Students (formerly teens) of the Fifties

  Photo 's   by Bob Grambling

   Submitted by Greg Grambling



Teen 39 - Tide Talk

Teen 39 looks like David James, class of 56, to me.
Your work on the site continues to be awesome.
Cleve Taylor, Class of 1956

Teens 38 - Looks like June Tuggle standing on the left, 

next to Sue Coleman,

Ann Mays  (sitting on the arm of the chair next

Wanda Miller, all from the  Class of 1958). 

modeling their home ec dresses.

Identified by Earlene Lyle and LeVerne Kidd and Ann Mays Harlan

Teens 37 - Betty Claire Rhea and Cleve Taylor, Class of 1956

Teen 35 - Reporter, Sandra Richardson, Class of 1958

Teen 35 - Reporter - Looks like Doug McCrary

and Sandra Richardson in the background.

per Ann Mays Harlan


Teen 34 - Raymond Anderson - Reporter

Thanks to LeVerne Kidd and Ann Harlan for the identification

Teen 33 - Jan Biles, Class of 1959

Teens -32 Mrs. Eloise Watkins, Carol Burcham and

Herbert Duncan

Teens 31. Jack Mooreland, on the left is Jeannine Mobley and on the irght is

Karis Robinson, Class of 1956

Teens 30. Janie Sue Turner, Class of 1957

Teen29. = Mary Grace Gibbs, Class of 1957

Teens 28 - Ed Duncan - Class of 1956

Teens 27, The Mechanic,  Franklin Williams, Class of 1955

After graduation Frank joined the Air Force and trained to be a pilot and flew on many different kinds of aircrafts.

He was a Master Aviator.                                  

Teens 26 - Barbara Russell and Neil Baker

Teens 25 - Library -  Scottie Evans, Ann Machen and William Ambrose - All from the class of 1954

Teens 24 - Ann Machen and Bobby Warren both from the class of 1954

Teen 23  - Douglas Smiolke, Class of 1954

Teen22 - Nellie Sapp, Class of 1954

 Teens 21 -  Betty Claire Rhea, Class of 1956

 Teens 20 -  Sandra Pullig, class of 1955

Teens 19 -  Charles Lewis and Clifford Taylor Class of 55 (


 CHARLES G. LEWIS, M.D. BORN 20 OCT 1937 DIED 10 MARCH 1976 (Md. Ellen Baskerville)

CLIFFORD TAYLOR BORN 23 APRIL 1937 died 27 JULY 1968  (Md. Margie Kirkley)

Both are interred in the Gardens of Memory Cemetery on the Lewisville Road in Minden, Louisiana

 Teens 18 -  Linda Lee Mims, Class of 1955

 Teens 17 - Mme G Harper

  Teens 16  - Betty Sue Lewis, class of 1956

Teens 15 - Leather 55 - Jimmy Marcus, Class of 1955

Teens 14 - Jackie Batton, Class of 1956

Teens 13 - Edward Kennon - Class of 1956

Teens 12 - Jumper 55

Looks a lot like Wayne Watson, Mickey Watson McCoy's little brother

Identified by Leverne Kidd

Teens 11 - Jennine Mobley and James Rhea Love in 1955 (Both from the class of 1956)

Hi....J.R. says this was a band costume party. We don't remember what year.  We began dating when we were sophomores.  We're at Hunter's playhouse, of course.  I always felt we Minden teenagers were so lucky to have this wonderful place to go on weekends and after ball games, etc.   Jeannine

Teens 10 - Top Ten
Valedictorian was Charles Lewis; Salutatorian was Sammy Maxey Sammy Maxey; Smartest girl was Anita Harkness, Donald Holcomb, James Lynn Ford, Carla Faye Green, Linda Lee Mims, Jackie White, Becky Jones, and Libby Turner

Teens 9 - L-R, This looks like the back of Marilyn Ouzts and

Sue Smith, Class of 1955 looking over the construction

of the new 1954 school building.

Teens 8 - Norita White and Sammy Maxey, Class of 1955

Teens 7 -Carla Faye Green from the class of 1955

Teens 6 -  Mary Winford  Class of 1955 (died 1985)

3Teems 5

Sherry, the picture with label 3 girls54.....the one on the right is Cecile Searles Johns.


If anyone knows who the girl is on the left e-mail MindenMemories@AOL.COm

Teens 4 - Kay Cunningham standing in front of her

home on Richardson Street in 1953. 

Teens 3 - Another view of Kay Cunningham, Class of 1958

Teens 2 -  Danny Cranford, Milly Aarons, Ed Leachman and Mack Pevy

This is the  new 1954 school building (Soph. Class officers- 1956)

 Teens 1 -  Roy Baggett, Jerry Frasier, James McCabe and Charles Lewis