Minden Residentsrambling

Photographed by Bob Grambling, submitted by Greg G

MR61- The Marcus & Gay Wren family children are Marcus, Stewart, Ellen, Lovic & Rusty.  After the sale of Sanitary Dairy to Beatrice Foods, the Wren family opened Music Mountain Water, headquartered in Shreveport.
Identified by Kent Dailey, Class of 197

MR62 - Mr. & Mrs. Marcus Wren today - photo by Earlene Mendenhall Lyle


MR60- That's H. O. West, Mrs. West, and their daughter, Gloria West Evans

Douglas "Red" and Cortez David Cupples, Class of 1954

Do you remember their large home near the school.  They had an indoor swimming pool.  Someone bought that house recently and are having some work done in it. 
Earlene Mendenhall Lyle, Class of 1956

Also identified by Ann Mays Harlan, class of 1958

MR58-  Grambling Photos:  I found the photo this afternoon in the Minden Herald, Thursday, Sept. 26, 1957.  The ladies are as follows: L to R:  Mrs. C. J. (Arlean) Parker, Jr., Mrs. Wilton Perryman, Mrs. George (Oree) Hoefeld, Mrs. John (Rosalie) McInnis.  The caption under the photo reads: ďA check for $1,500, proceeds from the Junior Service League Frolics, is presented to Mrs. Wilton Perryman, president of the Minden Association for Retarded Children, by Mrs. John McInnis, Jr., general chairman of the Frolics.  Looking on are Mrs. George Hoefeld, teacher at the school for Exceptional Children,and Mrs. C. J. Parker, Jr., president of the Junior Service League.

Compliments of Ann Mays Harlan

MR57-1 - Who was Checking out the car?

Press, Monday, June 10, 1957 and labeled as follows:  John Diggs, standing, Chancellor Commander of the Knights of Pythias Lodge, and Pat Brown, one of the organizationís committeemen responsible for staging the Safety Vehicle Check program to be held next Monday and Tuesday, review some of the things to be checked free of charge for motorists.

Identified by Ann Mays Harlan

MR43 - Mr. & Mrs.  W. W. Williams Butch on the arm on the chair and Baby, Jimmy

MR42 - Mr. and Mrs. ________Robinson

If you know which Robinson this is e-mail


 MR41  - is Allene Bailey.  She is the mother of 

Mary Ellen Bailey.  Ms. Bailey just recently sold

sold her house, and moved to"The Arbor", a 

very nice retirement center located here in  

Minden.  She is still active pretty and sweet.  

Carolyn Sale McDaniel (Class of 1954)

MR40  .The speaker is not Sammy David and the man without any hair is not Mr. Hennigan.

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MR39 Sherry Barnette Stan Quade again

 Sandra Barnette Lary died in June, 2004.  Her obit is on the website under the Class of 1957.

Listed among survivors is brother, Sherry Bryant Barnette of Maui, Hawaii.

MR38 -QuadenHelper  - Sherry Barnette and Stan Quade

MR37 -loves55 Nick and Frances Love

MR36 - 1Family 54- If you know who this family is - e-mail Minden Memories and tell us who they are

MR35 - Dishes - Don Russell

MR34 - The picture shown in Minden Residents is of Earle Cooke and his wife Mary,

and their first daughter, Jan.  Jan was in the MHS Class of 1973.  She and I

 grew up together at the First Methodist Church.    Kent Dailey (73) 


She may have been the Mother of George of Juanita


MR32 - Sapp Family Reunion

If you recognize anyone write us @ Mindenmemories@AOL.COM

MR31 - Sapp Family Reunion - If you recognize anyone, e-mail MindenMemories@AOL.COM

MR30 - Left side: Sally (That) Andress, Becky (Corky) Marvin, Judy (Bobby) Wise. Taken at a Neighborhood party

Taken in the sixties. The lady whose back might be Claire Drake (Luther) Moore or Jane Colten. Rathbun is

only one block long.
Greg G

MR29 - Every time I look at the lady... I think of Mrs. Paul Mattlingly... And her maiden name was Shadows..from Dubberly...

 remember the old Shadows place that been restored,,could this be her Mom...Another wild guess...Leverne Langheld Kidd

Who is this lovely lady? If you know e-mail us at MindenMemories@AOL.COM

MR28 - Ola Sawyer , nurse at the Minden Sanitarium. She lived in the Nurses Dorm.

