Compliments of Katie (Carey) Sims

I'm including a group shot of (from left)
Barbara Jo Williams Wiley
Anita Jones Dulaney
Jerome Vascocu
Diane Ethridge White
Katie Carey Sims
Billy Hathorn

Next pic is Jimmy Powell
Connie Quade Aclin
Jane Harp Rogers
Katie Carey Sims

Next pic is of the toilet in Carleton Prothro's front yard, which made the front page of the paper the following Monday.
John Collins (Western Auto) can give you the history....according to Mr. Prothro, we are the only class that pranked him back in '66, reenacted the prank 40 years later, and still keep the identities of the instigators a   Quite  feat with regard to Mr. Prothro, who has always had eyes in the back of his head.   The original toilet sat atop the Dixie Cream.

Last pic is a pic is and Barbara Treat Green at my uncle Harmon Drew's house in 1966.  But the bottom pic is of me and my first cousin Harmon Drew Jr on vacation....back when life was simple.