Parties,Fun Nights and Dances

Formerly -  Parties II

Photo & Negatives by Bob Grambling

Submitted by Greg Grambling


57.2 Fun Nights If you can identify anyone in this photo e-mail

57.5 fun nights - The girl on the right looks a little like Margie Kirkley. Is it her?

If you can identify anyone in this picture e-mail us


Fun night 57-4

A wild guess would be Alton Hortman and looks a lot likeJeanette Woodard.but she says she does not think it is her.   I do know that is Peggy McMullen (1958) in

the background between the couple in the foreground.


Identified by Ann Mays Harlan, Class of 1958

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Fun Nights 58-1 If you recognize anyone in this photo - e-mail us @

Fun nights 58-2

left -  right  Rebecca Perryman  and Linda Carraway....Looks like Linda is saying an ugly word....know she wasn't, cause we DID NOT use the language kids use today...
 we knew better.... !! 

Identified by LeVerne Langheld Kidd 

Linda Carraway graduated in 1957 per Ann Mays Harlan

FN301 Treasure Hunt Winners

The four boys in the center of the photo are: standing, L to R:  Keith Lloyd, Ezra Carter; seated, L to R:  Lorenz Funderburk, Percy Holomon, all from the class of 1959.

Ann Mays Harlan

The girl on the left, behind Lorenz and Keith is Louise Minter...She played cornet or trumpet in the band, and if I'm not mistaken, she graduated in 1961...same class as Marsha Hoefeld, Barbara Martin, Barbara Haley...I'm not sure what this party was about...I don't seem to remember Ezra or Keith were ever in the band, so if it was a band party, someone must have invited them...I don't recognize the girl on Percy's left...M

Identified by Martha Belton

FN29 - Unknown boy, Charles Landrem, Is that Jimmy Dale Souter? , Danny Cranford, Walter Leigh

I was looking at some of Gramblings photos at Hunters Playhouse and see where

I was playing ping pong with Walter Leigh. That was a long time ago!

Charles Landrem

FN28 - Charles Landreum playing ping pong with a friend

FN27 In the center is Margaret Powell (1957) dancing with Billy Don Adams, (1955)on the left is Linda Cox (1957) dancing with Benton Irby.(1957)    

Hunter's Playhouse on Goodwill Street  - No one ever wore shorts or bathing suits to the Playhouse. You signed in and signed out when you left. You could not go back inside after you signed out. 

Identified by Margaret Powell and Benny Irby

Yep...that's Margaret & Billy Don .  That's me in the white shirt to 
the left.   I think it might be Linda Lee Mims dancing
and Rob Martin.


The boy sitting next to the jukebox, looks a little like Ed Moreland..
LeVerne Langheld Kidd

 (FN27)  See if you think that is Pop Hunter over by the door on R/side, pointing to watch and calling time.  Probably last dance.

Carolyn Sale McDaniel

FN27 Kay Cunningham and  Charles Berry

Identified by Ann Mays

FN26 Charles Lewis, & Sue Smith's face in the background.

Does anyone recognize the lady serving the punch?

FN25DANCE . HUNTERS - Is that Kenneth Beck on the right?

The boy behind the couple looks like Walter Leigh

Does anyone recognize the couple? if you know these people e-mail

us at MindenMemories@AOL.COM

FN24CROWDED ROOM  - If you recognize anyone in this picture e-mail us and mention picture

FN24 Crowded room at Hunters Playhouse.  

That Charles Berry with the white cap on his head.  The tall guy dancing with the short haired blonde girl is Herbert Duncan, 

 Bo Drake is dancing with Judianne Braswell.. is the guy to the far right  Charles Miller..& directly left of Charles looks like Betty Claire Rhea.  

Identified by: Earlene Mendenhall Lyle Leverne Langheld Kidd and Ann Mays Harlan

FN24 Crowded room at Hunters Playhouse.   

Would ya'll look back at this picture, please.  I don't think this would be Charles Miller since he graduated in 1953 and I don't remember anyone he dated in the band.  To me, this looks more like Ray Davis; if so, he'd be dancing with Kay Cunningham, Class of 1958.


Earlene Mendenhall Lyle, Class of 1956


FN23DANCERS DOING THE JITTER BUG and mention dancers FN23 at Hunter's Playhouse.

The girls in FN23 Dancers – I think are Claire Drake on the right  and Jamie Almond on the left (Turner Almond’s sister).

Identified by Jennie Kennon (Jeanette Woodard) Class of 1957


Is that Judianne Braswell  in the middle jitterbugging? 

FN22Fun Night 1953 Picture

Carol Burcham and Jimmy Fitzgerald

The boy was Identified by LeVerne Langheld Kidd & the girl by Earlene Mendenhall Lyle

FN 21 -  The girl looks like  Frances Baggett class of 1951.


