Class of Nineteen Fifty-seven Reunions & Events



      Sign for the class of 1957 reunion to be held Oct. 5, 2007

       Submitted by LeVerne Langheld Kidd


Barbara Baton Rudd and Max Rudd

Pregame 1


The is the lovely back yard of James and Lyda Roberts Madden... L -R - Nancy Stewart Craig, Mary,wife of class-mate Phillip Ford,  Martha, wife of class-mate Jim Campbell.



                     Reunion57-2 LOST IN THE FIFTIES REUNION  June 16, 1990


Back row: L - R: 

Jimmy Campbell;  Mike Phillips;  Ken McMichael;  Phillip Ford;  Max Rudd;  Charles Berry;  Jerry Lynn Grigsby;  Tommy Culpepper;  Richard Carey '52;  Billy Kidd '54;


Front row: L - R:  Mrs. Jimmy Campbell;  Joy Lambert Lowe;  Janie Sue Turner Laurence;  Mary Jo Skinner Kirkland;  Jeanette Woodard KennonLyda Roberts Madden;  Barbara Baten Rudd;  Judy Barron Wise;  Dottie Day Adcock;  Monette Gounds Sander;  Nancy Stewart Craig;  LeVerne Langheld Kidd;  Deanne Reeves Frye;  Patsy Lowe ?  Joyce Humphries Carey;  Charlotte Smith Martin;  Marcelee Robinson Culpepper


                                                         Compliments of LeVerne Langheld Kidd


 Mary Jo Skinner Kirkland, Nancy Stewart Craig, MaryMcCormick Mondello, Amy Carey Mealy

(daughter of Joyce Humphries Carey),and Carolyn Hall Miller. Seated L-R, LeVerne Langheld Kidd,

Marcelee Robinson Culpepper, JoyceHumphries Carey and Jeaanette Woodard Moreland Kennon.


Mrs. Marie Winns' 4th grade class  1948
back row L-R, boy?, boy?, Mrs Winn, Monette Grounds, Jo Ann Williams, Sadie Byrd, Marcelee Robinson
2nd row L-R, Norman McGuire, Joe Wallace, Rebecca Perryman, Patricia Ryan, Joyce Humphries, LeVerne Langheld
3rd row L-R,  Molly Ford,  Faye Cardwell, Yvonne Simmons, Sara Blevins, Nancy Stewart, Janie Sue Turner, Birdie "Dinky" Barns,
4th row L-R,  girl ? (all I remember, she had the prettiest RED hair), Virgie Hefner, Lola New, Norman Winterton, Pierce Hefner, boy?, Vermer Nesbitt 
5th row L-R-kneeling- "The" James Burton", (so says Janie Turner), James Reed, Richard Jerrell, Allen Duncan, Darcy Ambrose, Excell Langley, boy ?

Submitted by LeVerne Langheld Kidd

First Grade Cuties

Nancy Stewart, Margaret Powell, Jeanette Woodard and Marcelee Robinson

Sue Howell, Ed Leachman and Marcelee Robinson

Sue Howell at Caney Lake

Robbie has long straight blonde hair.  Sue's wearing a swimming cap and 
her hair is short and naturally curly

 Robbie Ann Kidd, granddaughter of LeVerne Langheld and Billy Kidd

Compliments of Marcelee Robinson Culpepper and LeVerne Langheld Kid

Picture of little cuties in the first grade.
L-R:  front row - Nancy Stewart; _____ 3rd child, the little red headed girl, wonder if this is Charley Brown's girlfriend ?_________ Marcelee Robinson with her head turned; back row: girl ____________Joyce Humphries  Jeanette Woodard is the little cutie with the scarf around her neck. If you can identify e-mail the other little girls please e-mail MindenMemories@AOL.COM

Identified by LeVerne Kidd

Quade Studio

Compliments of Marcelee Robinson Culpepper and LeVerne Langheld Kidd

Quade Studio - Does anyone know who these two boys are? E-Mail MindenMemories@AOL.Com

