M.H.S. CLASS OF 1964


Our thanks go to Larry Mays, Galen Pratt, Larry Hock, Greg & Connie Grambling Lane and Nola Steonecipher Ellington for the pictures & ID's


                                                                                                          Ms. Jones

1st. Grade, Jones

E. S. Richardson 1st grade, Mrs. Jones' class.  First row: Sam Wigley, Sammy Stuart, ____, ____, Johnny Inabnett, ____, ____, Stan Belton, Benny Gray, Randy Lemmons.  Second row: Rodney Bright, Janet Martin, Carolyn Roberts, Connie Grambling, Emily Davis, Jeanne Ratcliff, Marilyn Brown, Ardys McMillan, Carolyn Diggs, Mary Linda Woods, ____.  Third row: ____, Nola Beth Stonecipher, Marsha Preston, ____, Mrs. Jones, Martha Pilgreen, ____, Ray Mobley, ____.  

Identified by Larry Marys


2nd. Grade, Saint

E. S. Richardson 2nd grade, Mrs. Saint's class.  Kneeling left: Reagan Baird, James Jones, Mary Ann Eskew.  Kneeling right: ____, ____.  Seated: Bobby Hale, ____, Mona Myrick, John Elkins, Linda Lunsford, Nona Watts, Janet Martin, Bill Cranford, ____, ____, ____, Felix Taylor.  Third row: ____, Marsha Phillips, ____, Earl Walker, Richard Temple, ____, Sylvia Holomon, Margret Preston, Cheryl Miller, Terry Johnston, Kathy Lunsford, Rodney Bright.  Back row: ____, ____, Sam Wigley, Susan Dietrich, David Hinton, Anna Roberts, Tommy Bridges, Nola Beth Stonecipher, Connie Grambling, ____, Pam Calvit, Mrs. Saint.


Our thanks go to Greg and Connie Grambling for this Photo

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3rd. grade, Ms. Knighton

E. S. Richardson third grade, 54-55, Mrs. Knighton's class. Back row:  Frank Shirley, Bobby Ball, Dale Krouse, Marsha Preston, Sue Herman, Wanda Culpepper, Cynthia Reneau. 3rd row:  Rodney Bright, Butch Peaker, ____, Bobby Hale, Tommy Bridges, Bobby Williams, Richard Temple, Robert Perry, Nella Jean Thompson. 2nd row:  Mrs. Knighton, Sammy Stuart, ____, Terry Terrill, Larry Mays, Fred Haynes, Bill Cranford, Norman Lutz. Front row:  Connie Grambling, Carolyn Diggs, Dinah Pevy, Mary Ann Eskew, Ardys McMillam, Eve Baskerville, Sue Shirley.

5th Grade, Mrs. Majors

E. S. Richardson, Mrs. Major's fifth grade class, 1956-57.  Mrs. Major is the mother of Gary ('58) & Wally.  I think this was the only year she taught.  Mrs. Roberts, who would have taught this class, was diagnosed with cancer the previous summer & died within a year.  The boy in the middle of the second row whose name I can't remember was the son of Baptist missionaries & had spent most or all of his life up until that year in India.  We taught him sinful card games, but it took him a while to understand that an "A" was an ace, a "K" a king, etc.


            4th. Grade, Bradley

E. S. Richardson, Mrs. Braley's fourth grade class, 1955-56.  First row: Linda Wimberley, Bill Cranford, Jeanne Ratcliff, Norman Lutz, Marsha Phillips, Terry Terrill, Larry Mays, Eve Baskerville.  Second row: Earl Cooke, Pat Stanley, Nona Watts, Butch Peaker, Larry Hock, Connie Grambling, Bill Evans, ____, Mrs. Braley.  Third row: Bobby Ball, Lillie Beth Craton, Jerry Norris, Sue Herman, Joyce Reynolds, Ginger Walker, Wanda Culpepper, Sharon McCollum.  Fourth row: Palmer Pratt, Larry Harper, Janet Martin, Don Krouse, Jimmy McNeil, Anne Sanders, Herbert Mitchell, John Daniel.  

