Held in October, 1988

                     Compliments of Sam Cheatham


001 - L to R:  Carroll Miller, Billie Jean Prescott Kemmerly, Joe Luck behind Billie Jean

002 - Patsy Brown Hilburn, Martha Sawyer Cascio and husband Anthony behind her,          the guy on the right is Jerry Norwood.  Seated, L to R:  Dovie Cranford, Mary         Frances Gardner

003 - 004 L to R:  Jack Voorhies, Nancy Craine, Larry White, Bonnie White Brown,              ?     , Pat Patrick.  John Walker is standing on the left.

005 Charles Cranford and Edd Moreland

The lady on the left facing the camera is Dovie Cranford.   The lady with her back to the camera is Carolyn Talton

006- 008 Jerry Norwood and Betty Lou Norwood Nation (Class of 1955)

009 - The float, L to R:  Kay & Andy Harville, Mary Smith Lively, Jack Voorhies,          Nancy Craine, Larry White, Bonnie White Brown.

010 - L to R:  Nancy Craine, George Tash, Jack & Jimmie Lou Harper Voorhies,                     Murell Brown

11 - Clockwise from left:  Patsy Brown Hilburn, Mary Frances Gardner, Dovie        Cranford, Nancy Craine, Martha Sawyer Cascio.

12. Larry White and Sam Cheatham

#13 - L to R: William Hilburn,  ?  , Dee Dee McCrary, Mary Frances Gardner

#14 - L to R:  William Hilburn, Bubba Harlan, Finnis Zappa, Patsy Brown Hilburn

#15 - Standing, L to R:  Linda White Lindsey, Sam Riley, George Tash, David Beaird,          Jannell Boyce Dickinson, Nancy Craine.         Seated:  Bubba & Ann Mays Harlan, Dovie Cranford

 #16 - Billy Jack & Carolyn Talton, George Rhea


#17 - Sam Cheatham & Billie Jean Prescott Kemmerly

#18 - Jimmie Lou & Jack Voorhies, Nancy Craine        I think the girl in the left background is Maggie Ferguson McCrary.