FN20kaynray 53 -   Kay Cunningham and Ray Davis, king and queen of the band

  FN19 - 1953

  FN19 - 1953Band Party  - Picture  -Tommy Lewis in the corner, and W. C. in front of the coke machine. Jimmy Fitzgerald is sitting on the window ledge next to Tommy Lewis. Says Earlene "Appears to be Bill Terrill on the left, Fred Berry in front in the McNeese T-shirt, and Clark Anderson on the right.

Identified by Nan Hunter Castle and Earlene Mendenhall Lyle

Jimmy Fitzgerald is sitting on the window ledge next to Tommy Lewis and Clark Anderson is standing to the right of W. C. Floyd in front of the Coca-Cola Machine. I do not recognize the other two, The Coca-Cola Drinker is wearing a McNeese State College t-shirt on, which may be useful for identification purposes.. the other one is younger and I do not recognize him, although being handsome, some girl in the classes of 57, 58, or 59 might...I do not think this machine was in the "Game Room", but to the left of the door going into the dance floor.. A Ping Pong table was in this room. If my recollection is correct, the Coca-Cola Machine in the "Game Room" was to the right of the door as you entered the room. Ben could certainly clear this small point up for you..
The 1952 Valentine's Day Band Party was at the Playhouse and Dorothy Jean was Queen and Charles "Bo" Drake was the King.
The Play House hosted a number of parties through out the year....Two formals...Spring Formal and Christmas formal,  New Year's Eve Party, Sadie Hawkin's Day Party...It was Papa's favorite I think and certainly colorful...It was patterned after the Al Capp cartoon strip, Li'l Abner...In the strip, every year, "Dogpatch, U.S.A." (This was the town where all of the stories in the strip took place.) held a race named after the spinster daughter of one of the town's leaders, Sadie Hawkins...Sadie was an unattractive girl whose father was very interested in getting her married off. In the race, the boys took off and a few minutes later the girls took off after them and the gal got to marry the boy she caught...The Playhouse version was not so permanent...the boys had to dance with the gal that caught them...The Sadie Hawkin's Day party was a costumed affair and you dressed like one of the characters of the strip and there were many to choose from...Mammy Yokum, Pappy Yokum, Li'l Abner Yokum, Daisy Mae who always aspired to catch L'l Abner in the annual race, Marryin' Sam, (the preacher who married the couples after the race)  Sadie Hawkins herself, and an occasional character that was not an ongoing member of the cast of characters that was Dogpatch...Wolf Gal for one and the Schmoos, non descript beings of some sort .. The Playhouse had an annual costumed Hallowe'en Party. Mama would take out her bridgework and have a snaggle tooth grin and let her hair down and wear a long black skirt, cape and a pointy black Witch's hat and would announce or co-ordinate the different activities...girl's choice and boy's choice...then there was a large circle of girls with a smaller circle of boys walking in opposite directions to music and when the music stopped playing, you danced with the person standing in front of you. These activities were designed to get some of the less outgoing, less confident, shyer persons to have the opportunity to dance.  Papa had indirect lighting built into the ceiling with bulbs of red, white, and blue.  There were switches in the electrical panel with the ability to create a mood by combining any colors or use just one color. In our teen years, Bess and I would drive to Shreveport periodically to get the very latest records to be played on the Jukebox. We enjoyed this immensely. Dances at Hunter's Playhouse were held every Friday and Saturday night of the year. I remember one Summer upon Papa's return from a trip to Mexico, he set up a card table on the Playground side of the Playhouse on one of the dance nights and set out several opened cans of Rattle Snake meat he brought back from Mexico and some crackers and challenged the attendees of the dance to taste it...Surprisingly there were some takers. I specifically recall Don Nation, Molly Pace, and a few of their contemporaries in this group and the fun they had daring each other to try the Rattlesnake meat. The Playhouse was all about citizenship, becoming comfortable with who you were, fair play, honesty, and growing up with at least some grace and manners with the opposite sex...You had to sign in and sign out in case a parent called and asked if you were where you said you were at that time. Once you signed out the front door, you could not come back in. There were rules and you followed them or you were asked to leave. It was "the very best of times. " 

                 Submitted by: Nan Hunter Castle 

 FN181953 -  Charlie Berry and Judy Barron 

FN17 - Ouch, that hurt!

On the right is Ginger Rushing dancing with Bill Terrill. On the left is Bo Bo Drake& Judianne Braswell; 

The other couple is Sally Ann Powell and Richard Carey.

 Identified by:Earlene Mendenhall Lyle and Ann Mays Harlan

FN16 - 1953; She wrote...
"The  third young man in the white shirt on the back, getting up, is Douglas Simolke. (1954)  I think I am correct with this identification."   

