Wedding 24 Linda Lee Mims Martin


    Wedding 23 Linda Lee Mims (Mrs. Rob Martin)


   22 Wedding Linda  Mims


    Wedding 21 - Mrs. Bobby Hudson... Was her name Rita Jacks?

    There is a grave in the Gardens of Memory Cemetery (Row 8;

    Garden of the Fountain of Youth for Rita Hudson born 1936 died 1969

    next to her is a grave for Robert W. "Rusty" Hudson born 1959 died 1978.

    Also in the same plot are the graves of Bobby's parents

   John Wesley Hudson born 22 May 1912 died 9 Nov. 1992 SMLU  US NAVY WWII

   Police Officer -  Father of Johnny and Bobby Hudson MHS graduates ..double

   marker with Leverne Shoultz Hudson born 9 Jul 1915 died 20 Dec 1999 Beloved Mother.


        Wedding 20.  Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Hudson, (Class of 1955)  

        If you know who the bride the name of the bride's parents e-mail and tell us who they were.


              Weddings 19- Betty Sue Lewis again, CLass of 1956

Betty Sue married:
1) James "Choctaw" Culver; he died quite early. 
2) Felton Vickers



            Weddings 18 - Betty Sue Lewis, Class of 1956


              Wedding Choctaw 18-2 Was this the Husband of Betty Sue Lewis? (jpeg 59-2)


                         Weddings 17. Jeannine Mobley (Class of 1956)

                               Married James Rhea Love, (Class of 1956)

                                              Photo by Robert Grambling


                                      Weddings 16.  Ann Machen, Class of 1954.

                                             She married Tine H. Harrison. 

                                                      Photo by Bob Grambling



                            Wedding 15 - JoAnn Fontenot and Nolan Bailey

                            The bride is Jo Ann Fontenot daughter of Joe Fontenot and Abbie Wimberly.
                            The groom is the son of  Ralph Wayne and Nova Bailey.

                            They were the first couple to be married in the new, back then,

                            Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church, in Ringgold.

                          The photo was taken by Mattingly Studios of Minden....Mr. Mattingly, of course.


                                             Weddings 14 - The lady on the right  is 

                                                Mary Elizabeth Richardson Bevill is

                                            The lady on the left sang at the wedding

                                            daughter of Dr. & Mrs. Tom Richardson 

                                            Wedding Music - Ave Maria by "the Minden Music." 

                           The singer in the wedding picture with Mary Elizabeth

                                                            is Eddie Jayne Kleineggar

                                               daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Kleineggar

                                                          She had a beautiful voice!

                                                    identified by Ellen Baskerville

                                                                  Photo by Mattingly


                          13. Weddings  of Paul Matherne and Stella Lowe


12 Wedding Music ( March 1956) for the Lowe - Searles Wedding- Margaret Ann Perritt, sang, organist: Becky Lou Jones.

Wedding was held at the First Methodist Church on Main ST.

11 Matherne-Lowe Wedding Party (1956 First Methodist Church, Minden )

Front row left: Bridesmaid Barbara Bergeron from Houma, LA , (the grooms sister);

Maid of Honor: Jo Ann Richardson;

Bride: Stella Theresa Lowe; Groom: Paul Bernard Matherne of Houma, La, both bride and groom attended Centenary College; Best Man: David Hardy also of Houma, LA

Back row L-R the future Reverend Terrell Lowe (Stella's uncle -only 4 yrs older); second is friend Leonard Colvin; Melvin McConnell (1st cousin from Springhill, LA, & Wynn Stanton / friend from Centenary College.

(Rev. Flowers officiated , ( not pictured).


       # 10 Matherne-Lowe Wedding (1956) L-R Father of the Bride: Prentiss Winifred Lowe; mother of the bride and Prentiss's first wife: Laura Theresa McConnell Lowe of Minden, LA ,

Bride :Stella Theresa Lowe and Groom Paul Bernard Matherne, of Houma, LA both attending Centenary, and Grooms mother: Ada Matherne of Houma, LA.