Her picture is on the wall of the New Minden Medical Center with all of the Doctors.
Identified by Greg Grambling and Nola Stonecipher Ellington

MR27 - Dee and Bob Grambling

Photo by Greg Grambling

MR26 - Jane, Tom, Connie, Craig and Lee Colten

MR25 - Former Mayor, Press -Herald Owner will be laid to rest Friday Staff Reporter Press-Herald

Minden is in deep reflection today as it mourns the loss of former mayor Tom Colten.

Colten, 82 passed away Sunday following a long legacy of notable accomplishments that touched many accomplishments that touched many lives here at home and in any community he called his own.

Colten who served as Minden's mayor for more than a decade in the '60s and '70s, will be laid to rest Friday at the South Frankfort Presbyterian Church in Kentucky.

While his final resting place will be many miles away from Minden, the mark he left on this community will be felt for many years to come.

He made so many things possible, "current Minden Mayor Bill Robertson said. "He is responsible for our civic center and so many other positive things that have happened in Minden.

"He will missed, "Robertson continued.

A native of Detroit, Colten served in the U. S. Army from 1942 to 1946 and while in the service took courses at Washington and Lee University and Texas A&M University. Following the war he

 returned to DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana, where he completed his BS degree. In 1948, he moved to Louisiana and took the position of Business Manager at the Bogalusa Daily News

 until 1955, when he relocated to Minden.

While in our community. he was the executive director of the Minden Chamber of Commerce from 1965 to 1966 and then again from 1975 to 1976.

In addition to holding the mayoral office, he was the owner and publisher of the Minden Press-Herald.

"Mayor Colten set an example for all who follow in his footsteps at the Press-Herald," current Press-Herald editor and publisher Josh Beavers said. "He published a fine product every press run and we

 strive to emulate his success daily."

In 1976 he relocated to Baton Rouge, where he held the positions of vice president of the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry, Undersecretary of the La. Dept. of Trans., Exec. Directory of

 Republican Party of La. Asst. to the Sec. of the La. Dept. of Transportation of Transportation & Public Affairs, Director of the La. Dept. of Transportation. Upon retirement in 1993 he moved to KY.

 During his career, Colten earned numerous titles & honors. He was president of the La. Press Assoc., Pres. of the La. Municipal. Assoc., Delegate of the La. Constitutional Convention, Chairman of

 the Northwest La. Clearinghouse Review Bd. & Chairman of the Bd. of Directors, Friends of La. Public Broadcasting. He was also proud that he was an Eagle Boy Scout.

His lifelong devotion to public service is reflected in his professional activities: Elder Broadmoor Presbyterian in Baton Route, Minden Presbyterian Church and South Frankfort Presbyterian Church.

He was a member of the La. Republican State Central Committee, the Gov. Property Tax Study Committee, the Joint House - Senate Study Committee on Industrial Inducement, The East Baton

 Rouge Industrial Dev. Bd., The State Deferred Compensation Commission, The La. Tourism Commission and the Southern Rapid Rail Transit Commission.

In retirement, he remained active with the Frankfort Rotary Club, the Frankfort Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors Committee, the Louisville Railroad Task Force, The Blue Grass Area

 Development District and The KY State Chamber of Commerce Certified Partnership Task Force.

He is survived by his devoted wife Jane Kimmel Colten; a daughter, Connie Colten of Austin, Texas; and two sons, Craig Colten of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and Lee Colten of Franrt, KY. He is also

 survived by a sister, Mary Glodt of Pittsfield, Mass. and a brother, Richard Colten of Upper Saddle River, NJ.

