Jeanette Gipson Baker, Ed Leachman

, -Neil and Ruth Baker

. Karis Robinson, Rogers Hanson & Wife, Jeannine Mobley Rhea, Felton Vickers, ? & Barbara Russell standing in the background.

If you recognize anyone, please e-mail Minden Memories@AOL.COM

Photo's by Linda Holt Moorehead

 Earlene Mendenhall Lyle, photo by Maurice Whitlow

 Harold Johnson, recently elected to the school board, is driving.

Earlene Mendenhall Lyle, Class of 1956


The Photo's below were taken by Linda Moorehead

The Tree of Knowledge on Main Street

Can someone send us the story of how one man saved this

beautiful tree from being destroyed in the fifties?

 Sharon Leachman is seated at the table?

Is the lady on the right Barbara Russell? Can someone tell us who the others are?

 The pretty blonde is Jeanette Gipson...who are the others?

  Don Bloxom, Karis Robinson Alderman and Ruth Baker?

 Ruth & Neil Baker, back of Karis Robinson Alderman and Barbara Russell

 L-R, Unknown in the brown & white shirt,  Dr. Richard Baker, Dr. Don and Betty Deloach

 facing Jeanette Gipson Baker and unknown lady in the black jacket.

 Faye Kidd Braswell and Melba Weaver Love

. Jeanette Gipson Baker

. The cheerleaders can be seen on the back of the truck

and the honored graduates on their small float.

Jim Turner, photographer






Minden High School Football Field

#1. Attempted shot of Earlene Mendenhall Lyle in the Grand Marshall

car. She was chosen as the "Most Illustrious Alumni" for 2006.

2. Peggy Cheshire Baldwin and Harvey Stewart

3. Bobbie Langheld Hereford, Melba Weaver Love

talking to Karis Robinson

4. Elvis Culverhouse, Jackie Jarvis in facing the camera in the blue jeans, Peggy Cheshire Baldwin

has on the blue sweater, Jeanette Gipson Baker & Richard Baker standing

behind her to her right.

5. Thelma Roberts Nelson talking to James Rhea Love,

Looks like  Don Martin and  Doris Jean Anderson.

6. Don Cook, Peggy Cheshire and Doris Jean Anderson

7. Irma Osborn Culverhouse & husband Elvis Culverhouse talking to Doris Jean Anderson;

Jeannine Mobley Rhea & Millie Aarons McMichael in the red pant suit talking to _____

8. Irma and Elvis Culverhouse talking to Doris Jean Anderson

9. Carolyn Merritt Barnett, the older lady was one of the teacher's ______.

Anyone know who the lady in blue is?  Bobbie Jean Langheld is gesturing.

10. Roger Hanson, Doris Jean Anderson, Millie Aarons McMichael and Betty Sue Lewis Vickers

11. Helen Stewart, ?, Ruth Baker

12. Ruth and Neil Baker talking to Karis Robinson Alderman

13. Billie Turner and Thelma Frances Roberts Nelson

14. Mack Pevy

15. Jeanette Gipson Baker and Thelma Roberts Nelson

16. Don Cook and Doug Roberts

17. Betty Claire Rhea DeLoach, Doug Roberts, Bobbie Jean Langheld Hereford

and Peggy Cheshire Baldwin

18. Irma Osborne, Jackie Jarvis, Melba Weaver Love &

Peggy Cheshire Baldwin,


19. Bill Gardner

20. Doris Jean Andeson talking to Jeannine Mobley Love

If you can identify the others e-mail Minden Memories@AOL.COm

#21. Group on a borrowed trailer at the parade; Doug Roberts is in the blue shirt.

Behind the MHS sign I see Betty Sue Lewis Vickers and Millie Aarons McLemore in the

red pant suits.

#22. John Lee either on or around the borrowed trailer.

Who are the other men?

23. Harvey and Helen Stewart trudging along behind the trailer

24. Neal Baker and James Rhea Love dutifully following

25. Melba Weaver, Bobbie Langheld Hereford, ______,and _______

2nd. Row. Harvey Stewart, Doris Jean Anderson, Helen Stewart, James Rhea Love, Neil Baker

3rd. Row, may be Elvis Culverhouse

26. L-R, Jeff Tucker in the plaid shirt, Don Martin, Edd Leachman, Tommy Frye and

James Moorehead in the navy blue shirt at the Holiday Inn

27. L-R, Jeff Tucker, Don Martin, Ed Leachman, Tommy Frye and James Moorehead

28. Holiday Inn Get Together - Standing to the left is Jeanette Gipson Baker

talking to Jackie Jarvis..Richard Baker is next to the man in the blue shirt.

At the next table ... in the red, I see Neil and Ruth Baker. At the next table,

I think I see Thomas Baldwin, Don Cook and Harvey Nelson.

If you can name the other classmates e-mail us @ MindenMemories@AOL.COM

29. L-R, Thelma Frances Roberts Nelson, ___. Bobbie Langheld Hereford

Is that Betty Sue Lewis Vickers behind Bobbie?

Can someone name the other ladies?

30. More Holiday Inn - Betty Sue Lewis Vickers on the left in the red

Irma Osborne & husband Elvis Culverhouse on the right in the red checked shirt.

I enjoyed seeing the pictures of the '56 Reunion! To add to the identifications, picture #30,

Wayne Lee is  next to his wife, Nancy Burrell Lee (in the pink pantsuit.)

(Identified by Margie Roberts.)

If you can name anyone else, e-mail us @ MindenMemories@AOL.COM

31.L-R,  James Madden talking to Betty Sue Lewis Vickers,

Who is the man in the white shirt?_________________

 Ed Leachman in the plaid shirt, Jeff Tuckers back talking

to Don Martin in the red shirt.  


32. L-R, Pre Deceased gathering at back of Tall Timbers.

Billie Turner is in the black scarf and red T-shirt.  If you recognize any of the other

classmates e-mail us at MindenMemories@AOL.COM and tell us who they are.

33. More pre-dinner gathering - Thelma Nelson in the red blouse standing by Don Cook in the blue

checked shirt. Behind her, I think I see Neil Baker's head.

34. Is this when Bobbie Jean Langheld starts the ceremony for the deceased class members?

35.L-R, Liz Farrow and Thelma Frances Roberts talking to Jeanette Gipson Baker

36. More of the pre-dinner gathering.

  Picture # 36 Nancy Burrell Lee, in the black  pant suit and her husband, Wayne Lee with his arms folded.
There are so many in those picutres I knew from a distance as a child and admired. Thanks for the memories!
Margie Roberts    Class of '63 

If you can name them e-mail us

37. Wayne (Kenneth) Lee, Johnny (Bo) Lee, and James Madden

38. Visiting before dinner - If you recognize anyone would you e-mail us and tell us their names?

39. More pre-dinner chat...Ed Leachman visiting with the ladies

Does anyone know who they are? If so, e-mail us at MindenMemories@AOL.COM

39. Betty Sue Lewis & Irma Osborne - Does anyone know who the man is in the picture?

40. Betty Sue Lewis Vickers, Irma Osborn Culverhouse and Mildred Aarons Michael,

Does anyone recognize the couple on the end?

41. Shots of Table groups - Do I recognize Carolyn Merritt at the front table?

To the left of the mirror I recognize Betty Sue Lewis Vickers and Millie Aarons McMichael

42. Do I see James Rhea Love seated at the table on the left?

43. Carolyn Merritt, Melba Weaver Love, Billie Turner, Neil & Ruth Baker

Lyda and James Madden, and also at the table with Neil and Ruth Baker. Is that

James Rhea Love at the head of the table?

44. a better view of Carolyn and Melba