I think that's the fountain that used to be in the park where the courthouse is now and I think that's my grandmother Wiley's house in the background... the small white house to the left is, I think, an outbuilding that stood behind  Dr. Smith's house, on the west side of my grandmothers.  I don't know who the little boys/girls are... this may have been after 1933 since I don't see the big trees in front of the Wiley house that came down in the 33 tornado.  I would guess this to have been in the early 40's or even late 30's.  I may not be right but that's what it looks like to me... Joan 

There was a really heavy snow about 1936... this may have been then. Joan Wiley Luck

Compliments of Macelee Robinson Culpepper and LeVerne Langheld Kidd

Minden's old bandstand

Photo by Quade


L-R:  LeVerne Langheld Kidd;  Joyce Humphries Carey;  Nancy Stewart Craig; 
Mary Jo Skinner Kirkland;  John Boyd;  Marcelee Robinson Culpepper & Tommy Culpepper;  Judy Barron Wise;  Max Rudd;  Sam Smiddy;  Ginger Rushing Ratcliff & Joe Ratcliff, & Charlotte Smith Martin.

Class of 1957--Mr. Cody's 6th grade class.  Isn't that Nancy Stewart next to Mr. Cody and Jo Ann Williams behind Myra Lyons?
Turner Almond


Mr. Cody's 6th grade class picture. This is the class of '57,  the year was 1951 at Richardson Elementary School.
L. R. - Front Row: Richard Jarrell;  Yvonne Simmons;  Myra Lyons;  Joan (Vickie) 
          Hunter;  Mary Virginia Anglin;  Dianna Dee Green (little girl in her girls scout uniform),  Little Gi Joy Lambert.    small child ?;  Linda
          Caraway;  Gene Byars;  George Winford;  Ken Peaker;  Reet Cranford;  Turner
          Almond;  Dalton Young ?;  boy ?

April 12, 2006
I THINK that was my cousin Nicky.  Her legs were that skinny after her operation  I haven't talked to her since Daddy died in 1989, but I think she is just fine.  The last time I spoke with her she told me she was divorced and had children.  I can't spell it but her whole name was Nicoletta Yvonne Honzopoulas Honzopolas Hontzas!

Thanks for sending me to that website.


L. R.- 2nd row : girl ?;  girl ?;  Dottie Day;  Janie Sue Turner;  Frankie Norman; 
         Betty Katherine Gardner;  Marcelee Robinson;  Wiley Camereon; 
        Joe Wallace;  Vern D. Stonecipher;  Pierce Hefner;  Mike Phillips
L.-R.- 3rd row back: Teacher Mr. Cody;   Joyce Humphries;  Sandra Barnette, Gwen Sue
          Heflin;  F.M. Liles;  Paul Robinson

Our little group got split up that year and I ended up in  Ms. Hancock's room. Georgia Gibbs and I became friends that year. 

Tommy Culpepper was in that class, and he drove Ms. Hancock crazy with his habit of pulling his tee shirts up over his chin. So one day she'd had enough of seeing him do this. She gathered the neck of this tee shirt really tight under his neck and pinned it with a huge safety pin,  and made him wear it all day. Of course we all laughed, but I couldn't help feeling sorry from him at the same time.

Here's another story:  Jim Winford would tilt his chair up off the floor leaning back as far as he dared to go.  Ms. Hancock would warn him that one day he go too far and fall over, but this didn't stop Jim's habit. Well, sure enough, one day he falls backwards and hit the floor. What Ms. Hancock do?  She makes  him lay there in  this sitting position,  feet up in the air, head resting on the floor. Seems he was there a really long time. Again the class laughed,  and to this day I can't help chuckling at the memory of poor Jim, flat of his back looking up at the ceiling with this look of shame and humiliation.
Think I've shared this story with you. One day Georgia Gibbs brought lipstick to school and shared it with me. When  Ms. Hancock sees  this lipstick, she turns red; then marches off to the office and calls my Mother to inform her of the dastardly deed I'd done.  Well, my Mother says in so many words, " What's the crime here?  Little girls wearing lipstick?"  Monkeys see- monkeys do

 Marcelee's uncle would give Marcelee two season passes to the Red Bird Baseball games and we could sit in his box seats. Man, Oh Man, had we ever arrived!  I was in that box-seat the first time I met my first beau. It was the summer of '53 I think. We talked on the phone almost all summer, I remember asking him how he'd happened to call me. Seems the guys lived in the country, to amuse themselves, they would search through the Grig looking for "cute" girls to call and for some reason I was picked.  As summer ended, we planned this "look & see", to check each other out. After school started he got his drivers license and we started dating. I was a freshman, and he was my first date. We dated for three years and broke up when I wanted to be a football maid.   

