GET TOGETHER


Submitted by Bernard McCoy, photo's by Jean Owen Welsh, both from the class of 1951


CHJ3 - Jessie Ray Harris Bradley, Faye Lowe Miller, Miller Andress , and Jennie Andress

CHJ4 - Nell Gibert Harlan, Jessie Ray Harris Bradley, Charles Toland. In background: Jerry Dunn, John McDonald (Louise Pevy's husband) and walking by are William and Lera Mae Lowe Dunn.

CHJ5 Nellie Lunsford Martin and Frances Puckett Shaw.

CHJ6 Sue Stewart Dunn, Janis David Goodwill, and Nell Womack Hedges

 Front Row, Bobbie Womack Toland, Betty Wall Wise,and Nell Gilbert Harlan.

CHJ7 Jessie Ray Harris Bradley, Conrad Lindsey, Sue Stewart Dunn, and Bobbie Womack.

 CHJ8 - Back Row L-R Peggy Staples, Nell Gilbert Harlan, Jeane Owen Welsh, Janis David Goodwill, Nellie Lunsford Hinton Martin. 
Front Row L-R, Jessie Ray Harris Bradley, Bobbie Womack Toland, Patsy Tinnell Cato, Louise Pevy McDonald, Betty Wall Wise, Nell Womack Hedges.

CHJ10 Back Row, Conrad Lindsey, Kinsey Martin and Jerry Dunn

Front Row, Byron Braswell, Mastin Slack, Ronald Nation and Jack Miles

CHJ11 Ronald Nation, Georgene Winham Rhame, Sidney Rhame, and Bobbie Womack Toland.

CHJ12 Peggy Staples, Linda Slack, Lera Mae Lowe Dunn, and Jerry Dunn.

CHJ13 Standing: Larry Toland, Byron Braswell, and Ronald Nation.

Seated at the table looks like Nell Womack Hedges

CHJ14 Kinsey Martin and Nellie Lunsford Martin.

CHJ15 Foreground: Mickey Watson McCoy (Class of 1954) and Bernard McCoy.

Looks like Patsy Tinnell in the background.

CHJ16 Willard McClung.

CHJ17 Around The table: Ronald Nation, Conrad Lindsey talking to Bernard McCoy, Mickey Watson McCoy, Faye Lowe Miller, Bobbie Womack Toland, Linda Slack, and Mastin Slack.

CHJ18 Standing in Back: Lee Hedges (Nell Womack's husband), and Gayle Wise. From left seated are Kinsey Martin, Nellie Lunsford Martin, Marsha Toland (Larry's wife), Nell Womack Hedges, and Betty Wall Wise. At front of table on right side foreground: Lera Mae Lowe Dunn.

CHJ20 Tim Carter's daughter Renee and her husband Gene La Viness.

I forgot all about Gene's polka-dotted hair!  I believe he was supervisor over 3 shifts, at that time.  Anyway, a kid who worked with him kind of started a dare thing about their hair and Gene offered to do something really funky with his hair, if the kid would do the same with his.  The kid agreed, thinking Gene was too old to do anything REALLY funky.  When all was said and done, the kid wasn't brave enough to hold up his end of the challenge.  I guess you get braver as you get older!
I was the hairstylist with the idea to do the polka dots.  (No, I'm not a hairstylist, but I love designing hair styles and stuff, when my hands will function.)

CHJ21 Jennie Andress, Gayle Wise behind Jennie Andress,  Miller Andress, Bernard McCoy, and Jack Miles.

CHJ22 Jack Miles (back to Camera), Conrad Lindsey, Sidney Rhame, Betty Wall Wise, Gayle Wise, Byron Braswell and Willard McClung.

CHJ23 Mickey Watson McCoy, Bernard McCoy, Mastin Slack, Larry Toland, and Conrad Lindsey.

CHJ24 Bernard and Mickey McCoy with Linda and Mastin Slack.


Identified by Bernard McCoy