              5th Grade

Back row:  Danny? ____, Claude Reeves, John Daniel, ____, Don? Krouse, ____, Carrol Morgan. Row three:  Gladdy Lou Zachary, Susan Dietrich, Sharon McCollum, Sylvia Holomon, Cheryl Miller, Bobby Howell, Bobby Hale. Row two:  Sammy Stuart, Benny Gray, Merle Glass, Johnny Herman, ____, Tommy Bridges, John Watson, Randy Lemmons, Mrs. Major. Front row:  Marsha Phillips, Eve Baskerville, Pam Calvit, Carolyn Roberts, Pat Stanley, Nona Watts, Jeanne Ratcliff, Connie Grambling, Larry Mays, Jerry Rogers

                                                                                                     6th Grade, Bullock

E. S. Richardson, Mr. Bullock's sixth grade class, 1957-58.  First row: Earl Walker, Larry Wingrove, Earl Glass, Norman Lutz, Johnny Herman, John Elkins.  Second row: Jeanne Ratcliff, Carolyn Diggs, Aliene Bridges, Emily Davis, Marsha Phillips, Sharon McCollum, Linda Wimberly, Mary Linda Woods, Mr. Bullock.  Third row: Joyce Reynolds, Cheryl Miller, Dot Roberts, Sylvia Holomon, Lillie Beth Craton, Kaylon Lee, Connie Grambling.  Fourth row: Carr McClendon, Jimmie Miller, Jerry Norris, Roslyn Hammett, Bobby Hale, Clyde Krouse, Donald Foster.  Fifth row: Betty Ponder, Dorothy McFarland, Tommy Collums, Carolyn Tuggle, Janet Martin, Mary Margaret Evans, Bobby Ball.

                                                                                                                                             6th. GRADE

E. S. Richardson sixth grade 57-58, Mr. Day's class. Back row:  Judy Walker, George Waltner, Martha Samuel, ____, Martha Pilgreen, O. A. Garland. 4th row:  Richard Campbell, Wanda Culpepper, Bill Staser, Terry Johnston, John Daniel, Mike Brewer, Ted Moore. 3rd row:  Ronnie Hightower, Pat Stanley, Sue Herman, Linda Lunsford, Patricia Rabon, Jan Aldredge, Kathy Louderback, Ginger Walker, Alf Day. 2nd row:  Jerry Rogers, Douglas Vowell, Harmon Drew, Randy Lemmons, Pam Calvit, Dinah Pevy, Carolyn Roberts, Cynthia Reneau. Front row:  Larry Hock, Larry Mays, Reagan Baird, Fred Haynes.

                                                               It was taken after the parade.  Larry Mays, Larry Hock, w/ the back of Terry Stratton's & Kathy Lunsford Cole's heads to his right.

 Compliments of Jean Drew

The elusive Larry Mays taken on Thanksgiving day

Compliments of Ann Mays Harlan

                                                                                  Class of '64 at Ralph & Kacoo's in Bossier City on 7/8/2000. Dorothy Perryman Boyce,                                                                                     Johnny Addison, Larry Hock, Janice Harper Lancaster, Mona Myrick & Terry Stratton.

                                                                                                After the 1964 reunion Nola Stonecipher was asked to be in a style show.

Here she... Nola Stonecipher Ellington


Photo's by Connie Grambling Lane

                                              Richard Campbell, John Elkins, Mary Margaret (Evans) Fattel and Steve Fattel, Mike Sanders

 Connie (Grambling) Lane, Johnny Addison, Larry Hock

 Connie (Grambling) Lane, Marilyn Jones, Ronnie Harrison, Richard Campbell

Class of '64 parade truck

Did anyone take a picture of Larry Mays? If so please send us one!

                       Ronny Brown, Trisn Davidson, Mike Brewer, Helen Mixon Antilley, Lane Davidson, Carl Shaw, Dennis McClure, & left shoulder

Connie Grambling and Anna Roberts Welles

Janice Harper Lancaster, Lillie Beth Craton Wilson, & Dinah Pevy Tinsley

Connie Grambling Lane and John Elkins

Anna Roberts Welles, Emily Davis Granger, & Susan Dietrich Rolfs


These were taken by Galen Pratt and identified by Larry Mays

Seated: Mike O'Rear, Nola Beth  & Stonecipher Ellington, ,Standing Carl Shaw & Delene O'Rear & Sandra Tubberville Moorehead

Fred Evans and Jordan Humble

Front row: Steve Maddry & Richard Campbell

Second Row: Mike Brewer, Steve White & Ronnie Harrison w/ Lane Davidson behine Ronnie ______


Gene ('59) & Jane Merritt Jones, Mike Sanders & Rodger Anderson

Jerry Rogers, Dennis McClure, Will Hubbard, Charles Holcomb, & O. A. Garland

Roslyn Hammett Zappa, Dinah Pevy Tinsley, Paatricia Stanley Edmonson, & Connie Grambling Lane