Subbmitted by Billy Hathorn

MR24 - Mr. Krouse, Mrs. James B. (Ethel) Grambling, and Connie Grambling

Taken long before any renovation was done at Germantown Colony

Identified by Greg Grambling (Grandson of Rev. and Mrs. James Grambling)

This is Chester Krouse at the old Krouse home place, where he and his wife Florence lived with his unmarried sister, Ruby Krouse. Ruby was the last to leave the old home place, she's in Meadow View

 Nursing home. She's 96 or 97. I saw her in July and she remembered me.

The Germantown Colony is located behind the Krouse home.    

LeVerne Langheld Kidd

MR23 - Mr. & Mrs. Robert Grambling (1949)

MR22 - Mr. & Mrs. Jim Norman, Aunt of Barbara Bryan Moore

(Sister to her Dad) Mr. & Mrs. Norman owned a grocery

store on back street but she does not remember what years.

MR21 - The Stan Quade Family

John Edward, Connie and Janet Quade

Quade Studio

MR20 - This was the picture on the Stanley Quade Christmas card one year.

Of course John Edward is the boy.  Connie is on the left and Janet is on the right.

In all the other pictures you can tell by age....John Edward is the oldest, then Connie, then Janet.

Identified by Ann Mays Harlan

MR19 - The children of Stanley Quade were John, Connie and Janet

Quade Studio

MR18 - On the left is the Rev. Merlin Merrill. was the pastor of First United Methodist Church

Two Methodists Ministers

Identified by Greg Grambling and Ramona Wigley

Also----somewhere in the "memories" photos there is s picture
in front of Lakeview Methodist in there early '60's.

One person is Id'D as Rev. Merrill.  The other is Rev. Shaw. 
He was the third Pastor at Lakeview.  The Sunday School
annex at Lakeview is called Faircloth Hall.  It was named after my
Dad-----Richard Faircloth.

Submitted by Gary Faircloth, Class of 1965


This beautiful little soul is "MAMA TATUM" --  the mother of of the late
Gladys Tatum West (Mrs. H. O.).  She is the grandmother of Claude O.
West and of Gloria Ann West Evans, both of whom still reside in Minden.  

Claude and his wife, Leatrice David, are members of the MHS Class of
1944, and Gloria Ann and husband David Evans graduated in 1959. We
used to push Gloria down Sullivan Street in her stroller when we were
juniors and seniors, so that will give you some idea about the time she
would have been in high school.  

Our maternal grandmother, Willie Austin Moore (Mrs. John A. of Jackson
Parish) and Mama Tatum always enjoyed visiting when Grandma came to
spend time with us.  They enjoyed piecing quilts, talking about
cooking, preserving, etc.  Ramona Wigley

MR16 - Mrs. Gladys West

MR - 15- The Claude West Family

Three Daughters, Claudia, Peggy and Sandra which may not be the way

they are posed in this picture.

In the picture of the Claude West family, you might want to make
corrections on their names.   Claude's father was Mr. Herman O. West.
Claude is C.O. West, and he married Leatrice David. 

Thanks to Ramona Wigley for the corrections 

MR - 14 - Dr. & and Mrs. Tom (Elizabeth Wilfred Merritt)  Richardson, Mary Elizabeth, Thomas Sue and Cindy

Dr. Thomas Allen Richardson - Section H  - 1 Minden Cemetery  born 17 October 1911 died 9 October 1976

MR - 13- L-R, Joel Gearhart and Bill Hunter on the left behind Larry and Gladys Hunter. Bess Hunter

is seated on the floor; Nan Hunter and Ben Hunter are on the left.

MR - 12 - L-R, Standing is Bess Hunter, to her left is Ben Hunter, Bill  Hunter, Bess Hunter, Nan Hunter, Joel Gearhart, Joe

and Polly Hunter and Mrs. Gladys Hunter holding Don. Mr. Larry Hunter is seated next to Ben Hunter.

