Pictures of Minden's Pretty Girls

 Photographs taken by Bob Grambling & submitted by his son, Greg

P026 Miss Minden 1957, Marcelee Robinson, Class of 1957

P025 Who is this pretty girl at the door? If you know e-mail us

and tell us who she is @ mindenmemories@AOL.COM

Sherry, I think the girl at the door is Wanda Miller---Cynthia Miller's
ME (Identified by Mary Elizabeth Richardson)

P024 Ann Mays Harlan, Class of 1958

P023 Marcelee Robinson, Class of 1957

P022 Jeannine Mobley, Class of 1956

P021 Sandra Richardson, Class of 1958

P020 Marsha Peaker, Class of 1962

P019 Wanda Miller, Class of 1958

P018 Ann Machen, Class of 1954

P017 Becky McKenzie, Class of 1961

P016 Linda Monzingo, Class of 1958

P015 Karis Robinson, Class of 1956

P014 Jean Morgan, Class of 1956

 P0013 Kay Cunningham, Class of 1958

P012 Ellen Baskerville, Class of 1962

Ellen Baskerville, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. P. W. Baskerville, Jr.,is another of the attractive girls who will be freshmen of the high school this year. Ellen is already a member of the Senior Band in which she is a clarinet player. She also sings in the choir of St. John's Episcopal Church. This summer she served as a counselor at Camp Hardiner, Episcopal camp at Pollock. Ellen enjoys dancing dancing, swimming and water skiing and is a dancer with the "Teen Timers" appearing regular on a Shreveport TV station.  (Photo by Grambling)

P011 Diane Greene, Class of 1960


P009 -  Mary Celeste Brown, Class of 1959   P010  Sandra Crockett, Class of 1960

P008 Denise and Diane Greene, Class of 1960

P007 Patsy Kleinneger, Class of 1960

I was viewing the pictures that Mr. Grambling took of the many MHS beauties. The picture of Patsy Kleinneger Drake was "enchanting." She will be missed by so many I hated getting a haircut. Hate it. But a haircut at Patsy's was more than a haircut. It was an "experience." I got to hear  so many good stories about those good times we grew up in. I haven't smoked since 1973, but I enjoyed Patsy's secondhand smoke because with it came all the great conversation, especially when Bo would wander in. Patsy Drake was Minden through and through.  

Submittted by William Watson

We  concur with everything William has written.

P006 Marsha Hoefeld, Class of 1961

P006.5 Marsha Hoefeld again, class of 1961

P004 Sandra Pullig, Class of 1955                      P005 Sandra again

P003 Camille Ivy - Basketball Sweetheart, 1957 (Class of 1959)


P002 Jackie Batton, Class of 1956        P001 Margaret Jones, Class of 1958