If you can identify these classmates e-mail MindenMemories@AOL.COM

Reference yellow sack

Dot Roberts Lopez, Nona Watts Sale, Linda Fuller Vaughan, Kathy Lunsford Cole, & Mary Jo Pool Murphy

Ginger Walker Sikes, Sharon Talton McLemore, Helen Mixon Antilley, Dorothy Perryman

This group of pictures was submitted by Larry Hock and

                                                                                                                           Identified by Larry Mays

                                                                        Larry & Norma Hock & Donald Haynes (62, Mr. Cynthia Renea Haynes)


                                                                                               Sharon Talton McLemore and Stan Belton

                                                                                         Ann Sanders Whittington & Mary Margaret Evans Fattel

                                                                                                        David Toups and Will Hubbard

                                                                                                            Jerome Branton & Celia Jones

                                                                                      Dennis McClure, Betty Lou Cunningham McClure and A.O. Garland

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Tyer


This group of pictures was submitted by Nola Stonecipher Ellington and identified by Larry Mays


A luncheon honoring the women of the Class of 1964 was held in the Chris Drive home of Cheryl Miller Benit on October 2, 2004. A reproduction of Hunter's Playhouse, built by Charles James and painted by his daughter, Vicki O'Rear, was enjoyed by all. Guests were greeted by hostesses (back row, left to right) Mona Myrick Elkins, Anne Sanders Whittington, Cheryl Miller Benit, Eve Baskerville, Sandy Sawyer Addison, and (kneeling) Mary Margaret Evans Fattel. It was truly an affair to remember, reminisce and renew our friendships.

Cheryl Miller Benit



This is a picture of a model of Hunters playhouse that Cheryl Benit has in her home.

Hunter's Playhouse Remembered By The Class of 1964

Whoever made this little house had precious memories of days gone by

It has to be someone who loved the Hunter family and the Playhouse very much.

Our generation appreciated for what the Hunter family did for us. Someone spent a lot

of time and love into creating this  treasure of the past.  . Can you

imagine how many lives Gladys and Larry Hunter touched? 

Sherry Gresham Gritzbaugh

Mama & Papa were two special people who loved children and were devoted to promoting good for them all.  Their unselfishness was awesome.  It was a special time and place .....and all of us who were there fully realize just how  very special every little bit of it was.  My memories of it are so real I can almost touch them.  With all of it physically gone, I am so very thankful I have such vivid memories of that time and place.                                                                                                                                                                                   Nan Hunter Castle



                                            Many thanks to the 1964 classmates for sharing their Memories of Minden.

Nona Watts Sale, Sandra Tubberville Moorehead, & Mary Jo Pool Murphy

Identified by Larry Mays

Old Friend Chatting


Ronnie Harrison, Dot Roberts Lopez, Mrs. Ronnie Harrison, O. A. Garland, Judy Haynes White, Steve Fomby, & Dennis McClure on Harmon & Jean Drew's front porch

Identified by Larry Mays

Dorothy Perryman Boyce, Marilyn Jones Powell (black), Jeri Outz McCormick, Jordan Humble, Charles Roden (Mr. Cynthia Chanler Roden), Mike Powell ('62), Dot Roberts Lopez, Pat Culverhouse, Bonnie Jamieson Culverhouse ('72?), & Johnny Addison's ear

Identified by Larry Mays

Rodger Anderson (red plaid), Jordan Humble, Kathy Dickinson ('66), Becky Jeter Anderson ('65), Johnny Addison, Stan Belton, Steve Maddry, Connie McLemore Brown ('66, blue), Judy Brown Hubbard ('63, pink), Jane Harp Rogers ('67), Will Hubbard, Jerry Rogers

                                                                                                                                                 Identified by Larry Mays



                                                     John Daniel, Pat Culverhouse, Steve Maddry, Steve Fomby, Carl Shaw, Mrs. Steve Fomby, Sharon Fussell Walker ('66, brown)

Identified by Larry Mays

                               Larry Hock, Mona Myrick Elkins, Sandra Tubberville Moorehead, Janice (Harper) & Doug Lancaster on Harmon & Jean Drew's new sidewalk

Identified by Larry Mays

Joyce & Charles Holcomb & Earl Walker

Mr. & Mrs.Danny Daniel, Sandra Tubberville Moorehead, Kathy Lunsford Cole, Ginger Walker Sikes, & Dillard Sikes

Identified by Larry Mays

Johnny Addison and Larry Hock

Roslyn Hammett Zappa & Janice Harper Lancaster

Identified by Larry Mays