if you like. Bobby, Mary and Scottie sadly are no longer with us.

Submitted by Judy Gleason Claassen, Class of 1954