MR - 11 -L-R, Nan Hunter, Gladys Hunter  holding Bob Hunter, Polly Hunter, Joe Hunter is on the floor in front of them.

Don Hunter is the child Larry Hunter is paying attention. Behind Larry Hunter is Bess Hunter, Ben Hunter and Linda Harkness Hunter. 

MR 10 - L-R, Bill Hunter, Gladys Hunter, Bess Hunter, Larry Hunter, Don Hunter,

Bob Hunter, playing on the floor with his brother, Don and his father, Joe.

By the fireplace is Polly, Ben, Linda and Nan.

MR9 - L-R, Back Row: Bill Hunter, Nan Hunter& Frank Castle taken at their wedding rehearsal dinner, Polly & Joe Hunter, Larry Hunter

Seated, Joel Gearhart's wife holding his son, and Joel , Don Hunter standing behind Joel, Ben and Linda Hunter, Bess Hunter,

Gladys Hunter is holding Bob Hunter, the son of Ben and Linda.

MR 8 - Minden 7

L-R, Standing is Bill Hunter,Patsy Gearhart, Bonnie Gearhart's daughter,  standing next to Bess Hunter, Joe and Polly, Don and Bob,  standubg bt Gladys and Larry Hunter. Seated are Linda holding Jeff Hunter and Ben Hunter next to the Gearhart family. Joel Gearhart holding Wes Gearhart, the eldest of the Gearhart sons, Bonnie  Gearhart holding Jerry Gearhart next to Don Hunter, who is now  President of The Coca-Cola Bottling Company.    (2007)

Corrections and additions supplied by Cyndi Gay and Nan Hunter  Castle

MR 7 - Dr. Tom Richard's Family. Sue graduated in 1968,

Cindy is a year younger, Mary Elizabeth is the oldest and then Thomas.

MR6 - The T. A. Richardson Family, same as above.

MR5 - L-R, Gladys Hunter, Larry Hunter, Bess Hunter, (Standing) Ben Hunter, Bill Hunter and Joe Hunter

taken at the Coca-Cola Company

MR4- Jim Cassel

Minister of music at First Baptist Church in the late fifties early sixties.

Directed the teentone choir and made it an excellent youth choir. He also

substituted for Mr. Robert Grambling when he had to miss.

MR3 -Nick Love

Cities Servies Jobber Dealer and B. F. Goodrich Dealer in Minden

Husband of Frances Love

Submitted by Greg Grambling

Nick Love is the father of Mickey Love and James Ray Love.  Mickey still lives in Minden.  James Rhea Lives in Fla.   They lived on the Sibley Road not far from the Berrys, Ratcliffs, and Lumpkins.  Mickey was in the Class of 1954 and James Rhea in graduated in 1956.  For many years, Nick had a service station on Hwy 80 several blocks east of Cone's Feed Store.
Nick Love, Duke Berry, and my Dad, Trenice Ivy, were big hunting buddies in their younger years.
Before they moved to the house on the Sibley Road, the Loves lived in an apartment attached to their service station.  I can remember visiting them there.  I probably was about 10 or 11 years old.

He and Frances, his wife, are listed on Page 80 of the Gardens of Memory Book.  He is William N. Love.  It's not in the book, but he died on Jan 27, 2000.  He died more than a couple of years ago.   Frances was born on May 19, 1917 and died Jun 12, 1985.

Submitted by Rowland Ivy. Class of 1952


Nick Love also had another son.  Terry Love who graduated after 1964

Submitted by Ann Mays Harlan



MR2 -Chris Temple

6 Jan. 1920 - 18 May 1999 married Lois Tilman
He owned the Singer Sewing Machine franchise in Minden.

MR1 -J. B. Williams who had an electric motor shop in Minden.  
He and my Dad fished together a lot.

Compliments of Greg Grambling Class of 1968