The group met at Nicky's for dinner on May 26.  At noon on May 27,

 some of the group got together on the deck at Holiday Inn Express for a picnic lunch,

 then they had Jimmy Hall (Cotton's) cater fried catfish with all the trimmings for dinner at Woods Ranch Tank.  

  Photographed by Barbara Mendenhall McLemore

 Does anyone know who took the  pictures at the ranch?


Sylvia Robertson and Earlene Mendenhall Lyle

 Ben Rogers and his wife

Frances Fallin McDowell and her husband, Jim

Max Armstrong

Adele Guillot Wright

Minnie Lou Ritter Wilks and her husband

Judy Tucker Covington and her husband, Van

Roy Hasty

Ronnie Hennigan and wife, Miriam

Ed Hands and wife

Glenn McCoy and his wife, Lynn Bridges McCoy.

 Lynn was a 1963 MHS grad. 

Nancy Childers Melton and her husband, Gerald (1960 MHS grad)

Glen Robinson and his wife, Oree Hoefeld Robinson (1959 MHS grad)

Dickie Davis

Raymond Holcombe and wife

Janice Rogers Hasty, wife of Roy Hasty

Debbie (wife of O H Haynes) Betty (wife of Robert Lee) Marshia (wife of Dickie Davis

Susie Wales Morrow & Linda Nadrchal Barker

Robert Earl Lee and wife, Betty  

Trisha Patterson Voorhries and her husband, Ed

O. H. Haynes, Tommy Windsor and wife

Glen McCoy, Ben Rogers, Ethelene Rials Young, Bill Herring, O. H. Haynes

Bill Funderburk (1962 MHS Grad)

Robert Earl Lee and Tom Garland

Patricia Penix Muska

Linda Slack Henderson and husband

Charlotte Ramsey Elledge & husband

Ann Aldredge Morton & Barbara Martin Bryan

Barbara Daniel Chandler

Barbara Mendenhall McLemore and O. H. Haynes

Bill Herring and wife, Nancy

Gene Lowe and wife

Kitty Thomas Davis and husband and Nancy Burrell

Lary Burrell and wife Nancy

Sharon Reeves Landaiche & husband, Carroll

Sharon Reeves Landaiche, Marilyn Lowery Fleming

& Charlotte Ramsey Elledge

Sylvia Robertson Fallin and Patricia Penix Muska

Forty-One attended the reunion

Carolyn Baker's arm resting on Bill Funderburk

Betty Lindsey Paul

Ann Aldredge Morton




Linda Holt was unable to attend the 2006 and 2001 reunion.

Today she is the wife of James Moorehead however a classmate

had shared the pictures with her. She still had them in her

book of memories and was kind enough to crop and scan them back to

us.  Barbara Mendenhall Lyle identified the pictures for us.


 Miss Strother talking with Freddie Frye. 

Sara Jarrell talking to Judy White  and Betty Lindsey,

Buck Horn and Patricia Patterson.

   Helen Woods  and Sara Jarrell 

Patricia Patterson and husband, Ed Voohries.   Helen Woods and husband, Donnie Hinton.

Mrs. Boyett talking to Gene Lowe w/Larry Burell seated in front


Gale Davis talking with Sharon Reeves, Rudith Frazier and Helen Woods".  


Ed Hands

   David Lee and adoring girls Barbara Mendenhall, Sylvia Robertson, 

 Patricia Patterson,  Patricia Penix and Becky Scruggs.   

       Billy Herring and wife and O. H. Haynes III   

Tom Garland and wife, Sharon Whaley, and Raymond Holcombe and his wife.  

Barbara Mendenhall and David Lee

He was a punter for Baltimore in the 60's

Compliments of  Linda Holt Moorehead

Says Barbara "Regretfully, I do not have any pitures

of the 1971 or 1981 reunion." Maybe a classmate will

have some photographs and send them to us.

 Unfortunately, Linda Holt was not able to attend the 1971 or 1981

reunion either. She was traveling with her husband James Moorehead.

In this picture, she is in Thailand.  They lost all their treasures, including

her pictures, when Katrina hit New Orleans.

 1991 Class Reunion Pictures

Bettie (sp?) Wiley,  Elaine Melton, Francis Fallin

and Linda Holt at a reunion party at Elaine's home in Minden.

Rudith Frazier and Judy White.

  Patricia Penix in red, Nelda McCann (now deceased)

and Ethelene Rials.

  Elaine Melton, Judy White, Betty Hanson and Barbara Daniels.

   Linda Thompson, Elaine Melton and Linda Lowe

    ?   ,   ?  ,  Rudith Frazier, Tom Garland and O. H. Haynes

  Judy Tucker, Rudith Frazier and Sharon Reeves

  In foreground, Larry Thornton,  

Sue Ellen Barnard and Glen McCoy

  Judy Tucker and Linda Nadrchal

Oree Hoefeld Robinson (1959), Patricia Penix,

 Patricia Patterson and Rudith Frazier.

  Sharon Reeves and Judy White

  Elaine Melton, Linda Nadrchal and Linda Lowe.

  0416  --   Suzie Wales and Rudith Frazier

Last of the pictures at Elaine Melton's party.

 Next are the ones taken at the main party in Shreveport.


Patricia Penix, her husband, Linda Thompson,

 Gale Lunsford and daughter and Linda Lowe.   Bill Herring, his wife, his son and daughter-in-law.

  Ed Hands and his pretty wife. 

  Marsha Hoefeld flanked by visitors

Diane Green and husband, Sherburne Sentell.

 Patricia Patterson and David Lee


Waiting for the start of the parade are unknown man,                                               

Suzie Wales, David Lee,  Oree Hoefeld (1959) and husband,

Glen Robinson. 

   Bettie Wylie, Sylvia Robertson and husband,

Alton Fallin, and David Lee. May 10, 1991 at the  party in Shreveport.

  Ronnie Hennigan?, Larry Burrell, wife Nancy and Robert Lee.

  Katharine (Kitty) Thomas and  Suzie Wales.

  Linda Thompson, Linda Lowe,

Kitty Thomas and Ethelene Rials.

  Linda Nadrchal, Jimmy Batton, Marsha Hoefeld,

Elaine Melton in back with camera.

  A FULL float!!  NICE turnout!

   Jerry Winkle, Pat Chandler and Bill Herring

After the parade, just visiting.  

The party pictures were after these parade pictures. They were all labeled

back then. Years went by and Linda forgot the names. Perhaps a reader

will remember. If so, please e-mail us at MindenMemories@AOL.COM Class of 1991 Group Class Reunion Picture

If anyone can identify the classmates in the picture

Please e-mail us at MindenMemories@AOL.COM

(We were unable to print the big picture of the entire group because it was so large.)



  Our appreciation goes to  Linda Holt Moorehead

          for the Class of 1991 pictures



         1952-1953 School Year

            Mrs. Elder's Class

Class of 1961 Westside Elementary 5th Grade, Mrs. Elder's Class Front row & Kneeling; Jimmy Dillard, Jerry Thrash, Jerry Everett,

_______, Ronnie Hennigan, ________, Max Armstrong, William McCann, Jimmy Worsham, Norman Talton, David Gloer.

2nd. Row: Ray, Raymond Holcomb, James Hall, Sue Owens, Louise Minter, Joyce Gray, Nelda McCann and Carolyn Smith.

Back Row: Hazel Williams, Dolly Zeigler, Martha Miller, Betty Hanson, Glenda Peavy, Vernett Pennington, Sharon Reeves, Betty

Weldon, _______, Jean' Van Peene.

Submitted by Betty Weldon Garms