Jimmy Fitzgerald (1956) & Jackie Jarvis (1956)

SP1- Lem Grigsby and Mary Jo Skinner

SP1.5 Mary Jo Skinner and Lem Grigsby

       SP2-Barbara Smith and Douglas Skinner


 SP3-Patsy Winkle and Richard Kelly


           SP4-James Rhea Love and Earlene Mendenhall


           SP5-Earlene Mendenhall and James Love


                SP6- Bobbie Langheld and Pat Watson


              SP7 Bobbie Langheld and Pat Watson


                   SP8 Kay Cunningham and George Winford


               SP9-Kay Cunningham and George Winford


                      SP10- Hilly Aarons and Roy Baggett


                           SP11- Shirley Boyer and James McCabe


                      SP12 - Betty Claire Rhea & Jackie Mooreland


                                                                 SP13 -Karis Robinson and Bobby Warren

                                                               Donald Jenkins & Jeannie Lindsey on the left


                         SP14 - Jackie Batton and Rogers Reeves


                               SP15 Hilly and Millie Aarons


                                   SP16 Mickey Love and Marilyn Haley


                                        SP17 -  Mickey Love and Marilyn Haley


                                                        SP19 - Nancy Cox and Edward Kennon


                                           SP20 Cassie Taylor and Dan Wigley


                                                                    SP21 - Myra Lyons and ______from Shreveport


                                                            SP22 - Libby Robbins and Jimmy Smith    


                                               SP23 - Don Bloxom and Beverly Smolkie

                                                       The couple on the left is Leverne Kidd and Bubba Reeves

                                                       from Doyline in the black and white shoes.


                                        SP24 - Barbara Mays and Cecil Maxey


                                      SP25 - Barbara Mays and Cecil Maxey again

                                                                               The girl on the left in the  picture is Kay Cunningham


                                                 SP26 - Margie Kirkley and David Nadrchal


                               SP27 - Joan Andress  and James Woodard Johnson

                                   Nancy Cox on the right


                                                  SP28 - Lyda Roberts and James Madden


                        SP29 - Lyda Roberts and James Madden

                              Cassie Taylor and Dan Wigley on the right


                                            SP30 - Kay Foster and Jim Winford


                                                         SP31 - Kathy Walden and Danny Cranford


                                                           SP32 - Kathy Walden and Danny Cranford           


                                                        SP33 - Ed Duncan and Camille Ivy                                       


                                                SP34 - Judy Smith and Billy Don Adams


                                                SP35 - Carol Burcham and Charles Berry


                                                          SP36 Carol Burcham and Charles Berry

                                                                       On the right is Camille Ivy and Ed Duncan


                                                  SP37 - Larry Miles and Melba Weaver 


                                                                               SP38 Melba Weaver and Larry Miles                           


                                                 SP39 Margaret Jones and Neil Baker


                                                SP40 Neil Baker and Margaret Ann Jones


                                                     SP41 - Sandra Carson and David James III


                                                        SP42 Molly Ford and Johnny Morgan


                                                     SP-43 Elizabeth and Ian Mowry


                                                      SP44 Elizabeth  Farrow and Tommy Farrow


                                        Sp45 - Marcelee Robinson and Tommy Farrow


                                    SP46 - Wanda Roden and Richard Yates


                                                         SP47 - Gayle Palmer and Meridith Nicholson             


 SP48 - L-R,  (1955)   Roy Baggett, Pat Watson,

Billy Adams, & James McCabe.

( 1956)  - (  Hilly Aarons, Bobbie Langheld,

Judy Smith & Shirley Boyer. 

  SP49 - L-R , Richard Kelly, Patsy Winkle,

 Jennie Lindsey and Donald Lindsey

SP50 L-R- Larry Miles, Melba Weaver,

Sandra Carson and David James III

                                    This was Ed's senior prom and I don't have a clue what we were doing!!!!

SP51 - Junior - Senior Prom -1956 Ed Duncan and Camile Ivy

SP52 - We, the class of '57, had decorated the gym, for the class of '56 Prom...As I recall from the large white cone structure that you've no doubt see in some of these pictures, (located in the center of the gym), we'd draped high overhead ribbons streamers that went all the way over to the edge of the basketball court.. On the ends of the ribbons we tied the miniature diplomas and miniature graduation caps....They hung low enough to be picked off for a keep sake,,  I'm not sure, but perhaps we had put the graduates names on these cute little mini diplomas, that's what they are trying to read... If you look closely you can see the tiny graduation caps...  We worked really hard to make this a special night for this class..'


From L - R - is David Nadrchal, unknown, Betty Sue Lewis,  unknown.  On the other side of the table is  Lem Grigsby and  Doug Skinner.


                                                                                              Submitted by LeVerne Langheld Kidd

SP53 - Prom Band