                                   1951 EASTSIDE ELEMENTARY -- MRS. HANCOCK'S  6TH GRADE CLASS
                                                                           CLASS OF '57
Back row l-r :Mrs Hancock-- Margaret Alice Powell-- Molly Ford-- Benny White-- Mary Jo Skinner-- Peggy Ashmore-- Corinne Boland-- Annette VanPeene-- LeVerne Langheld-- Rebecca Perryman-- Bobby Nash
middle row l-r : Cassie Taylor-- Elsie Jean Albritton--Sandra Kutzleman-- Virgia Hefner-- Ginger Rushing-- Lyda Roberts-- Jeanette Woodard--Georgia Gibbs-- Jim woodard Johnson-- Robert Phillips-- Jerry Lynn Grigsby-- Robert Hunter
kneeling l-r : Tom Buffington-- Lewis Davis-- Jimmy Campbell-- Nolan ?-- Andrew Peevy-- Ray Adcock-- Jerry McCann-- Tommy Culpepper-- Jim Winford

                                                             Submitted by LeVerne Langheld Kidd

                                1957 5th. Grade - Mrs. Roberts Teacher, W.W. Williams - Principal

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  Front Row: David Eddlemon, Ralph _____?, Jimmy Smith, Jimmy White, Ken Peaker, Jim Winford, Joe Ratcliff, Dorsey

Ambrose, George Winford, _____?Youngblood

  Middle Row : Margaret Alice Powell,  Mary Grace Gibbs, Carolyn Hall, Betty Kathryn Gardner, Yvonne Simmons,

 Linda Carroway, Peggy Ashmore, Donny Hinton, Frankie Norman, Lavonne Frye, LeVerne Langheld, Marcelee Robinson

  Third Row:  F. M. Lyles, Glen Thomas, ?__Roberts, Virgie Mae Heffner, Mrs. Roberts, Nancy Stewart, Mr. Williams,

Elsie Jean Albritton, ?______________, and Madelyn Tuggle

                                                    Submitted by LeVerne Langheld Kidd

                                    WEST SIDE - MR. CODY'S 5TH GRADE CLASS


                              Submitted by LeVerne Langheld Kidd

Principal Mr. Hahnes was the Principal. Submitted by LeVerne Langheld 

                                                                   WESTSIDE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL  1950
                                                                                Mr. Haynes Principal
                                                                            Mr. Cody's 5th Grade class
                                                                                      Class of '57
back (4) row l-r:  James Gills;  Ted Everett;  Marcus Robinson;  Janell Horn;  Jan Barnette;  Frances Enloe;

 (tall girl behind Frances, Sadie Byrd); Dianne Reeves;  Sandra Cook;  Patsy Steward;  Huey Merritt.  (Far back l-r :

 Principal Haynes  and Mr. Cody) 

34d. row l-r Monette Grounds; Jon Barnette; Ronny Farrow; Billie Jo Smith; Betty Shirley; Barbara Baten
Nancy Burrell; Mabel Evans; Sonja Kelsie; Dora Wise; Judy Barron; Sarah Blevins.
2nd. row l-r: Larry Dean; Joe Pearson; Jimmy Johnson; A. C. Laird; Hal Anderson; Allen Duncan; Donald Slack; Phillip Ford.
1st. row l-r: Claude Coldwell; Eddie Milam; Norman McGuire; Bill Bridges; James Reed; Wayne Williams; Gene Byars; Lanny Johnson

Mrs. Watson and Mrs. Bullock - 7th grade class