                             Wedding 9. This is Jane Reeves, MHS class of 1953, and a 

                             good friend of mine.  She married Forest Grimes.

                            She is a widow now. She lives in Sulphur, La. She had an

                            older sister. They lived down the hill from the school...might

                            have been Richardson Street.

                            Identified by Nan Hunter Castle.        


Was browsing thru Grambling's Weddings recently and came across Jane Reeves(53 grad) and noted your comments underneath. Jane and older sister, Joan (maybe a 50 graduate ) are my 2nd cousins. Their Mom was a Ratcliff. I lost contact with both over 20 years ago. I have located Joan  in Houston from White and had a long telephone conversation. She married Jimmy Booth, also a Minden graduate.
Sadly, Jane is in Sulphur nursing home with advanced Alzheimers. Prayers are appreciated.
I am not sure but believe her 2nd husband, Forest Grimes, is alive and in Sulphur.
Submitted by: Herman Ratcliff, class of 1953 (Rec'd May 19, 2008)



                #8 Wedding: Thomas Daniel Searles and Edna Lowe leaving First Methodist Church

                  Wedding 7 In this picture of my parentís wedding are the following people on the back row: Margaret Perrit (Ednaís best friend), Mary Lou Searles (not Hathia, Hathia is in the picture below this one with her sister Cecile),  Eugene Searles, Becky Jones, Prentiss Lowe.  The next row is Stella Lowe, Edna, Tommy, Gay Hardy, and I donít know the other two people.

Identified by Prentiss Searles, son of Edna and Tommy Searles

L-R Front Row: Stella Theresa Lowe, sister of the bride;

Bride: Edna Winifred Lowe; Groom: Tom/Tex /Tommy/ Thomas Daniel Searles;

Best Man: Carol Gay Hardy,

Pastor, Rev. Joyner, beloved Minister of First Methodist Church when Edna was a little girl; and mother of the Bride, Laura Theresa McConnell Lowe, first wife of Prentiss Winifred Lowe of Minden, La.

L-R Back row: Margaret Perritt, Mary Lou Searles, mother of the groom Eugene Harve Searles, father of the groom, and Becky Lou Jones, grooms first cousin and friend of Edna's.


             #6 Wedding: Stella Theresa Lowe, Class of 52, sister of the Bride Edna Winifred Lowe; Groom: Tom/Tex /Tommy/ Thomas Daniel Searles ; and Best Man Carol Gay Hardy


                       Wedding 5 Cecile Searles

                      If you know her name e-mail


                     Searles 4 Hathia and Cecile Searles, Tommy's sisters

                    Identified by Ann Mays Harlan


                      Wedding 3 - Edna Lowe (Class of 54) and Tommy Searles (55)

                      Identified by Earlene Mendenhall Lyle

                      Does anyone know who the Preacher is?

                     The minister that married them was Dr. Joyner, a retired preacher

                     at the time. He lived in Minden, but was Edna's favorite pastor. 

                     Identified by Ann Mays Harlan


                     Wedding 2  Edna Lowe and Tommy Searles

                    Identified by Earlene Mendenhall Lyle

                     MindenMemories@AOL.COM and tell us who they are.   


                               Wedding 1 - This is Peggy Wise's wedding to Loye Jones. 

                                      Marianne Colvin was her bridesmaid

                                      Does anyone recognize this wedding party?

                                      If so, e-mail MindenMemories@AOL.COM and tell us who they are.



           Wedding 54 - 2  L-R, Patsy Marie Gilbert, Bonnie Sanders, W. D. Roberts and Tommy Branch.



           Wedding 54-1  Mr. & Mrs. ______ Roberts; W. D. Roberts,(Class of 1953,  Bonnie Sanders, class of 1955

                 and her mother...Mrs. Helen Gilbert Sanders who was a daughter of Mr. & Mrs. A. P. Gilbert. If you know their

                 given names e-mail us and tell us at

                 (Identified by Matt Gilbert)