Says Beverly "This is NOT Douglas Simolke...I do not know who it is, but it is definitely NOT Douglas"

Submitted by ...Beverly Simolke Bryce (class of 1959)

Pictured above in front are James Lynn Ford and Ronald Miller; (James Lynn and Ronald both graduated with the class of 1955.)

 on the second row in the gym is Billy Don Adams (1955) and Mararet Powell,(1957) ___and ____not

Billy Baldwin; Who are the three boys in the back? ___,Unable to see his face,____.  Unknown girl on the end.

On the top row...The first boy looks a little bit like Charles Harper, (1955) could the third boy be Bobby Howell (1954) ?

Says Billy Baldwin, class of 1955,  "In reference to a photo posted under Bob Grambling site. It is under Parties
II, 6Funnights53 pic#12.
It shows Ronald Miller, James Ford, three unknown young men and a young man and
young lady. I believe that some one has mistook the young man with the young
lady to be me. Here are the reasons why I believe this to be true. (1) The
young man seems to be wearing a watch. I never owned a watch. (2) The young man
seems to be wearing tu-tone shoes. I was not a trend setter and therefore never
owned any tu-tone shoes. (3) The young man and lady seem to be holding hands.
Be serious. A good looking young lady sitting beside ME and holding MY hand.
Only in my dreams. Wish I knew who she was. (4) This is the first time that I
knew that Funnights existed. It has been a well kept secret or maybe I was not
invited. The only funnights I remember being held at the gym was in May 1954
when I was a Jr. and in May 1955 when I was a Sr. (Jr.-Sr. dance)

I came to these conclusions after taking the picture enlarging it, changing the
contrast and brightness in hopes of getting a better view of the couple in
question but no luck. They will remain a mystery in my mind or till someone
figures them out.

You are doing a fine job on the site. Keep up the good work. A lot of water has
gone under the bridge since these pictures were taken and you have taken a
whole bunch of us a long way back upstream. Many thanks."


FN15 - 1953 Patsy Elkins dancing with James Allen McCabe.

(Patsy graduated in 1954) James Allen graduated in 1955). 


FN14 - 1953 Richard Carey dancing with Sally Powell

 (Richard graduated in 1952. Sally graduated in 1954.)

FN13 1953; Judianne Braswell & Bo Drake (Class of 1954)


FN12-53, who are these guys? (Photo #16)


YOU CAN'T SEE THAT?  Identified by: Greg Grambling


 FN11- 53 Do you know these boys? If so, e-mail us and tell us who they are.

(Picture #17)


FN10-1953  - overall view of the MHS gym on funnight)

On the far left is Hilly Aarons and Roy Baggett, in the front is

Jimmy Fitzgerald & Carol Burcham, do you recognize anyone else?


 FN9-1953 Roy Baggett & Hildred Aarons, Ginger Rushing & Bill Terrell 


FN-8=16 fun night 53; Looks like Linda Lee at the coke machine, Sandra waiting to buy a coke, 

 Loretta Allen,  Margaret Jones in the white dress, & Kay Cunningham in the black skirt.  Don't take my word for it, though!

  Not real sure where it was.

Sandra Pullig Smith


FN7-17funnights53; Hunter's Playhouse: (in the center maybe Jerry Harkness,) I think the couple might

be Bo Drake and Judianne Braswell. (Both class of 1954) 

(Picture #21)


FN6-18funnights 53; In the center is Tommy Ashcroft doing the jitterbug with an unknown girl that might be Patsy Tinnell who was known for her excellent "jitterbug skills" according to Carolyn Sale McDaniel. Patsy Tinnell graduated in 1951, Tommy in 1953.

Carolyn Boyer is also shown in the photograph. She graduated in 1954.

Identified by Earlene Mendenhall Lyle and Carolyn Sale McDaniel

(Picture #22)

FN5-19funnight53 - Clifford "Spot" Taylor playing ping pong at Hunter's Playhouse (Class of 1955). 

FN4-20funnights53; L-R, Mickey Love, ___, Ronald Miller, and James Lynn Ford,

Bottom Row, Dolores Webb, Jackie "Tootsie" Batton,   Betty Sue Lewis and Linda Lee Mims

(Picture #24)

FN3 -2Band Party 53 - Can you identify this couple? If so, e-mail us.

Picture #25

Looks like Jack Moreland with the broom in photo 2 band party picture 25.   Jerry Frasier

FN2Band Party 58

Picture # 26

Center front of the photo dancing are Gloria West and Lorenz
Funderburk.  The blonde In the background behind Lorenz is
Barbara Haley.

Identified by Ann Mays Harlan

FN1-Dance 53 Carol Burch and Tommy Lewis at Hunters

Identified by Earlene Mendenhall Lyle