Photo's by Bob Grambling

Submitted by Greg Grambling, Class of 1968


Photo 58-10 Can anyone identify these ladies in the Vo-Tech class?

Wonder if they are taking a business course? Looks like an adding machine

to me.

VoTech-9 Does anyone know what these vo-tech students are learning

and who the men are? If so e-mail us @mindenmemories@aol.com and

tell us.


(I could not find any photo's of "Souped - Up" Cars...do any of you have any?)
Remember when the boys of the fifties would "soup sup" cars and do a little countryside
hot-rodding? Wonder what some of your favore escapades were and limitations were
back then? Were there any limitations of "bending the laws" that would be forgiven?
Someone should really publish a book of short stories from all you "Old" "Hoods"
who had "Souped- Up" cars.

Mechanic - Remembering Franklin Williams, Class of 1955

After graduating from MHS Frank began working for the Old Pace Brothers Sawmill on Caney Lake Road. One year of that was enough. He then worked in the oil business for one year. He married Pat beam from Sibley. They had one daughter, Linda and divorced after he entered the army.

Franklin joined the army in 1957 and spent five years as an enlisted man in the Special forces. He went to Rucker, Alabama for training to be a pilot.  He graduated in 1964. On Friday the 13th of March. He flew many different kids of aircraft. He flew the OV-1 Mohawk, a twin-engine turboprop recon aircraft. His assignments were to Military intelligence missions. He retired in the grade of Chief Warrant Officer 4. He was a Master Aviator.

In October of 1960 he married Barbara Benzing from Colorado Springs, Colorado. He credits her for the good things that he has been able to accomplish. They have two daughters, Denise and Kimberly.

After Franklin retired from the Army he worked as a Product Manager in the Customer Service Division of StorageTek. He was responsible for the large Disk Drive storage Products. He did a lot of traveling in his job. He retired again in 1993.

In 1995 he was the Secretary Treasure for the Colorado Springs Bowling Association. His main interest in cars had some success on the oval tracks in the Western US. Then his real HOBBY/Profession became bowling. He had several championships several times.

It gives me a warm and pleasant feeling to remember my classmates that I graduated with in 1955. So many memories come rushing back that I thought I had forgotten.

Vo Tech 58

If you recognize the men - email us and tell us who they are

VoTech 1 - LoMach Gun Company  - This is an interesting class isn't it? If you recognize any of the men e-mail us and tell us who they are. Wonder what the instructor teaches in this class? If you know write and tell us.

VoTech 2 - This class looks interesting. I have never seen these machines before and would be interested in knowing what they are. Also who are the men in the photograph?

VoTech 3 - Wonder what they are doing here? Maybe someone will write and tell us at MindenMemories.com (If you recognize the men, tell us who they are also.