MHS Proms 1958-1959

                 Jr. Sr. Proms

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Proms N5828 Keith Lloyd (1959) and Ann Mays (1958)

Proms N5827 Jerry Huckaby (1959) and Patricia Penix (1961)

Proms N5826 If anyone can identify this photo-e-mail and tell us who these girls are.

The girl on the left looks like Mary Elizabeth Richardson. Is it?

Proms N 5825:  Linda Lewis (1959) and Warren Gagnard (1960)

Proms N5824 Torchie Walker (1959) and Dennis Higginbotham

Identified by Ann Frazier Mohler, Class of 1961

Proms N5823 Bill Cook (1958) and Martha Belton (1960)

Proms N5822  George Rhea  (1958) and Mary Elizabeth Richardson (1960)

Proms N5821 Kay Cunningham (1958) and Billy Joe Booth (1958)

Proms N5820 Marsha Hoefeld (1961) and Lorenz Funderburk (1959)

Proms N5819 George Rhea (1958) and Mary Elizabeth Richardson (1960)

Proms N5818  Camille Ivy (1959) and Richard Berry (Richard Berry (1959)

Proms N5817 Jeanne Van Peene (1961) & Alton Hortman (1959)

Proms N5816 Patricia Farrow (1958) and David Robinson (1954)

Proms N5815 Marion Shelton (1959) and Lewis Ward (1958)

Proms N5814  Marion Shelton (1959) and Lewis Ward (1958)

Proms N5813 Joe Luck (1958) and Margaret Jones (1958)

Proms N5812  Jimmy Russell and Sandra Brewer

Proms N5811 Judy Rabb and Carroll Miller

Younger brother of Bernice Miller who graduated in 1956;

Judy is the younger sister of Rose Rabb, a 1957 graduate. 

 Identified  by LeVerne Langheld Kidd

Proms N5810 Barbara Haley (1961) and James Bolin (1959)

Proms N589 Doris Underwood (1959)

Proms N588 Diane Green (1960) and Dan Robinson (1958)

Proms N587 Hathia Searles (1958) and Lonnie Buckels (1958)

 (Note ...the name in the Grig was Lonnie Ray Lindley (1958)

Lindley was the name of his step-Dad.

His obit read Lonnie Buckels which was his Dad's name.

Proms N586 Sherman Allen (1958) and Patsy Kleinegger (1960)

Proms - N585 Sandra Richardson (1958) and Billy Jack Talton (1958)

Proms N-584 Linda Rushing (1959) and Johnny Allen (1960)

Proms N583 Diana Lay (1960) and Ezra Carter (1959)

Proms N582 Nancy Cox (1958) and Douglas McCrary 1958)

Prom N 581 Jamie Mays (1959) and Ronald Haynes (1959)